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Grab of crab      128 days ago  # 23 May 2022
"Oops, something went wrong" is all I see

Jo      140 days ago  # 11 May 2022
Is there something wrong with Opensea. I'm trying to accept an offer made

DV      159 days ago  # 22 April 2022
website is not opening completely...all day now

Illusmt      159 days ago  # 22 April 2022
I can't open my account on Opensea and can't also open Metamask in Chrome or other browser. Nothing is loading!!!

JC      160 days ago  # 21 April 2022
Cant open anything except home page.

Joaqyuim      175 days ago  #
Can't open Metamask Wallet connection with Brave browser

Joaquim      175 days ago  #
Can open Metamask Wallet connection with Brave browser

mad      235 days ago  #
Cannot open Wallet connection

Slim      235 days ago  #
Cant open Create and profil settings

some guy      242 days ago  #
website is down with a message about downgraded performance on landing page

Ana      242 days ago  #
Liz vegas club ????

Yessy      242 days ago  #
Punk Cigarettes get it!

Jennifer S.      242 days ago  #
ahahaha Nifty Drunks, damn, the new trend for promote in updownradar :D

p.s. I like the concept... Nifty Drunks hahaha nicee

dronsy      242 days ago  #
this site is crap f*** it

Deliverer      242 days ago  #
NIFTYDRUNKS FTW!!! thanks me later

NiftyDrunkERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR      242 days ago  #

     246 days ago  #
Not loading for me. Anyone else?

Nico      251 days ago  #
I can't even login on my wallet, always error 504

justin      252 days ago  #
site doesnt load anything

dank      252 days ago  #
site not loading collections or letting me login with wallet

Robert      258 days ago  #
I can't even use this site it is always so slow for me

Yup      265 days ago  #
website is down

Steve      266 days ago  #
I cannot load my account settings to update my email address and username

bert      268 days ago  #
kanker open sea

Cj      269 days ago  #
Website seems responsive but no nft collections are loading

Robin      271 days ago  #
Says to confirm on Phone... but nothing happens.. Using coinbase, Can't do edits

mkk      279 days ago  #
can see screen fine until it loads all the way then it goes blank.

DylanSmathers      285 days ago  #
Literally nothing is loading I feel like I’m the problem but Idk what I’m doing wrong

MAkki      309 days ago  #
Cannot access my Poly Styrene collection or Metamask on Opensea