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Calvin Nelson      30 days ago  # 6 November 2022 + 0 -
Unable to log in on website or on mobile app. Says incorrect password or ID

RICK      35 days ago  # 1 November 2022 + 0 -
Just got off the phone with CSR, it's down. No time frame..ugh!

Cat      35 days ago  # 1 November 2022 + 0 -
Yes website is down, seems error when trying to login??

Rick      36 days ago  # 31 October 2022 + 0 -
Website is down, was told a change in security platform over the weekend. Can't login getting an error message.

Michael H.Blood      62 days ago  # 5 October 2022 + 0 -
Is 16 the max amount of Letters a Password can have?
By logging in.

The Cat      97 days ago  # + 0 -
The mobile app is not working. Error : there was an unknown error while processing your request.

FL, New York      97 days ago  # + 0 -
Login resulted in "An unexpected error happened. We are unable to complete the login process. Please try again."

CC      98 days ago  # + 0 -
App not working. Website ok.

AB      103 days ago  # + 0 -
Login Error - CS confirmed issue ongoing. Not a good look. Just opened an account, and already ready to close it.

KCfield      104 days ago  # + 0 -
10:00 AM in Michigan on 8/24. Can't log in.

John      105 days ago  # + 0 -
unable log in website last few days and issues all month

T Proctor      105 days ago  # + 0 -
unable to login, username incorrect. Tried resetting but no luck today 8/23/2022

Christine      105 days ago  # + 0 -
Can't login.What going on???

MB      107 days ago  # + 0 -
Couldn't log in at first after multiple attempts. Finally logged in but the site was down. This has happened the last two of three log-ins (last month and now today, Aug 21 2022)

David Pompili      119 days ago  # + 0 -
Cannot log in on any of my devices "user name and password incorrect" /unknown error occured" service cannot respond to requests ...constant errors since July 16 2022 eight case numbers for same issues still no resolution consumer giving them 60 days Really ?? it is is now 9 Aug 2022

MS      121 days ago  # + 0 -
Still can't log in

April      121 days ago  # + 0 -
Login won’t work on app or website.

jim      121 days ago  # + 0 -
8/7/2022 - website is up but cannot login. Customer service verified that service has been down for a couple of hours already (it's 9AM PST now) and she couldn't give an ETA for uptime.

Mike      255 days ago  # + 0 -
Can access website from cell phone but not on desktop in Google or edge...

Fred      270 days ago  # + 0 -
Accessed the app, like others, by turning off wireless and using my cellular service. Website on my desktop doesn't resolve once I log in.

Maureen      270 days ago  # + 0 -
My penfed app is telling me that they can't unblock my account and to try again later. I need to transfer money to pay some bills. I'm in West Babylon, NY

Lisa      270 days ago  # + 0 -
Thanks BigC - I was able to logon to PenFed by turning off Wi-Fi and using cellular service on my phone. ????

John      271 days ago  # + 0 -
I called cust svc and they are aware and said to try again later. Very pleasant rep.

BigC      271 days ago  # + 0 -
It has to be a DNS record issue: if I try via my (Verizon) mobile phone without it being connected to WiFi - I get right in... If I try using my wifi or my home computer (both use Google's DNS server entries), I get DNS errors. I also tried changing my router entry for DNS to Comcast's standard entries and still get a DNS error. So - some DNS servers are correct - some are not.

ATC      271 days ago  # + 0 -
It is still down foe me at this time as well. I'll try and post once it is back up and working for me.

JW      271 days ago  # + 0 -
@MadamEarlene (@PENFED) - Your recommendation to try a different browser doesn’t resolve the issue. I’ve tried ALL the browsers and NONE are working. Try again!

Justin Time      271 days ago  # + 0 - is offline. Tried different browsers, different devices and no go. Hopefully it will return soon.

L Bailey      271 days ago  # + 0 -
Can’t login to access my checking account balance.

Josh      271 days ago  # + 0 -
Checked all browsers and cleared browsing data. No luck. Please post something about this PenFed!

J Williams      271 days ago  # + 0 -
I am getting that DNS message too!!

Anne M. Barrett      271 days ago  # + 0 -
Can't login to
Error message is that the DNS server is unavailable.
Networking people need to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
I can reach all other sites online.
No problem on my network.

Mr.c      271 days ago  # + 0 -
I can not get anything like they are blocking me from my own account and I have to call a 1800 number

Diana      339 days ago  # + 0 -
This sh*t is getting ridiculous!!!! Almost everyday there's something with PENFED. I cannot login...nor will it give me any update on the 800# on the back of my credit card (says system is down) #OVERIT

Lori      339 days ago  # + 0 -
I have similar issue. User name and password incorrect....when they are not

Allen Lofton      339 days ago  # + 0 -
User name and password incorrect

salm624      339 days ago  # + 0 -
Username Password are not correct. All accounts showing the same error for the past 30 minutes

Manny      352 days ago  # + 0 -
Unable to login, shows login error

Krista      360 days ago  # + 0 -
login showing error

Pat Larkin      367 days ago  # + 0 -
This is getting serious----unable to login for past 24 hours.

Guest      398 days ago  # + 0 -
log in error showing up

Guest      418 days ago  # + 0 -
log-in function down for website and app

Guest      419 days ago  # + 0 -
Having problems clicking on "Log in" which throws a SSO error saying the page is not accessible.