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Bryan      1 hour ago  # 28 September 2022

Lowkey      12 hours ago  # 28 September 2022



bob      15 hours ago  # 28 September 2022
it says this site cant be reached

Mina      15 hours ago  # 28 September 2022
My sflix.to isn't working the website isn't even opening ( the website cannot be reached that what's appearing)

Lily      4 days ago  # 25 September 2022
When I press start to start watching a show it has a loading sign and nothing else shows up. I wait for 10 minutes and still nothing happened. What should I do?

daniel      4 days ago  #

daniel      4 days ago  #
when i press start on the movie it keeps loading

fw      5 days ago  #
yall !! go to sflix.pro it's pretty much the same site but its working rn (at least for me)

meas      5 days ago  #
nothing shows up after searches and anything pages doesnt work

art      5 days ago  #
nothing is showing up after searching, and nothing loads at all

Fire      5 days ago  #
nothing is showing up after searching, and nothing loads at all

dmia      5 days ago  #
cant search movies, and servers arent working.

fw      5 days ago  #
same problem, search works but the servers won't load

:p      5 days ago  #
able to search for shows but they won’t load/the streaming services (vid cloud etc) won’t load and keeps glitching.

DD      5 days ago  #
Able to search movies and shows but none are loading

Leo      5 days ago  #
Video servers are not working.

B      5 days ago  #
Same, showing movies but none of the links work. First time ive had this problem

Lisa      6 days ago  #
The site is showing the movies but it not loading as it should.I need help

Patience      8 days ago  #
Videos not playing

coley      15 days ago  #
i cant get rid of the advert for HD today so it wont play the show im trying to watch, how am i gonna watch bake off now :(

I search for my favorite anime but it do not show      33 days ago  #
i cant watch my fav anime :c

Adias      34 days ago  #
I can still watch movies but search is broken. It doesn’t show any kinds of movie or series and I’m already half way through my fav series :(

Michael      34 days ago  #
when i search for the stuff i wanna watch nothing will show up at all <//3 homophobia fr

Joey      35 days ago  #
SFlix was available since yesterday and today I just can’t load the website. Pleaseeee fix SFlix please

help      74 days ago  #
idk why but it is still down

Tik      75 days ago  #
Thank you for getting back. Best site ever

Junjun      75 days ago  #
It was working last 1-2 hours for me. But when im about to watch the next episode of what I'm watching, it suddenly stops loading

Sam      75 days ago  #
Hello just wondering how long is it gonna be down 4

Fix      75 days ago  #
It just says this error thing and I was teaching stranger things season 2 episode 4

Tik      75 days ago  #
Oh no, I wanna watch BattleBots

pls just fix this      75 days ago  #
when i search up sflix.to to go to the site it literally does not work or it doesn't show the site it just shows something like an error or something like the host is struggling with something I don't know what it is but hopefully you could fix this

sono      76 days ago  #
not working

sdsd      76 days ago  #
it wont load

Sadgurl      108 days ago  #
Its so freaking frustrating

bruh      108 days ago  #
this bs I cant watch shit

Cj      108 days ago  #
Cant search nothing

poor man      109 days ago  #
Worked fine yesterday. Now nothing comes up in the search bar. PLS

Loki      109 days ago  #
Trying to watch movies but whenever I type them into the search bar nothing comes up. PLEASE FIXXX.

Please work      109 days ago  #
Trying to watch stranger things but doesn’t work when I press search

That Mexican demon      109 days ago  #

freedom      174 days ago  #
its keeps saying error rn

freedom      182 days ago  #
fix sflix rn

Jo Stone      207 days ago  #


Lets Do it right      207 days ago  #
The site is not work it keep redirecting me to other pages, each tim I click a movie. get this issue fixed
why is it taking so long, it been a Month

freedom      292 days ago  #
sflix pro is not woking

Fabian      315 days ago  #
Try sflix. Pro because sflix.to not working

Gary      344 days ago  #
No more downloading???

uh oh      355 days ago  #
still down, losing hope and my will to live LOL

Isha      355 days ago  #
is sflix working for anyone??? or has it left us all with no hope ????

Antonia      358 days ago  #
It keeps sending me adds and something about anti-virus.

Wolfe      359 days ago  #
It’s been happening for nearly a week now. And every time I go on the search bar it takes me to a vpn or some other site. Someone help plz

Hk      360 days ago  #
Can't load site and lots of redirects

KK      361 days ago  #
Cant load the site :(

Wall-E      362 days ago  #
Not working any alternatives??

alexa      362 days ago  #
it shows site cant be reached

Guest      363 days ago  #
Bunch of ads and video keeps lagging

Please fix      363 days ago  #
It keeps lagging every few minutes and there’s a red erect to another site every time I press a button

Guest      363 days ago  #
The site has pop ups and ads now for some reason and the videos keep lagging every few minutes. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

123      363 days ago  #
sflix is not coming since yesterday

gooba      364 days ago  #
the site like kinda works but it's usually flawless and it lags every 2 or 3 mins now. also terrible ad problem now when it had no ads before

guest      364 days ago  #
Every time I click that website it shows bad ads and won't let me play anything. Please fix this as soon as possible cuz I wanna watch my favorite show :(

Goob      364 days ago  #
Scams and p*** sites keep popping up when I try to click anything

Guest      364 days ago  #
It opens but every time I click it sends me to a new page

UwU      368 days ago  #
Ayaw guman loading lang

Guest      377 days ago  #
Site not working today. Says it can't be reached. Though working fine on a different device. What's the problem?

Guest      384 days ago  #
Site isn't working since Tuesday

mjazz      385 days ago  #
My site is not opening since yesterday

Hiz      385 days ago  #
My site is not at all working since yesterday