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Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on sflix.to. In this case, use the links below:

http://sflix.to    https://sflix.to    http://www.sflix.to    https://www.sflix.to

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freedom      39 days ago  # 10 December 2021
sflix pro is not woking

Fabian      62 days ago  # 17 November 2021
Try sflix. Pro because sflix.to not working

Gary      90 days ago  # 19 October 2021
No more downloading???

uh oh      102 days ago  # 8 October 2021
still down, losing hope and my will to live LOL

Isha      102 days ago  # 8 October 2021
is sflix working for anyone??? or has it left us all with no hope ????

Antonia      104 days ago  #
It keeps sending me adds and something about anti-virus.

Wolfe      105 days ago  #
It’s been happening for nearly a week now. And every time I go on the search bar it takes me to a vpn or some other site. Someone help plz

Hk      106 days ago  #
Can't load site and lots of redirects

KK      108 days ago  #
Cant load the site :(

Wall-E      108 days ago  #
Not working any alternatives??

alexa      109 days ago  #
it shows site cant be reached

Guest      109 days ago  #
Bunch of ads and video keeps lagging

Please fix      110 days ago  #
It keeps lagging every few minutes and there’s a red erect to another site every time I press a button

Guest      110 days ago  #
The site has pop ups and ads now for some reason and the videos keep lagging every few minutes. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

123      110 days ago  #
sflix is not coming since yesterday

gooba      110 days ago  #
the site like kinda works but it's usually flawless and it lags every 2 or 3 mins now. also terrible ad problem now when it had no ads before

guest      110 days ago  #
Every time I click that website it shows bad ads and won't let me play anything. Please fix this as soon as possible cuz I wanna watch my favorite show :(

Goob      110 days ago  #
Scams and p*** sites keep popping up when I try to click anything

Guest      110 days ago  #
It opens but every time I click it sends me to a new page

UwU      115 days ago  #
Ayaw guman loading lang

Suest      119 days ago  #

Guest      124 days ago  #
Site not working today. Says it can't be reached. Though working fine on a different device. What's the problem?

Guest      131 days ago  #
Site isn't working since Tuesday

mjazz      131 days ago  #
My site is not opening since yesterday

Hiz      132 days ago  #
My site is not at all working since yesterday