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Josh      20 days ago  # 10 November 2021
Any Sydney guys keen to connect 9n Squirt? Let me know....

Darryle      20 days ago  # 10 November 2021
Squirt not loading

Darryle      20 days ago  # 10 November 2021
Squirt is down cannot connect not loading

Pedro      20 days ago  # 10 November 2021
Site not loading or coming up as not secure

Josh      20 days ago  # 10 November 2021
Instead of me going down on ****, the squirt site seems to have gone down instead...:-(

john      20 days ago  #
not loading

Bill      20 days ago  #
Not loading

kingfake      117 days ago  #
site down again. its a wonder people still pay for it

Brad      117 days ago  #
Squirt down AGAIN... Getting tiresome.

talonsub      118 days ago  #
Says my account not active and wont let me log in.

Lad      136 days ago  #
Damn, I wanted to go down but their website seems to always beat me to it. I like how grindr has taken advantage of the situation and offered free filters for 24 hours.

mango      136 days ago  #
how long do their servers go down for usually?
this is kinda driving me crazy

Guest      136 days ago  #
Go back to the old server rather than the almost-constant, disruption-riddled new beta model, Actually it is hard to call something new that is in it's 8th month now. LOL.

Steve      136 days ago  #
This doesn’t appear to be a regularly scheduled maintenance job because they post notifications. This time The server can’t be found and no notices from them if required down time.

Phil      136 days ago  #
In Australia can't get into squirt either. Seems I am not the only one experiencing this problem.

gUeSt      136 days ago  #
r they doing upgrades?

kingfake      136 days ago  #
the worst is this isn't a planned outage


Website      136 days ago  #
How longs it down for should do it in the middle of the night

.      136 days ago  #
Website down. Can’t get onto it

Tomwench      136 days ago  #
Squirt really sux anymore. The more they " go down" to make things better, the worse it gets

kingfake      136 days ago  #
man I just wanted to get some server down

Marco69      138 days ago  #
Error loading pages, 500 return to Home Screen