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Guest      1 day ago  # 28 November 2020
General Outage

Guest      3 days ago  # 26 November 2020

Guest      3 days ago  # 26 November 2020

Guest      4 days ago  # 25 November 2020

MultiDarkZen      11 days ago  # 18 November 2020
I must be brain dead then because its Wednesday and I'm still having problems using the store

No Respect      11 days ago  #

Kyle Hill      11 days ago  #
I just discovered Steam store down and was curious if they had any Thanksgiving type sales going on.

B1vantage      11 days ago  #
Can not do any searches in store. An error was encountered while processing your request:There was a problem communicating with the Steam servers. Please try again later.

Brady Prince      11 days ago  #
This could explain the monster hunters/War thunder thing

h cort      11 days ago  #
are you ok bud

Dank nuggets      11 days ago  #
LOL yea or something that made no sense you pleb

Anonymous      11 days ago  #

Night wolf      11 days ago  #
steam crashed cause I think its a server wide shutdown or reset cause they probably had to reset their computers there or something. :/ pretty odd

nice one bro      11 days ago  #
Yeah, it was Jonny. You should go check up on him, and probably yourself. I don't see why you or him would comment anything bad other than me exposing you two mongoloids for not paying attention.

Anonymous      11 days ago  #
hope they never recover before fixing CSGO cheats! TRASH VALVE

Orc Champion      11 days ago  #
It's fine to do maintenance but not a peak times!! Have you ever heard of 3AM chief Imp?

The Joker      11 days ago  #
Shut up Batman.

Jonny Kimble      11 days ago  #
yeah shutup idiot, go back to suckling on your mommies teet

h cort      11 days ago  #
someone missed their yoga class this morning

Allie      11 days ago  #
Online Gaming stopped working.

nice one bro      11 days ago  #
Are y'all brain dead? How many times does Steam have to tell you idiots that they make a weekly update EVERY TUESDAY. Holy shit you total brain dead imps.

Bossman      11 days ago  #
i was mid deep dive in deep rock galctic

Joseph Marshall Murray      11 days ago  #
already back on for me lol

hubert      11 days ago  #
rip steam

Big Johnson      11 days ago  #

LittilAvindar      11 days ago  #
Yep. Steam just went down. Asked my roomie if his went down, and it had just gone down for him too. Refreshed the page to see the start of a flood of reports. I had literally just finished destroying a team of Bills in DBD that were trying to sub in for one another, and figured they might be DDOSing me, lol.

Theguyinthecorner      11 days ago  #
iz back

Galactic Emperor Batman      11 days ago  #
Steam goes down on Tuesdays for routine maintenance.

speedrush27      11 days ago  #
was playing bo2 and honestly thought I got DDoS'd LMAO

Blender      11 days ago  #
Dead login

Ryan VS      11 days ago  #
To the people saying it's down at this very moment, it's just their weekly or bi-weekly or whatever Tuesday maintenance

vanilla      11 days ago  #
was down for a bit but currently up rn. Trying to update my games goddamnit

Bewm      11 days ago  #
Gaben don't use my money to put out the server fire you're making it bigger!

TheToastOven      11 days ago  #
nothing loadingedit: nvm

zach      11 days ago  #
it was steam

SniperScoutHD      11 days ago  #
steam down

guest      11 days ago  #

Ovicron      11 days ago  #

The Bois      11 days ago  #
The GOAT#0001

JayStale      11 days ago  #
please fix it i cant log in. it says that i have to wait cuz there were many failures. i waited, i even restart my pc and it didnt work.Please fix it

Comrade Dubya      12 days ago  #
https://discord .gg/ABdDYDBJ I collect mentally retarded people so what are you waiting for?

Dejan Mitkov      12 days ago  #
CSGO servers are down, it's not Steam.

Joshua Beck      12 days ago  #

buNNNy      12 days ago  #
cant log in, store page not loading

Schupak      12 days ago  #
steam is down in EU

dk      12 days ago  #
servers deff down on westcoast USA

Heena Patel      12 days ago  #
Can't connect to steam network

Microwave      12 days ago  #
cant log into steam

ur dad      13 days ago  #
can't create new account

AdamX      15 days ago  #
i cant even access my library, profile or store

TheWtfSteam      15 days ago  #
no one can use steam Inventory. I've 630 items on dota and It won't load images. please help! It only shows first and second section of items. rest is unable to connect

ur mom      15 days ago  #
Steam doesn't load and the overlay is glitchy + it's sucking fps

YT_PoliceForce      16 days ago  #
Apparently the cloud is down.

David Casler      17 days ago  #
still cant in Cali

John Johnsen      18 days ago  #
I can't log on in Michigan

RetroB      18 days ago  #

Espesx      18 days ago  #
Can't seem to use steam search.

todd shaw      18 days ago  #
"OOPS, SORRY!An error was encountered while processing your request:There was a problem communicating with the Steam servers. Please try again later."

moran      18 days ago  #
im trying to play realm royal and im trying to open the steam app and ive been clicking on it for 5 minutes still nothing is happening(east)

abeed      18 days ago  #
Same here

Moe      18 days ago  #

Conswela      18 days ago  #
recaptcha doesnt let me recover my account

David Casler      18 days ago  #
We are still down in California

Robert Jackson      18 days ago  #
Thanks for posting this, had no idea this was a regular thing lol

dex      18 days ago  #
Ive been trying to load into a game with my friends and it just gives me errors, Down in connecticut.

Usdi28      18 days ago  #
Tuesday server maintenance

evilripper      18 days ago  #
I can't login!! Italy. :(

Draco Thunder      18 days ago  #

Draco Thunder      18 days ago  #

Comrade Dubya      18 days ago  #
https://discord .gg/xQpCj8wM quit twiddling your cawk join up steamcel

Alola      18 days ago  #
now can login

Josie Serrano      18 days ago  #
I would like to go online please wth is going on with steam

CXRPSE      18 days ago  #
Keeps saying its logging me in, but not loading up.- Louisiana

Draco Thunder      18 days ago  #
im back in

KeeloMan      18 days ago  #
it begins.

Adam Aria Guna      18 days ago  #
Cant log in when im play MM on csgo, now i got banned for 24 hours

SoulArtSound      18 days ago  #
down inSerbia

KeeloMan      18 days ago  #
not...not postal 2....

TheToastOven      18 days ago  #

mjax      18 days ago  #
I was playing medieval dynastin and none of my workers .. was like wtf is going on! ?

Comrade Dubya      18 days ago  #
https://discord .gg/xQpCj8wM get in here you know you want to what the hell else do you have to do steam is down? btw you're really ugly

Draco Thunder      18 days ago  #
yyyy i was modding postal 2

CXRPSE      18 days ago  #
Still down in US, at least it is for me.

David Green      18 days ago  #

brodis cool      18 days ago  #

Hâi Lûo Lín-pán      18 days ago  #

A.G      18 days ago  #
NYC steam just went back up

Zaphod Evilbox      18 days ago  #
Down in Oregon.

KeeloMan      18 days ago  #
I am in a state of panic. One second i am playing sakura beach and the next im not. I can NOT live without my daily 8 hour dose of sakura beach.

Holly Freeman      18 days ago  #
Back up!!

LemoN      18 days ago  #
Wokring in Poland

Andrew Noel      18 days ago  #
Was just modding Fallout New Vegas and Steam is now down in USA? WTF? *facepalm*

Mark McFarlin      18 days ago  #

Peter Idiake      18 days ago  #
Steam is down here in Canada, ohhhh the humanityyyy

UNIVERSAL      18 days ago  #
its back up ;)

Saf      18 days ago  #
Not working on my phone

Joseph Doudt      18 days ago  #
It works now praise GOD

David Green      18 days ago  #
this is horrible

Curtis Lee Tessmer      18 days ago  #
Massive storm is coming through probably causing problems

Shinigami      18 days ago  #
Texas Down

STEAM      18 days ago  #
Joe Biden hacked us, let that sink in#Trump2020

Mystichydra      18 days ago  #
They're doing maintenance

UNIVERSAL      18 days ago  #
i just wanna play walking sim :(

David Green      18 days ago  #
canada is down

zach      18 days ago  #
back up i think

John-Paul      18 days ago  #
Stem stem down???

LemoN      18 days ago  #
it's ok now

sammy trons      18 days ago  #

Saf      18 days ago  #
Steam is down in England

Max Sankey      18 days ago  #

Comrade Dubya      18 days ago  #
https://discord .gg/xQpCj8wM if you worthless incels don't get in here right now I swear to allah

Guest      26 days ago  #

Guest      36 days ago  #
Update servers down

Guest      49 days ago  #

Guest      57 days ago  #

Guest      64 days ago  #

Moving On      275 days ago  #
I don't know exactly why it's not working, but when I start a new game (I've played a few hours) the game wants me to login with Steam, but I don't have a Steam account, or any way to find my account. I just opened a console, and ran cat /proc/last_kmsg , and it had -3. Steam kept saying it couldn't open the connection, but as I recall that only happens with some applications.

Ejecting the DVD drives keeps the wifi adapter's wifi power. I noticed that if I use this adapter on it's lowest speed, the wifi goes off completely.

Chris      275 days ago  #
Steam not working anymore? Check if there's any mod or batch file that changed your scripts files. If there is, see these fix for running this tool on SE + Xenobl

Robert      275 days ago  #
Steam not working? Use forageNotify plugin if you are having problems.

Shaders may break on multi-threaded profiles due to the way that queue in this scenario behaves.

Can I change my settings in

Yes, go to options->genetics, as described under Options -> Startup. You can change the chart with the realtime one and setup the selection method. For the random charts it may require pressing the esc key before seeing the chart.

Robert      275 days ago  #
If Steam fails to launch automatically, or if you are experiencing game crash or freezes, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Select "Try Steam again" from the Steam menu and attempt to launch the game.

If your issue persists, restart your computer.

If that still does not work, contact Steam Support.

Other notes:

In order to fix a crash you are likely experiencing in the launcher, do the following:

Make sure you do not have a conflict in your video card drivers. This will often resolve the issue.

Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card. This will often resolve the issue.