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DC      6 days ago  # 20 June 2022
ALL my POA information is gone. GONE! No agent even knows what that is and the "new" LEGAL department hides themselves and are unreachable. TSP got rid of the last legal department and found new contractors. Typical government crap. The whole website is awful. Time to finally leave TSP after 25+ years. Run so poorly with agents who do not even know what a POA is.

Hi joe      10 days ago  # 15 June 2022
This is a cluster flub, the new website is awful.

Mjones      11 days ago  # 15 June 2022
Can't login. No SMS code received.

Lou Stoole      17 days ago  # 8 June 2022
There is a connection issue with respect to SMS/Text confirmation code. I cannot login, because I am not receiving TSP's text code.

Why are things changing? For the reason of equity or some transfund gender value. Will there be a LGBTQN5679! fund announced?

Walter Demming      17 days ago  # 8 June 2022
What a f***ed-up website. I set-up my new account, confirmed authentication, then tried to log-on without success. The SMS messaging is nonresponsive. Go figure... These dipshit, website developers can eat my ass like a doughnut, all around the hole.

f*** you, Joe Biden, and f*** your incompetent Administration.

B      18 days ago  #
Why mess with something that was working perfectly fine? Stupidity

S      18 days ago  #
I just filled out a form my congressional representative asking for help. We saved that money and deserve access to it. TSP won't answer my emails and when I stayed on the phone with a wait time of 2 hours they dropped my call a little after an hour of waiting and listening to that awful music. I am furious

Leroy      18 days ago  #
They are doing this on purpose.

Joe Citizen      22 days ago  #
Rumor is that the Russians have hacked the TSP website and removed most of the funds. Will end up being biggest crisis in US history and possibly bankrupt the nation. Turns out the director of TSP is really from India and not a US Citizen. Govt is trying to keep a lid on this!!

J      22 days ago  #
New web page failed after first day, and features did not work when it was up. Had to do the new login process again the 2nd day. It worked for a while, now can't log in again. When it was up, there was no balance history. Why was this activated with so many bugs?

I’ve been on the phone with TSP for two days strai      23 days ago  #
Horrible I’ve been on the phone with TSP for two days straight spinning anywhere between 3 1/2 to 4 hours to speak to someone the system will not allow me to submit my drivers license now it blocked me from saying my phone number is now not valid a complete failure of incompetence of a continuation a proper resources and hiring in the federal government it is across-the-board inconvenience process incompetence

T Lister      23 days ago  #
This web upgrade was not ready. I cannot see the PIP. More importantly I cannot find my monthly withdrawal info. What happened? This upgrade was obviously not well thought out.

dr      23 days ago  #
class action lawsuit ?

kt      156 days ago  #
link to login screen is dead. The calculators are also down.

DD      177 days ago  #
Site Can't be reached to login

A Goulette      242 days ago  #
Can’t log in

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@RetiredCrimeDog is down for a couple weeks for maintenance got me thinking that the govt can control all funds to contractors and turn off access prior to economic issues govt knows ahead of time. Literally shut down to protect govt funds at the expense of companies read the source
26 days ago   30 May 2022