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rippa      111 days ago  # 9 June 2022
these guys must be getting hit offline with all this random downtime

SLY      115 days ago  # 5 June 2022
High traffic? Or is it down again?

thgatn      141 days ago  # 10 May 2022
is it down?

localfurry_69420      145 days ago  # 6 May 2022
and it's gone again

eeeeee      155 days ago  # 26 April 2022

Galaxia      163 days ago  #
they are fixing the site

lost      164 days ago  #
ayo anyone else know why the vrmodels website is just saying ‘coming soon…’??
spooky shit ngl

bananabread      165 days ago  #
getting connection not secure with chrome and edge and page wont load

curious lad      165 days ago  #
i’m curious where did aika post gore and why? vv

help      167 days ago  #
aika potsing gore! wtfgg

M A N      171 days ago  #
For those who are having trouble getting onto the site, try using a different browser. I kept trying with chrome but the site wouldn't respond so I tried using firefox and it worked instantly.

lol      171 days ago  #
rip boys server is done i seen the code before it was shut down and it was temporally so it was scam for those that pay the rest of the money maybe it can comeback but i don't thinkso

Legacy      171 days ago  #
Website worked 3 hours ago. It's just traffic. It is not owned by the former sanctuary owner.

M A N      171 days ago  #
A friend of mines said he was able to get on the site a few hours ago but now it can't be reached so maybe it's due to high traffic or something?? IDK for certain though

ok      171 days ago  #
its ran by sanc ownr id say he ran wtih the money or sumthin

wut      171 days ago  #
I saw the website was suppose to be coming back.. Now it is saying the website cant be reached.. Did someone buy the domain and just scam everyone for $200? Seems like a of effort for $200

Idk      180 days ago  #
The site is getting brought back.

Doubt it      182 days ago  #
Site seems sus. Owner actually wanna pipe in with some proof again?

f      186 days ago  #
Whoever has any booth models or wants to trade lmk i check here sometimes

Needed Avatar      198 days ago  #
I need god prince if you have it please upload it on incognito.uno in male avatars

Summer      210 days ago  #
Need new website

Fuck You Homo      241 days ago  #
We have more ways to leak avatars. Cry about it you anti-leakers. f*** every single one of you and I hope ya'll suffer from aids

sen      245 days ago  #
Does anyone know where to get any good models?

Weebshavegay      249 days ago  #

Avatars shouldn't cost $40.      249 days ago  #
Whatever they do, models will continue to leak in some other ways. It's a matter of time before other methods of supplying models to everyone resurface.

SaltShaker      251 days ago  #
You know... this is pretty much the same argument as pirating a game or cheating the hell out of a game. It's gonna happen whether you want it to happen or not. Same goes for leaking, you piss someone off, your shit gets leaked. Get mad or not, it's gonna happen regardless. Stopping 1 person isn't gonna stop the hundreds or even thousands of people from leaking and sharing assets with each other. After all that's another form of trade and business to them. Take this with a grain of salt, I don't care. Just saying..

Anonymous      253 days ago  #
Imagine being upset about a leaker website.
Models aren’t something you need it’s something you want and if you can’t afford it don’t get it or make it yourself stop being trash.
Lumping scratch creators with TDA is pretty stupid too. Not to mention all avatars made now are not TDA or game rips at all so your argument is invalid.
If it comes back it will get taken down again most scratch creators are legitimate businesses now so it’s only a matter of time before someone gets pissed off enough to track down the owner and sue.
Being a 3D artist is a legitimate trade and job so even your creators should get a job argument is invalid.
So stop being Karens and start saving up to purchase the models you look like a bunch of fools.

Eliza      253 days ago  #

Check this thread, plenty of bitches here.

TrevorLeviathan      253 days ago  #
anyone know where i can get some bitches?

Just how far we'd go      253 days ago  #

sugma      254 days ago  #
send the new link Ugly Fool#9573

some cunt from england      254 days ago  #
Insert some random asset user here saying "mine" "I made", "get a job", and generally anything that is completely unnecessary and childish. No one is surprised the website is down, it's unfortunate that it is down but whatever, saying get a job reinforces the fact that no one would want to buy your avatars which is why many people went to vrcmodels, stealing/leaking is a loose term here cause at the end of the day you were borrowing stuff in the first place. If getting things for free is jobless behaviour you obviously must never take free samples irl or anything free that would have costed money at all. And most of the time these things jump start others own careers to making models or gives them the motivation to, which creates competition which is good. The website will come back and anything you made is probably somewhere else, complaining and being rude to people that just want to look different from everyone else is unnecessary. Good day.

cry harder idiots      254 days ago  #
people who make shitty lil avis using other peoples resources then charging way more then its worth cryin when people wont deal with it. try making ur own shit from scratch for once and find out how to actually model and use the programs. no one wants to pay $30+ for another shittily made half naked avatar with clipping issues

get a job      254 days ago  #
y'all act like this wasn't bound to happen eventually. You're using and sharing copyrighted content illegally and stealing from people, and ya'll are shocked lmao
The lack of braincells you guys process is actually incredible. It's mind-boggling.
I've never seen such jobless behaviour in my entire lives, it's truly laughable.

пошёл на хуй      254 days ago  #
Honestly a good time to improve the website for later use B)

imagine using vrmodels      254 days ago  #
finally its down lol get f***ed leakers

Omi      254 days ago  #
after a quick search it seems like VRModels was shut down before but came back, hopefully in a few days/weeks it will be back up.
Also Facts iridescence makes shit avis

hulaabaloo      254 days ago  #
fact lmfao I trade models on the site sometimes, someone wanted something from my haves folder and offered avatars from iridescence, I just told them we didn't need to trade, they could have the assets and models they were looking for without trading if those were the only things they had for trading LOL

xxx      254 days ago  #
The funny part is that iridescence is responsible for this. Like seriously I bet no one downloaded their avatars from vrmodels bcuz iridescence avatars ain't that good compared to the other beautiful models in vrmodels.

Doesn't it make you wonder      254 days ago  #

Anonymous      255 days ago  #
If anyone knows of any other websites or discord servers please let me know!

mushu      255 days ago  #
anyone know of any other websites?

Mello      255 days ago  #
What happened?

Moxmox      255 days ago  #
Is it down forever?

Learn2UseBlender      255 days ago  #
Yikes, it's always the creators with the ugly avatars that think they need to DMCA, it's not going to make anyone buy your ratty squished raccoon looking models now the sites down. loool

Omi      255 days ago  #
who ever posted Iridescence's stuff must feel like shit rn.

Euwiwj      255 days ago  #
Can you share that with me on a social media platform? I can give my social

Astra      255 days ago  #
I know a few sites for sharing avis but due to the site being taken down, i dont think we should share those lesser know websites.

Astra      255 days ago  #
hopefully the site will be back up soon

ME      255 days ago  #
Besides this one "https://vrcmods.com"

ME      255 days ago  #
Do you have any other websites like this that we could use?

KANKAN      255 days ago  #
Looks like the website was taken down by the creator Iridescence, who has a couple other DMCA claims you can view on lumen database; from what I can see, they're also responsible for taking down Sanctury.moe.

KANKAN      255 days ago  #
Actually, I think I may have found the issue.

A DMCA request was filed to Google yesterday, hoster of the Website. Looks like the entire thing was taken down for now, most likely for legal reasons. Though since the website has lasted this long, I imagine it will return soon once it blows over.


Ufbhj      255 days ago  #
does anyone know when it'll be back up?

yo      255 days ago  #
No worries, I hope they take their time and get it set up correctly instead of rushing.

KANKAN      255 days ago  #
Be patient, the website and it's owner is based in Russia, so it may take them some time-- Not to mention the website has one server and one owner.

ME      255 days ago  #
Anyone know when It will be back up, or any other info.

Kai      256 days ago  #
Yeah it's still down any estimate to be bsck up?

Jes      256 days ago  #
Still down for u guys too?

KANKAN      256 days ago  #
Given that the website has been having some server issues the past few days, I imagine this is probably just an extension of that.

Me      256 days ago  #
Ok good, thank you

SoloZ      256 days ago  #
Hmm i think so, don't really think they would just shutdown like that

ME      256 days ago  #
So will it be back up

SoloZ      256 days ago  #
It seems to be their MySQL server that is having issues

ME      256 days ago  #
Does anyone know why the website is down?

Fang      262 days ago  #
504 - Gateway Timeout . That’s an error.

We did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. That’s all we know.

Lou      264 days ago  #
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anotherone      264 days ago  #
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ray      266 days ago  #
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bea      362 days ago  #
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