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Guest      1 hour ago  # 26 September 2021

Andrew      5 days ago  # 21 September 2021
I have been unable to login to my account for more than a month and all I do is sending messages to server and not getting any response

Guest      5 days ago  # 21 September 2021

Webmail User      5 days ago  # 21 September 2021
Its been a over a week now, that I cannot access my emails. I have used the help function and submitted details, however still cannot login. This is becoming very frustrating especially as this is the only email address I use for all my correspondence and work. PLEASE WEBMAIL SORT THIS ISSUE OUT!!!

Webmail user      8 days ago  # 18 September 2021
Please can webmail indicate to user why can they not access their e-mail accounts?
User’s daily lives are being impacted, a solution will be appreciated

Kevin      9 days ago  #
I haven't been able to my emails for two weeks now, i'm starting to worry.

Monwabisi      15 days ago  #
I am also unable to login to webmail account and can not access my mails. And it looks like everybody can not. It is no sad that there no any update from WEBMAIL

Guest 2      18 days ago  #
Why cant I access my webmail. Has been 4 days now and nobody is helping!!!

Laverne Clarke      20 days ago  #
I have been unable to access my account for 4 weeks and risk being deported from USA, as I am unable to provide documentation which sits in my mail files in Webmail

Can't log in      23 days ago  #
What is going on?! Won't log me in. Been weeks. I have sent messages and nothing is happening?

Noks      25 days ago  #
Cant login, need to access my emails urgently!!!

Guest      26 days ago  #
Please advise when Webmail will be resolving the issue, I am unable to log in. It has now been more than 36hrs. I need access for work purposes. Thank you

Rasako      26 days ago  #
I'm not being able to access my account,what's wrong,I really need that account ???? it has all I need in order to survive

Guest      28 days ago  #
Login hacked. Cannot reset passwords, reset details changed

Bulelani Gratitude Magwanishe      29 days ago  #
I have not be able to access my email for 3 weeks now.

Guest      29 days ago  #
General Outage

Guest101      32 days ago  #
Cannot log in . Not for the last 24 hours

Guest      32 days ago  #

Martin      35 days ago  #
I can`t login to my webmail account , with an error message" We could not log you in .Please try again" and no support from the domain admin.We need some help please!!!!

Thato Morewane      39 days ago  #
I can't access my emails. It's been two weeks now. No assistance from webmail team. What seem to be the problem

Mildred      39 days ago  #
I can't login to my webmail account, I have been trying to contact them no response. Please let us know what is the problem and when will it be fixed

Gordon      39 days ago  #
Can someone from Webmail please let us know when the issue will be fixed to log in to our accounts. We can't access our emails.

Guest      40 days ago  #

Malehu      44 days ago  #
Good Morning i am unable to access my webmail please help

Lindaniq      44 days ago  #
Unable to access my emails

Anon      45 days ago  #
Unable to access emails via phone

Tsoane Simon Mmope      48 days ago  #
I cant log into my webmail emails . is something wrong with the website
my email is

annie      54 days ago  #
Cannot login. its 4 weeks now

George      69 days ago  #
cannot login to my account since last week. Send enquiries to but no feedback. What is there problem.

Natascia      70 days ago  #
Cannot login to my account. Need access to emails urgently.

Lesley      75 days ago  #
Can’t login!!! Need to access emails ASAP

Motlhankaotsile Jeffrey Bagopi      118 days ago  #
Hi, I've been traying to open an account with but that's an error which is valid email or altenetive email please help this is importent the email I want to open is

Guest      118 days ago  #
How do I delet account from my inbox and create anew one

Angel      147 days ago  #
What is the correct mail server settings for webmail incoming. i have tried and its states its incorrect