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Guest      84 days ago  # 24 Jan 2024 + 1 -

I have been reinstalling and uninstalling the app several times and still, it is not working. The customer service was not helpful at all. Still no response from them and I am a paying user.
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Guest      372 days ago  # 11 April 2023 + 2 -

Extremely unhappy. Horrible app and Horrible, extremely unfriendly Discord server it invites(?) you to. They don't care about their paying subscribers and allow Trolling bullies to run their server. People are put on timeouts for absolutely no good reason whatsoever aside from defending themselves against trolls and 1 lunatic mod who does it for fun!
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Luc      388 days ago  # 27 March 2023 + 2 -

I paid a one year subscription and with the version 3 I can’t access the app and my account
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Guest      442 days ago  # 1 Feb 2023 + 1 -

Extremely unhappy. Even after uninstalling their app, leaving their server at Womboverse, they actually stalk and TROLL you afterwards, especially if you complain about them in any way! Everywhere! Especially on Reddit!
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Guest      500 days ago  # 5 December 2022 + 1 -

Does not complete loading image.
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Gary C.      503 days ago  # + 1 -

Only three or four images get created and then it hangs. Quit, repeat restart. Too bad, it fun but endless restarts are feeble.
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Bop Monroe of POCKET MONSTER.      511 days ago  # + 1 -
Wombo won't wom today.

wombo just won't womb today. just hangs, sez creating but nada results so far. usually it spits out under 20 seconds. since 7AM, trying to make JFK images. oh well, it's free, whaddaya want? hope they fix soon, really enjoy making stuff on it!!
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Guest      556 days ago  # + 1 -

You Want The REAL truth? Lowered my rating from 5 stars to 1 on the Wombo Dream App. Bad App & Horrifying experience! My main grievance is the server it invites you to:"Womboverse".They treat their subscribers whether they are Premium or not like garbage &/or like 5yr olds by allowing a psychotic moderator bully named "Buns" to run the show! No fooling! Subscribers are actually afraid to be there at times while paying for their subscriptions! I'm still recovering from the PTSD! So enter at your own risk! As far as the App, it's extremely laggy w/no fixes. Premium or not! Images do not finish generating, you just sit and watch the spinner! Ridiculously low character limits (120) that constantly fluctuates up and down w/o warning (Recent experience w/ the so called "Premium", shows their greed) And feel sorry for Free Users, because they can't escape the intrusive, sometimes NSFW ads every 5 secs! They also became so greedy they hid Dark Mode behind a Pay wall! It's 2022! Now that's the truth! Uninstalled!!

Try Wonder AI Premium or
AI Picasso Premium w/Stable Diffusion infused. Much more cost effective and better!
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Guest      565 days ago  # + 1 -

Was a Premium subscriber to this app & Wombot Stable Diffusion at "Womboverse" Discord invite link & I along w/many others were treated like garbage by a psychotic moderator bully named "Buns"! I'm still recovering from the PTSD and not alone! Besides, one can use Stable Diffusion right from their Discord server for free. This app is not at all what it used to be either. Forever stalling w/no fixes.Paid/not. How greedy! Along w/the fact they don't give a crap for their paying subscribers! They have a LOT to learn as adults running a business, (adults that is, not power hungry money mongers allowing just anyone to bully paying subscribers for fun like a 12 year old) dealing with paying subscribers and themselves is that having simple mutual respect goes a long way! They should at least take some tips and watch YouTube hosts on how they admire their subscribers, even those that don't offer payment on their Patreon! Horrible! Uninstalled!
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Guest      594 days ago  # + 0 -

Suddenly stopped working
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