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Letter "j" 14 days ago:   Very Good Downloader Music 75 days ago:   It's down my favorite JAV site 7 days ago:   It is absolutely the worst and most infuriating business website I have ever used. After every selection the site freezes for 30 to 45 seconds. And many times when you click on an item you are taken to a different item. I do ... 104 days ago:   Very poor can't checkout 103 days ago:   fucken virus 14 days ago:   Jerkay on mobile is redirecting to jizzay 103 days ago:   Why when I try to create an account. It says "come back later, account under review? 9 days ago:   Website not processing my payment. Stuck 1 day ago:   STILL can't mange trips on website or app :( 110 days ago:   Can't download any plugins. Marketplace seems to be out 6 days ago:   Jetstar travel & Jetstar trip apps not working. Unable to sign in the app. Unable to retrieve boarding pass via manage booking. Have to call Jetstar. Still no boarding pass. Use someone’s else device, able to get the boarding pass. Bad app ... 39 days ago:   Clicked on my jibjab e-card and got a series of cartoon "hamster wheel" gif messages: "little hamsters are making your video"; "this will take about 30 seconds"; "cutest hamster ever, right?"; "almost done"; "umm, almost there, really this time"; and "something went wrong, please refress ... 26 days ago:   Jisho is a very handy website, I use it during my studies all the time 30 days ago:   Your check out is completely broken, and doesn't take me to any page confirming my order or telling me that my order was placed. i've tried SIX TIMES, I'm taking my money to Michaels. -A very pissed off Website developer. ... 17 days ago:   Have been trying to log on since last night, 9/10/22. As of 3:25pm on 9/11/22, I still can not log on to certify for the week. 25 days ago:   Can’t access my online orders failing to load 68 days ago:   Moody Lenses coupon code is best code provided by Moody Lenses. Amazing Discount Offers, Get Moody Lenses & Promo Codes and save up to 10% on the offer, so get the code helps you to save on coupon and promo codes ... 68 days ago:   this site is not working from since last 2 days and i'm not able to fill the exam form. 8 days ago:   The mail wont open and gets real dark does nothing 46 days ago:   Its over two weeks and I still cannot track my orders. The window asking for the last four digits of my phone does not open. I have tried all the suggested solutions on this site with no sucess. ... 113 days ago:   Muy Bueno 50 days ago:   Hi I can't acces just fab site they took the money from account and I can't shop