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Letter "o" 53 days ago:   Seems like the conversions are not precise today (just gives round numbers?) 46 days ago:   "Error establishing a database connection." 2 days ago:   "Site cannot be reached" 38 days ago:   they give me food 16 days ago:   Transaction, Transfer from OCBC to other account, amount was deducted from OCBC but the other party did not receive Happen on 9 June 2022 1400hrs-1600hrs+/-Singapore time -Tried calling their hotline, waited for over 1hr, no response. ... 74 days ago:   blocked by government firewall, says "website certificate expired" ??? 27 days ago: is not working, when i went to buy beatsaber it said to buy it on the website but apps and games wont load 13 days ago:   Renk ölçüm cihazı god 71 days ago:   Doesn’t load doesn’t allow you to book isn’t easy to manoeuvre… 2 days ago:   Site is down right now. 42 days ago:   The site is not down. They moved the website from to --> Admins did this because the old domain was associated with black-hat activity whereas the site has changed their outlook on things as a whole. It no longer allows hijacked accounts to be sold. Everything ... 68 days ago:   Site pop up ads when trying to play a video 49 days ago:   this thing is a joke doesn't work half the time. Hard to file unemployment. Slot of people depend on unemployment plus they have deadlines, hard to do when site doesn't work. ... 51 days ago:   Down again 13 days ago:   ce site et vraiment très bon je l'adore 23 days ago:   they never responded 86 days ago:   All good 84 days ago:   New reddit is garbage. If old reddit doesn't work, I won't be on reddit 23 days ago:   I put items in my bag but when i go to checkout it just keeps sitting there saying loading but never takes me to checkout. It has been doing that for 3 days. ... 2 days ago:   Only shows a black screen going to any page on oldversion .com. Browser shows it's finished loading the page but nothing is there. Alternatively, on mobile I get a HTTP 503 Error for any URL to this domain. ... 100 days ago:   Trash site always down and this other one say its online and good? Idk which one of those sites r more garbage 49 days ago:   Always get did not recognize dns reference for college chat. I try again and it says too many times from my IP Seems to be an issue. Anyone else? 9 days ago:   good online casino 3 days ago:   Truly one of my favourite online casino sites in Holland. 25 days ago:   check this out :) 3 days ago:   3rd day in a row with the 15 second reload loop bug. Can't get on the site at all. I cleaned my history, caches, everything and no avail. WTH is going on Onlyfans? ... 115 days ago:   Your online banking constantly has issues 25 days ago:   Disgusting program no update and very slow false info and no up to date meta 6 days ago:   Disqus 40 days ago:   Have placed withdrawal for close to one month nothing yet, the customer care is no longer replying to messages 55 days ago:   I can’t log in and am being charged for an account I can’t use!! So mad!! 113 days ago:   Website is down as at CET 4.21pm on 4 March 2022 34 days ago:   "Oops, something went wrong" is all I see 19 days ago:   Cancelled my booking without the restaurant knowing. Disgraceful 79 days ago:   I have been told to wait up to five seconds for the past hour. I just wanna edit my cape. help. 18 days ago:   When clicking on the "Sign in" page... Page Not Found 404 The requested URL /rt/login/hsid/en was not found 45 days ago:   11 may no internet, phones,atm,s not working,everything out in Charente since 3pm 80 days ago:   I do subscribe to and I'm experiencing the same thing - the page disappears after displaying for a fraction of a second. Frustrating. 2 days ago:   When I double click to open my Origin on desktop, it says: Origin installation requires an internet connection, but we were unable to connect to the internet. Please check your connection and try again. You may also download the latest version of Origin here: (link)." ... 10 days ago:   When I trying to sigh in there is an error, I have an acoount. 75 days ago:   Redirected to the UK site not the USA site 90 days ago:   Not working for last 5 days!