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Letter "q" 5 days ago:   unable to book hotel 51 days ago:   freezing after choosing seats 3 hours ago:   Service is always going down or they cancel your service without a reason and you have to reapply all over again 8 days ago:   Haven't seen a survey since yesterday and it's the same one for 30cent 11min but it's always closed qmee used to be so good now it seems to be the worst site just to find a survey too bad ... 7 days ago:   No longer working for Amazon in the US 45 days ago:   Cannot get results for a simple Covid test Customer service was rude and yelled at me. Then sent an encrypted email that will not download the pdfs. ... 52 days ago:   CANNOT CONNECT BROWSER WALLET IT JUST SAYS SWITCH TO MATIC 5 hours ago:   Control + F5 fixed my issue 4 days ago:   Tons of errors, extremely slow loading, hovering editor makes it tedious to reference other answers and writers, link editing not possible anymore, some users can make money from both, reading and writing while other just waste their time and cannot make any money at all ... 12 days ago:   For the past two days, the presentation videos only play for maybe 5 seconds. It then freezes, with three bars pulsating in the center. Annoying but it is saving me money. ... 32 days ago:   They seem to be having permanent Sales. Are they struggling?