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Letter "j" 24 days ago:   I love it 2 days ago:   Cannot send birthday card using email today. When will this be up and running again. Birthdays only today. 78 days ago:   Very Good Downloader Music 30 days ago:   Unable to log out of my account. 8 hours ago:   It's back up for me! Everything is daijobou! \o/ 13 days ago:   Visit @vibe_unlock on telegram regarding any issues 4 days ago:   It's so slow you can't even shop on it 52 days ago:   Their website sucks 4 days ago:   tried to buy wont accept my address did sign up wouldnt take email or password 200 pounds worth of stuff i just cant buy oh well get it some where else ... 40 days ago:   Any suggestions to use the site from pc? Redirects are everywhere 34 days ago:   I've got 120.00 in my account and can't get into it, what's the problem, do I get a refund if I can't get in???? 3 days ago:   Also unable to checkout via Google (assume that it's trying to use the Jet2 API)... Annoying 3 days ago:   App doesn’t work. Can rarely sign in. Poor confirmation communication. Total garbage . Never again 33 days ago:   the online service is hopeless. Asking Jess is absolutely hopeless. cancellations and offering a flight after cancellation at a huge price people cannot afford is disgusting. if you cancel and can offer another flight, there should be no extra charge. sadly, I am going to ... 2 days ago:   i want goanimate 25 days ago:   Shit site. Ignore it if it's down or not. 103 days ago:   Clicked on my jibjab e-card and got a series of cartoon "hamster wheel" gif messages: "little hamsters are making your video"; "this will take about 30 seconds"; "cutest hamster ever, right?"; "almost done"; "umm, almost there, really this time"; and "something went wrong, please refress ... 33 days ago:   well it made me smarter 90 days ago:   Jisho is a very handy website, I use it during my studies all the time 45 days ago:   Never again 94 days ago:   Your check out is completely broken, and doesn't take me to any page confirming my order or telling me that my order was placed. i've tried SIX TIMES, I'm taking my money to Michaels. -A very pissed off Website developer. ... 34 days ago:   Constantly timing out. Can't log in. 50 days ago:   Page doesn't load on google 29 days ago:   Terrible tool; bug ridden. Inadequate testing and rollout of new versions breaks things that worked. Poor responses from their 'response team'. 19 days ago:   Cannot place an order online. Email address field not registering any typing 23 days ago:   Great Marketplace for donations for nonprofit organizations 42 days ago:   It says I have messages but nothing is showing up on my side 37 days ago:   Jsfiddle is a free and fun way to test and make code! 110 days ago:   Its over two weeks and I still cannot track my orders. The window asking for the last four digits of my phone does not open. I have tried all the suggested solutions on this site with no sucess. ... 42 days ago:   Completely unusable, no page loads, no links working, FUBAR. Bankrupt? 26 days ago:   BCZ THEIR HELPLINE IS NOT GIVING PROPER ANSWER 114 days ago:   Hi I can't acces just fab site they took the money from account and I can't shop 58 days ago:   Languages available, Art work, teaching and practical help with todays issues!