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Letter "j" 14 days ago:   I sent (and still send) messages to cancel my husband's email - no response. (He died in 2019) You don't recognize my password - even when I change it with you. I can never directly get hold of you to explain the problem. I love your ... 90 days ago:   Can't log in today 115 days ago:   When I login I am sent to a "Notifications" page which asks me to select either an IOS app or Android app. I am on a computer in a Mozilla browser that I've been using for years. If I click continue it ... 56 days ago:   The website and app is not working for me. It's been on and off for 4 days now. But the past two days it keeps saying access denied on the website. And the app will not let me open it ... 16 days ago:   Website never seems to work right. Can't load pages. Can't stay loggin in for more than a few minutes. Instead of pages loading they go to a christmas tree scene which says "Sorry we're having techincal difficulties - try again later" Been like this for ... 22 days ago:   anyone tried jerkay today? it says only 1 person available 14 days ago:   Not logging in 96 days ago:   doesn't work... ! 16 days ago:   Anyone having issues with "Manage Flight" Seems like if you are gona cancel a bunch of flights you should at least make sure your website is functional. I always struggle with their website in general. Seems really buggy all the time. ... 97 days ago:   building from gradle 87 days ago:   ARRRGGG!! i need my data! WTH is going on and why cant I access my data????!!! 32 days ago:   Page never loads !!! 77 days ago:   The books I’m trouble with backing up and going to a next chapter it’s been like that for days