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Letter "j" 85 days ago:   Today Dec. 2 2023 I can say that today I will no longer buy anything from Jack in the Box. They are over priced and by the time you get you food home it is cold. And I live two minutes away from the Jack ... 17 days ago:   I am getting an error message. Something weird happened. Tru again. 59 days ago:   Can't log in? 71 days ago:   Not able to log on :( Worst time of the year to have a problem like this. 49 days ago:   Jai shri ram bhagwan bol Raha hu Jai choot k bacche ki maa padodi pagal shaitan speb7 response 42 days ago:   Been 3 days and the website still shows access denied?!?! 99 days ago:   Where’s Jane?! 7 days ago:   Like the other comments are saying I can't access the chat's either it is saying that there is an error and it was fine earlier. 37 days ago:   cant edit my profile and it keeps crashing whenever it gets juicyyyyy 2 days ago:   Even if one does eventually manage to view some fund prices - often not possible at all - not all versions are presented, and even changing what type of investor one is (ie individual/financial professional/institutional) doesn't produce the missing ones. ... 18 days ago: 74 days ago:   bad connectino 44 days ago:   Network issues 101 days ago:   website is currently down in WNY 43 days ago:   when will the websites be fixed. Missed Christmas shopping went to other store Do they want to loss our business???? 98 days ago:   Not letting me checkout for three days now!! Says problem with the server please try again later! ... Rubbish site! So slow and wont even let you buy wonder if this is because they have 20% off!!! ... 87 days ago:   "Connection to server lost. It is possible your browser or internet connection may not support the Interactive mode." 57 days ago:   not working 61 days ago:   Much worse then NADA. Always showing Bad Gateway 60 days ago:   Payment taken via PayPal but not registered with jd? 13 days ago:   cheee 39 days ago:   nta ki mkc 27 days ago:   My jeep app isn't working. Can't start it from my phone, can't lock or unlock and several things missing or won't open. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it. No help ... 3 days ago:   Keeps redirecting to bumjr -> bummer 7 days ago:   Can't get into website 12 days ago:   Cannot access web browser on a desk top! 4 days ago:   Trying to book flight, get to last step - it hangs up and then dumps me due to lack of activity 3 days ago:   Am unable to book flights using Jetstar app are they having technical difficulties with the app 1 day ago:   Constant message on pharmacy side that copay amounts could be incorrect. Message never changed and neither did the status on the prescription I refilled through the app. 57 days ago:   Ads load but when I click on a puzzle, nothing happens 54 days ago:   Placed my order twice and the website immediately says my order can't be found once I submit it. Probably would work if I didn't try to redeem a freebie. Sounds like a scam. :( ... 9 days ago:   Jio fibre and jio number not working, unable to contact customer care because they asking for jio net. Very bad customer care experience 11 days ago:   Website isn't working. 13 days ago:   useful 41 days ago:   App search not working 6 days ago:   Totally frustrating. I try to logon and go through the instructions and it will not let me in. Then I tried to hit the chat and it just refers me to call the phone number. I call that number and it says ... 117 days ago:   Nice site, fews games 59 days ago:   Customer service is saying that the issue will be resolved in 2 hours - that's a long time. 11 days ago:   Can't get into my account. Keeps on saying technical problem 47 days ago:   your us server is not working and if it is not fixed by tomorrow i am ggoing to black list it 7 days ago:   Will I receive the Jooble Netherlands alert today? Kind regards. Amad Goossens. The Netherlands 104 days ago:   Cannot put anything in my basket simply says there has been a problem adding this to my basket 21 days ago:   Says error code 503 when trying to log in or experiencing technical difficulties 23 days ago:   never works 91 days ago:   Api error 91 days ago:   It's tricky. 42 days ago:   Chrome gets 403 forbidden, but Brave browser has no problem. I suspect this is actual sabotage by Google employees. 4 days ago:   Website won't allow me to login despite using the correct credentials 59 days ago:   Unable to access for several days. 23 days ago:   Down for five hours. 118 days ago:   Switch off 102 days ago:   The search function has disappeared. I can no longer search for titles, which used to be the thing that it was useful for. 17 days ago:   Can not get past log in with iPhone XR running iOS 15.1