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Letter "o" 21 days ago:   As foryou Harry who would you like it if Chi Com decided to shut you down for not liking something obscure they think you should? 6 hours ago:   Installation server outage. 51 days ago:   Website 12 days ago:   its been about 2 months now also for me and all videos are not working at all its said poor connection which I checked every time 45 days ago:   Log in issue. OKCUPID page will not load on my PC which gives no log in options at all. 28 days ago:   website 18 days ago:   Says captcha is wrong. 52 days ago:   keeps timing out 16 days ago:   July 19, still DOWN 69 days ago:   Been out since 7:30 EDST. Still down. 6 hours ago:   Answer the damm phone 14 days ago:   503 Error You’ve encountered an error. Please refresh the page, or try again later. Contact customer service for assistance. 47 days ago:   Until when is the outage? Sad to know.. 43 days ago:   Won’t take my payment App does not recognize my credentials but website does 105 days ago:   Unable to access my Overstock account online today. Is anyone else experiencing this same problem...thank you