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Letter "q" 116 days ago: 11 days ago:   Trying to login. All I get is "We are unable to process this request currently. Please try again later" How hard is it to have a functioning website with the billions you have??? PATHETIC as usual from qantass ... 45 days ago:   I cant check flights all day today. Says each time there is a problem, try again later. Does anyone know what's the problem? 6 days ago:   No Response on why have no service 80 days ago:   Snoooooore! Oh dear - our survey providers seem to be taking a nap! Unfortunately our survey providers work in normal, weekday office hours. During these times is when the most amount of surveys are available. Check back later, you'll get more surveys soon! ... 30 days ago:   I can access quitt I have tried to access it both on my phone and computer but I just can’t access it; it says connection not secure when I am clearly connected to the internet so is anyone else having the same issue ... 62 days ago:   Its shit. Stops working randomly when I tried to take a quiz. Then reports no outages, tf. 41 days ago:   The website ( will load, but then it times out. Can't navigate to any pages, click on anything, do anything, take any actions, etc. 33 days ago:   Quotex website is not loading (location Bangladesh), but from app i can access it, but there are many glitches, trades are not being placed. Yesterday i was trying to access from website but i failed so i logged from phone app, then i tried to place ... 58 days ago:   QVC stssays password is not valid,but it is! 83 days ago:   Almost ok but today I can’t entare qtex