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Letter "r" 83 days ago:   406 error 13 days ago:   website and app 16 days ago:   Can not customize my product 2 days ago:   log-in 2 days ago: has been buggy for weeks now. You can access the site but that's it! None of the links seem to work. It's not that difficult to fix broken links, is it? ... 91 days ago:   Website is having issues for me 21 days ago:   website wont load 6 days ago:   "Failed to connect, retrying" 63 days ago:   Safari can't open the page 106 days ago:   Currently experiencing problems with rewards redemption. Advised should be resolved within 24 hours as of 1:20 PM 4/19. 32 days ago:   login 13 days ago:   cant log in 41 days ago:   now is working again ... 8 days ago:   Website and launcher 25 days ago:   Roku not working and my wireless is working 52 days ago:   Hi I wrote an email reporting a problem on your IOS app. I cannot open any lesson on the app. The refreshing symbol keeps spinning and it wouldn’t load. I received an email from you which I couldn’t read because I only saw tons of ... 20 days ago:   RT is down...? That's the first time I've ever seen that happen. How about you? Use your own words. ???? 41 days ago:   Outage 83 days ago:   RPI network down 10 May 2021 due to malware attack. Will take days to recover 39 days ago:   Login 4 days ago:   Keep getting knocked off the chat Line when I get.down the queue Can't speak to customer services as it cuts you off saying alpines busy please try later. Service is.terrible !