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Letter "y" 6 days ago:   same issue as below. been like this for at least a month (I hadn't been on it in a while). Website also missing all graphics 50 days ago:   Can not be access 1 hour ago: 88 days ago:   checkout not working "Sorry, there was an error processing your request." 47 mins ago: 111 days ago:   I am unable to access the website via app or browser 5 mins ago: 3 hours ago: 1 hour ago: 46 mins ago: 4 days ago:   I have never come across a worse company than Yodel and I have had a few deliveries, believe me! Had I known that Cotswolds uses this service I would have never agreed to home delivery. My delivery date was due 2 days ago ... 39 secs ago: 117 days ago:   Can't read email 77 days ago:   My wife does not get her yougov login code. I also do not get my login code. We have tried numerous times. We have written to them with no response at all. Yougov have not paid my wife her next $25 after she redeemed it ... 18 days ago:   Was great 2 hours ago: 3 hours ago: 19 mins ago: 2 hours ago: 30 days ago:   Many of my users are getting 403 forbidden errors and cannot access my documents. The problem was reported two weeks ago and is still not fixed. 45 mins ago: 1 hour ago: