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Letter "y" 28 days ago:   Hello, Y2Mate is usually very reliable; I use it a lot. Lately, whenever I try to download three particular songs, the website is not working properly. For one song, a different window will open; allowing me to download the MP3 file but not allowing me to ... 68 days ago:   Somebody needs to step up and build a new website for boat sales. I've been using for years, and it has always had issues. 9 days ago:   Why aren’t you doing anything about email not working since Tuesday???????????????? 15 hours ago:   Everyday this week Yahoo has gone down from 18:00 hrs. 108 days ago:   Yamaha prefer to lie to customers rather than letting us know what is going on. They 'planned' this new outage, just like they planned the last 5. I'll never buy a synth from them again. ... 58 days ago:   Racist site 18 days ago:   Word “forbidden” appears when try to get to site 26 days ago:   ???????? 96 days ago:   Yeah manga’s server can’t be found? 48 days ago:   Terrible servers 37 days ago: im getting this,, why??? 39 days ago:   @The Waiting, it's not off topic, it's on topic, what you believe to be yify isn't the original yify. 22 hours ago:   Parcels not delivered. Go missing. Delivery staff bad manners. App constantly doesn't work correctly. Drivers leave parcels outside when no one is home and then they get stolen. Absolute shambles of a company. ... 17 hours ago:   LAGS SERVICE WEB SUCKS 23 days ago:   bruh 21 days ago:   vires 5 days ago:   Never sends my login code 48 days ago:   Im applying for sex porn 114 days ago:   8-18-22, for weeks now, the playlist site seems to be down. It was useful before this. Now whether using Android or, Windows 10, & 11, you get this prompt __ Sorry, looks like your app is not running. Try scaling up by ... 95 days ago:   exstrimely love Nina, mila. more please 10 of 10 7 hours ago:   YouTube videos full screen not working plz help 40 days ago:   Down 30 days ago:   repeatedly checking connection status