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Guest      148 days ago  # 12 July 2022

f*** bovado

Guest      148 days ago  # 12 July 2022

Guest      152 days ago  # 8 July 2022


Guest      157 days ago  # 3 July 2022

trash, they dont even have a # to call

Guest      184 days ago  # 6 June 2022

99.9% time in poker games. The last 3 weeks, a lot of disconnects and log in issues. Balance deducted when disconnects happen - even when I have the obviously winning hand, the amount I put into the pot is still gone. Disconnect seems to be on server side, not client side.

Cannot log in for the last week or so. The log-in overlay does not appear in Android/iOS/MacOS/Chrome/Safari

Guest      191 days ago  #


Guest      192 days ago  #

Very poor, non existent

Guest      193 days ago  #

Constant outages

Guest      247 days ago  #

cant log in

Guest      258 days ago  #

They are usually pretty good

Guest      283 days ago  #


Guest      289 days ago  #

Horrible all around. Do not use or you will be pulling your hair out because the site is constantly down or doesn't even load

Guest      307 days ago  #

it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach any kind of customer service. The only was is email and there is NO RESPONSE most of the time, Of course they blame COVID like every other business that sucks. COVID is not the issue here, it is clearly underpowered technology and incompetent management.

Guest      307 days ago  #

it is total shit. they recently had a very extended outage, which was never explained and lasted for a week or more. Now (2/2/2022) it is down again. very unstable site.

Guest      339 days ago  #

Always an issue

Guest      340 days ago  #

Site sucks

Guest      341 days ago  #

Bovada site is always down this really is a issue that needs some fixing like really!

Guest      353 days ago  #

There terrible customer service I’m stik trying to find help

Guest      353 days ago  #

worst gambling site

Guest      355 days ago  #

They are done. Lost all their players’ money

Guest      355 days ago  #

Very difficult to contact customer support. Wonder if it's even possible.

Guest      356 days ago  #

This website has some of the highest downtime I have ever seen. Its down 2-3 hours every single week. Unacceptable for a business of their size.

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