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Guest      3 days ago  # 7 December 2022

Website is needs upgrading or maintenance, has not been working properly for days.

Guest      4 days ago  # 6 December 2022

Payment page for card processing not working.

Guest      6 days ago  # 4 December 2022

Online payment it working properly

Guest      10 days ago  # 30 November 2022

Website unable to log in

Guest      12 days ago  # 28 November 2022

The next website is just so frustrating! It's so slow!! It's got to be the slowest website I use,payment takes an absolute age!!!

Guest      13 days ago  #

Could not complete order. Site kept crashing.

Guest      15 days ago  #

can never log in and pay my account takes forever or it crashes

Guest      16 days ago  #

Haven't been able to log in for over a week now ..please get the app sorted

Guest      17 days ago  #

So slow, everything takes forever to load...puts me off shopping with them

Guest      23 days ago  #

i cant log into account to pay

Guest      26 days ago  #

No connection to website happening lots of times

Guest      26 days ago  #

Love the clothes but hate using the website, so, so slow!!!

Guest      27 days ago  #

Can’t download on app

Guest      32 days ago  #

Won't let me place an order online. Been trying for 2 days

Guest      54 days ago  #

The app never works when you go to log out

Guest      57 days ago  #

App rarely loads, if it does it is beyond slow. Actual website is just as bad or worse- if you do manage to get anything into your basket its gone by the time you finally load up the checkout screen. It's quicker to walk to the nearest store albeit there's less choice than online.

Guest      77 days ago  #

Next app rarely works and if it does its very slow. Not good at all.

Guest      84 days ago  #

Taking forever to sign into account to make a payment

Guest      86 days ago  #

It's too slow, keeps buffering. Get it sorted as it's very frustrating as you stop looking on the site & go elsewhere, which in turn is not good for business.

Guest      93 days ago  #

Can never get on my account to pay the bill

Guest      97 days ago  #

Why can't I checkout ? Very frustrating!

Guest      103 days ago  #

website awful everyone is saying the same.

Guest      103 days ago  #

Extremely slow in App and Website. Struggle to make card payment as it just keeps buffering. So give up and will have to make payment by another means. No issues with other apps and sites so not an issue my end.

Guest      104 days ago  #

website continually freezes. The pages are not uploading so frustrating as this has been happening for weeks.

Guest      106 days ago  #

It is always so slow

Guest      107 days ago  #

Website is terrible. Like working with AOL broadband from 2001. Things don't load, can't add things to basket, can't remove things from basket, can't checkout -- error after error, it's like the site doesn't register links being clicked until the 500th time you try. Ridiculous.

Guest      110 days ago  #

Been trying to order things for 5 days and it keeps saying I can only order by phone.

Guest      175 days ago  #

Website is beyond poor service, terribly slow and clunky like going back to the 90's Internet! It's always like this for many years now! Next, you really ought to up your game, it's 2022 by the way!

Guest      177 days ago  #

NEXT website is not working, and people can't access their accounts. NEXT letting people place orders is about as frustrating as it gets for an online retailing experience. I didn't even get an order number to confirm my order. From what I can tell I am to wait for my order to arrive to see what order was filled. Note NEXT has recieved payment for my oder I full. Yet I can't track part of my order or reference a order number. I must say this has been a very disappointing experience.

Guest      182 days ago  #

cant login to site? keeps saying errors??

Guest      191 days ago  #

It took so long to get order in system and also easier to go in shop

Guest      197 days ago  #

Terrible website

Guest      226 days ago  #

Would like the site to load like any others do. I use several like Very Kaleidoscopic etc never a problem.

Guest      244 days ago  #

Can't log on to make payment or place orders

Guest      256 days ago  #

Website so slow. Get fed up so leave the site.

Guest      307 days ago  #

Never works

Guest      348 days ago  #

Can't make a payment on line doing my head in every month

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