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Guest      7 days ago  # 18 June 2022

Website is beyond poor service, terribly slow and clunky like going back to the 90's Internet! It's always like this for many years now! Next, you really ought to up your game, it's 2022 by the way!

Guest      10 days ago  # 16 June 2022

NEXT website is not working, and people can't access their accounts. NEXT letting people place orders is about as frustrating as it gets for an online retailing experience. I didn't even get an order number to confirm my order. From what I can tell I am to wait for my order to arrive to see what order was filled. Note NEXT has recieved payment for my oder I full. Yet I can't track part of my order or reference a order number. I must say this has been a very disappointing experience.

Guest      15 days ago  # 11 June 2022

cant login to site? keeps saying errors??

Guest      24 days ago  # 2 June 2022

It took so long to get order in system and also easier to go in shop

Guest      29 days ago  # 27 May 2022

Terrible website

Guest      59 days ago  #

Would like the site to load like any others do. I use several like Very Kaleidoscopic etc never a problem.

Guest      76 days ago  #

Can't log on to make payment or place orders

Guest      88 days ago  #

Website so slow. Get fed up so leave the site.

Guest      140 days ago  #

Never works

Guest      180 days ago  #

Can't make a payment on line doing my head in every month


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