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Shining24      6 hours ago  # 26 June 2022
I can't f*king believe mangaowl is apparently gone forever. I'm crying..
That was my favorite site. The only site that was structured and easy to read on. I loved the collections you could make. I hate the people who kept Posting the website...i can't believe this. Please come back Owl-san!!! We miss you like crazy. I didnt even write down all the titles in my collections...uh..i had over 150+ i wanted to read. Now they're gone. I don't like vyvy. It restored by bookmarks but not my collections...

Mit      2 days ago  # 24 June 2022
I miss mangaowl ????

Jeon-han      2 days ago  # 24 June 2022
Mangaowl what happend (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ???!!

Beanie      3 days ago  # 23 June 2022
The owner of mangaowl said they’re shutting the website down forever :( such a shame cuz idk where else to read. I don’t rlly like vyvy

Cameron      3 days ago  # 23 June 2022
where do i even start?? i wish that everyone respected mo and didnt post on any social medias, i wish that mo will come back because that was the place where i read all my yaoi and other mangas :((. i really dont like any other manga websites because they are either hard to use, terrible ads (pop ups, wont leave your screen and such others..) or the manga i red isnt on there. (if it is on there, the manga chapters are out of order). i really liked that is was easy to use, there were no ads (the kind to pop up), chapters in order,and like every manga ive heard of is on there. its a shame that is might be down forever, all i can say about it is please reconsider and keep it up, the website was the reason i got up in the morning.(。•́︿•̀。)

Fena      3 days ago  #
Please can anyone get me the new link to the discord group?

Anie      4 days ago  #
okay, so i created an acc in vyvymanga later this afternoon, i registered and logged in. this evening, i opened the site again, but the acc opened is not mine (if ur username is Sholi, pls read this) i have no access to her (assuming by the content and history, she is a she), i dont have her password nor email. the acc seemed to be created yesterday. i also just want to know if the same thing happened to you? i mean, this is a bit concerning. even if our identity is hidden or whtvr, i don't want anyone suddenly having an access to my acc and see my history.
it's also concerning how the new site doesn't have a forum, so i can't say this to ask other there.

Acchan      4 days ago  #
this already happened like months ago, I can't log in nor access mo. it's z only site where ads r tolerable n totally free, and the updates r also fast. l feel bad if it's gonna be permanently down :<<<

Anjali      4 days ago  #
As I logged in and tried to recollect my bookmarks of mangaowl. Com it's shows there was no account on my email and it's just feels everything's gone mangaowl was my fav site!..

Mya      4 days ago  #
The thing is is working and i see all the books i read but it dosent show me when new bookmarks are updated idk if thats just me or wut but i really want mangaowl owner change his mind abt shutting down that was my fav website to read my yaoi books but i didnt regesiter in mangaowl so i dont know if thats why i dont see any alerts abt new updates

BaeRona      4 days ago  #
Omg I got all my books marks and I'm happy, but I really do want mangaowl to be back! Please, do not ban it or something. I'm really sad tbh. I was about to cry because the link wouldn't open and I have been trying for days now but to no avail. But got my booksmarks from vyvymanga.

BaeRona      4 days ago  #
I'm literally so mad and sad at the same time that I feel like crying tbvh. The people here are saying that mangaowl is gonna be gone forever and I truly can't believe it..ughh i hate humans so bad like why did you need to mention mangaowl site on socials media? And can someone plz tell me how to delete your registered acc from this vyvymanga because I mistakenly registered with wrong name. Please help ????????

Maliyah      4 days ago  #
Let me tell u something manga owl is u shut down I will shut my self and a room and never talk to anyone again not only will i do that I will also hunt u down as a ghost and haunt you.

Jk but seriously I have so many bookmarks I didn’t even read yet

Jam      4 days ago  #
I hope this helps. Its Create a new account then go to settings. You will see on the lower right that there's a button where you can restore your bookmarks and collections from mangaowl. just put the email add you use in ur mangaowl acct. I tried it right now and it work. I'm going to read my saved bookmarks hehe

Sucks      5 days ago  #
I read mangaowl is shutting down

anonymous      5 days ago  #
pls fix it, i don’t even remember all the title that i’ve been bookmarked.. i’m begging you “)

Anonymous      5 days ago  #
please fix it im desperate

stacey      5 days ago  #
PLease fix it!! i still have my bookmarks

Lillyrose      5 days ago  #
Is it every going to come back up.

Keelih      5 days ago  #
Plz fix mangaowl

Annonymous      6 days ago  #
Its not working ......when u go to website it keeps loading and after some time it says the site cannot be reached

Hotdog      6 days ago  #
Please fix ittt!!!!

Kelly      6 days ago  #
Je m’attendrais toujours !

Luca      7 days ago  #
My bookmark's!!!

RiQ      7 days ago  #
Like it has been too long I need any type of calming food orde some hint that manga owl is jus down for now and not officially closed forever

Sky      7 days ago  #
Manga owl is down I’m dying I can’t deal with loading all of my comics

Nakayu      7 days ago  #
Why vyvy can't be reach? I tried with everything

A mangaowl fan      7 days ago  #
How come by vyvy says it has some error? Can someone please explain?

Ck      7 days ago  #
It not my fist time on vyvy, im reading and than when i want to the nex chp the web error

Ck      7 days ago  #
Is it just me ? vyvy cant be reach ( i have try with vpn to btw)

buoblouie      7 days ago  #
thank you for this notice wbsite to get back manga is and not btw

GhostReader      7 days ago  #
READ FOR UPDATE!! Go to and search manga owl to follow updates. This is what I’ve heard most recently:
According to someone on the manga owl discord, Owlsan is on break and has directed everyone to use vyvymanga temporarily. To get your bookmarks back:
Go to
make an account
go to settings
restore bookmarks
input your mangaowl email and restore (might not work for everyone)

GhostReader      7 days ago  #
READ FOR UPDATE!! go to and search manga owl to follow updates. This is what I’ve heard most recently:
According to someone on the manga owl discord, Owlsan is on break bad has directed everyone to use vyvymanga temporarily. To get your bookmarks back:
Go to
make an account
go to settings
restore bookmarks
input your mangaowl email and restore (might not work for everyone)

Unknown      7 days ago  #
I Can't open the website. I hope that l can open it now cause l have so many bookmarks there that l don't even remember any of them and l don't want to lose them either. I'm really affraid if they're closing it since it happened with some other websites that l also really like. I hope it get fixed cause l really like mangaowl......:<

Someone#0      7 days ago  #
I truly hope it gets fixed cause there's just so many mangas I bookmarked that I don't even remember the names of.. I'm rly affraid of them closing the website like it happened with some others I knew

Ty      7 days ago  #
If you made a manga owl account you can go to vyvy manga and restore all your bookmarks and continue reading. It explains on there but go to setting type email and bam confirm you got your bookmarks this saved me it will save you too.

Mino      7 days ago  #
Why I'd it taking so long I just wanna read????????

Unknown#360      7 days ago  #
Ok so are the alternate links this website gives you supposed to work because none of them work for me??

2 cents      7 days ago  #
Why does this website say the severs are up, but mangaowl is still not working and every time I try to let it load in it say “The server stop responding”.

Unknown#6843      8 days ago  #
Its still down and i cant read my manga!!! And if i can i lost all my bookmarks!

Castaway24      8 days ago  #
It won’t open

Taloolamay      8 days ago  #
I love this app why did you have to shut it down and I want it back I don’t know any of the Monger app as good as this????????????

Hikari      8 days ago  #
I thought im the only one who cant access mangaowl. I wonder when owlsan is coming back. I really really love this aite so muc its my favorite!

Leeroys m@gical stack      8 days ago  #
Personally, I use because it has a lot of the good stuff and lots of good memes in the comments. It doesn't have everything like mangaowl, but I think it's still pretty good.

owler      8 days ago  #
I still like the mangaowl, very convenient to use and no hassle when searching. Also, you can easily find the stories with the latest updates. When is mangaowl coming back????????

Rebecca Wilson      9 days ago  #
I hope Mangaowl comes back because that is the only place I can find all the books I can read without having to go to the Library to get books and I hope they can save all the books that we put a bookmark on them.

rabbit      9 days ago  #
uhm i can wait but hopefully mangaowl will be back i cant remember everything i bookmarked lol i should of made a screenshot of my bookmarks

Pj      9 days ago  #
My mangaowls Web isn't opening for like 4 days now, does anybody know what's the issue?? I'm missing out on so many mangas and the Web isn't connecting

Zig      9 days ago  #
I restored my bookmarks using However, going through my saved manga's I realized that there is a lot of manga's that are on my bookmarks that I've never heard about.

rice      9 days ago  #
please will they even fix the site?? when its going to work again now??

Anonymous      9 days ago  #
How to restore my bookmarks using

Anna      9 days ago  # after you register here go to Settings>>restore your mangaowl bookmarks will restore just make sure that you input the email u use in MangaOwl. Super Legit.

Anna      9 days ago  #
I read suzy comment below i tried to register here and its super legit guys your bookmark in Mangaowl will restore here... I already restored my bookmar in MangaOwl. Thanks Suzy...

Saradaaa_sama      9 days ago  #
Why can't I open mangaowls since yesterday????? nandeeeeee?????????

ノヴェル      9 days ago  #
You can restore your bookmarks on vyvymanga

ehesvfb      9 days ago  #
where is settings in vyvy?

himuwari      9 days ago  #
when will mangaowl be up

A.H.K      9 days ago  #
I go to the and did all the works to restore my bookmarks but there are so many. I think 59 pages and I am sure that all my bookmark pages are around 10 or 11 the others are not the ones that I bookmarked at mangaowl.( Sorry for poor grammar English is my second language)

juliet      9 days ago  #
I literally just want this back man

HorrorAvon23      10 days ago  #
I concluded that after the update 2 days ago it stopped working. I hope they fix the problem soon because this app is the only app I get to read manga for free.

Kozuro      10 days ago  #

Tina      10 days ago  #
What is the discord invite.

Sammy      10 days ago  #
It’s not working I tried restarting it and everything I could think of it’s just a blank screen?????

ww      10 days ago  #
can someone please share the discord invite link for mangaowl

Benis      10 days ago  #
I thought it was just my data acting up ???????? but fr I wanna finish never understand plz

Onion      10 days ago  #
@sally which country are you from?

sally      10 days ago  #
it's working still what's going on here

Little Sheep      10 days ago  #
How do I log in

suzy      10 days ago  # this is updated to the hour, each hour I will post a new link in case the link goes dead. i set this to never expire so i hope it works. in addition, is not the same site, will always be the site, the owner said it'll take a while, i estimate sometime tomorrow morning at this point. use it wont have your account or bookmarks, but it'll hopefully hold u over for right now. they worked together in the past and the layout is super familiar. will not lose any of its data, when its back up it'll be like nothing happened. :D

suzy      10 days ago  # this is updated to the hour, each hour i will post a new link in case the link goes dead. i set this to never expire so i hope it works. in addition, is not the same site, will always be the site, the owner said itll take a while, i estimate sometime tomorrow morning at this point. use it wont have your account or bookmarks, but itll hopefully hold u over for right now. they worked together in the past and the layout is super familiar. will not lose any of its data, when its back up itll be like nothing happened. :D

soupboi'sadvise      10 days ago  #
I suggest for everyone to go on mangago and just use that for now

Misa      10 days ago  #
pls bring back!!! i can’t get into my acc :( i’ve had it for 2 years now! i can’t lose it

Risa      10 days ago  #
Since Manga Owl is on BREAK, join the r/Mangago DISCORD!

Shaira      11 days ago  #
this is just my hobby when I'm bored, fix it pls????????????

Shira_kambe      11 days ago  #
Pls fix the issue im worried that all my bookmarks are gone╥﹏╥

Nah      11 days ago  #
Can I please have a new discord link?

Ts      11 days ago  #
The moderators of (Mangaowls)
clarified that, they did not change to ... That's not them and they'll be working, on getting the site back up.

e      11 days ago  #
im this cluse to kms because of this

Monster      11 days ago  #
I can't simply live without MangaOwl I had all my collections and bookmarks there.

A      11 days ago  #
Till when the developers gonna fix the site ??

V      11 days ago  #
Can I have the mangaowl discord

A      11 days ago  #
I have been checking it repeatedly but it is still not working :/ I hope whatever the problem is it will be solved quickly.

Cmon already      11 days ago  #
My site has been down for 15+ hours:( I want back on or else I’m gonna go read somewhere else :(

Bruh      11 days ago  #
wtf it's been 1 day ;(((((

Ailee      11 days ago  #
What just happened ????????????
All my bookmarks .....
I want Mangaowl back ????????????

Sadgirl      11 days ago  #
Is there a reason why it’s not working? Can also read on mangahere

DaddyMilkers      11 days ago  #
I need my lifeline back, man.
If the legal sites had easier ways to earn coins and ink, I would use them.
But you gotta watch 30ads for 500ink, which is the equivalent of ONE page.
Then they complain about pirating.
How come libraries are a thing?
We can read things free there too, but they're seen as legitimate even though I don't pay a penny towards any author.
Unfortunately, my library is too far away, and they don't have yaoi.
Fml. Come back, please.

H      11 days ago  #
Bless bring back mangaowl back

Doorknob      11 days ago  #
well aint this sad

TheHolyThighble      11 days ago  #
Mangaowl come back I'm begging you. All my bookmarks are gone now.

K      11 days ago  #
All my bookmarks are now gone。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 bring back The original Mangaowl PLSSSS IM BEGGING

Candidarod      11 days ago  #
@Shining24 thank you!

Widjbsanjzhcbxbsnz      11 days ago  #
This was the reason I got up in the mornings and now it is gone ????????????????

Yeon hs      11 days ago  #
Mangaowl ????????????????

Horiii      11 days ago  #
it's been 2 days ????

Rhnh      11 days ago  #
We want mangaowl back T~T

Junryyy0      11 days ago  #
Owwcome on mangaowl ????, I don't there's another site that good like

Roze      11 days ago  #
And also u cant sign up in u want to add favourite..ugh my all bookmark gone in vain????????????????

Onion      11 days ago  # is fake, reach the bottom most part of the site

Silyboo      11 days ago  #
I found a link saying that
Has apparently changed to so it worked loaded in recons in is mangaowl with a new look and platform but my account I’ve had on there for 3 years don’t exist that 3 years worth of books I’ve lost all my bookmarks ????

2darkvaider      11 days ago  #
No you can't take from me plz... that's the only thing I trusted with all my saves and bookmarks.. and I cant get into it

Kayci Marie Jo Michaels ????      11 days ago  #
When will mamgaowl come back I read my manga there….

Kaur      11 days ago  #
When this mangowl coming back

Chelsea      11 days ago  #
Then is mangOwl coming back

no      11 days ago  #
oohhh okay i was confused

e      11 days ago  # isnt part of manga owl, they clarified that in the discord

no      11 days ago  # is new site

Dasne      11 days ago  #
When it is going to be fist, ????I have all my things in there ????????☠️????

Very sad weeb      11 days ago  #
BROOOO. I can’t lose this website!!! I have everything on there! ???????????? this is my WORST NIGHTMARE EVER!

Fishbowl      11 days ago  #
Could someone please provide the new web link ????

cosmo      11 days ago  #
yo.. i keep reading about this new ver. of mangaowl .to is it? cuz hellnah i don't even know how to use it???

(╯°□°)╯︵(\ .o.)\

Reader      11 days ago  #
Ok, For people that just want to see the news, Mangaowl is coming back, just wait for it, and the .to is not related to our beloved

Riri      11 days ago  #
Link to discord it will not expired

Reader      11 days ago  #
It looks like the database is gone and they went and made a new one, not moved, so all user accounts are gone rip well

Anonymous reader      11 days ago  #
If you did change to I wish you had notified or warned people about it so they could save their reads. I had a lot of reads and I don't remember most them or what chapter I was at T^T

Rebby      11 days ago  #
Sorry mangaowl if u really did change it to but I really don’t like the new change, one I can’t sign in with my old stuff and I’m hearing complaints that when it did work all their stuff was gone.

A mangaowl fan      11 days ago  #
I really miss mangaowl and hope it comes back. I don't know why it stopped all of a sudden. I do hope that everyone's account will recover when mangaowl comes back.

AnonymousMangaowlReading      11 days ago  #
I have over 3000 reads and almost as many bookmarks, as well as a never-ending list of read-laters in a personal collection, you cant just reset everything!!!! Someone, please update me if this changes!!!

suzy      11 days ago  # this is updated to the hour, each hour i will post a new link in case the link goes dead. i set this to never expire so i hope it works. in addition, is not the same site, will always be the site, the owner said itll take a while, i estimate sometime tomorrow morning at this point. use it wont have your account or bookmarks, but itll hopefully hold u over for right now. they worked together in the past and the layout is super familiar. will not lose any of its data, when its back up itll be like nothing happened. :D

Shining24      11 days ago  #
@Candidarod is not the new site. It has nothing to do with the mangaowls site, dont worry. It will eventually come back, at least i hope so. We had the same Problem yesterday

Gem      11 days ago  #
This link should work let me know if it doesn’t though

Candidarod      11 days ago  #
They seem to have a new site, I don't know if it's the same - - I couldn't enter with my user account, had to register again... Don't really like this new site, I think the last one was way better, even to search for a title... And lost all my collections...

Erilius      11 days ago  #
Will the bookmarks be okay if site come back ?????

Me I guess      11 days ago  #
Please fix thiss the mangaowl site is a everyday site for me so kindly fix this as soon as possible (╥﹏╥)

Kat      11 days ago  #
Can someone put new discord invite pls???

Help      11 days ago  #
I can’t get onto the site?!?!?!?! I’ve been trying for past 2 hours pls fix this!!!!!

Cee      11 days ago  #
Can I get a discord invite please?? The ones here say they r expired ????

Shining24      11 days ago  #
Noo...not again!!
I have so many titles saved,
Now not even the site works. I don't want to lose the titles

Neya      11 days ago  #
i can go on the site it won’t load at all is anyone having this problem as well?

Nettie      11 days ago  #
Nooooooooo I need to finish my shitty reincarnation manga ????

Gem      11 days ago  #
Can someone send the discord link please as I tried to join it but it apparently was expired or invalid :)

ABCD      11 days ago  #
I have over 1500 red manga which I've collected as my own and I'm really not ready to give away the ones I've saved to read and am currently reading. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!

miles      11 days ago  #
i jst wanted to read sonic </3

Nayaa      11 days ago  #
I have so mangas saved PLEASEEEEE fix the website

Shrimp      11 days ago  #
So I’m not the only one who can’t open it?

Ari crying      11 days ago  #
FIX PLS- this is my fav website and I had just found the perfect manga!!!

aazulaa      11 days ago  #

ZheGhostCat      11 days ago  #
I just wanted to continue reading Cloudburst man..

Reine      11 days ago  #
Please update us all ASAP, its my everyday life and i still had so much manhwas and manhuas to read that i bookmarked there.

C      11 days ago  #
Can I get the discord ?

Allships4ever      11 days ago  #
Pls fix it I had so many yaoi, villainess, transmigration,and time travel manga to read in my bookmarks maybe about 468 and I think the beginning after the end just updated so pls hurry

daisy      11 days ago  #
PLEASE FIX IT I'll lose all of my bookmark pliissss T_T

Evannysa141      11 days ago  #
Quiero mis mangas. ????????????

Airi-chan      11 days ago  #
Fix it.... i had so many yaoi and other manga bookmarked to read later

Gu Xiao Ru      11 days ago  #
Oh my, I thought it was my internet aaahhh please don't do that I have a lot of bookmarks in mangaowls, fix it please ????

zero      11 days ago  #
I thought it was my internet but it seems like mangaowl is actually down

Late night reader      11 days ago  #
Huh the new site is not good to navigate, and also missing some manga/mahnwa ???? I'll work with my lil back up site even though it's not as good. I'll have to remember all my booked marks and the ones I was planning to read ????. Hopefully it will get better since it's new maybe they still working on it. R.I.P the goat Mangaowl

Harry      11 days ago  #
Thank you ❤️ I will wait till it's up again I'm just shock HEHE I hope this will be back soon ????

Sarah      12 days ago  #
That’s so bad why‘s mangaowl away it’s so annoying is it away forever

Yuki      12 days ago  #
On discord:
The owner will take a break for a while
The site is down.
He will try to bring it back but he will take a while"
"Anyway, on the meantime , if you want to read manga , you can use the last partner of mangaowl , which was , until mangaowl is back.
(when mangaowl comes back , i will ping @ everyone / here , so don't spam the question "when is it coming back" , when it will come back you will know."

Nikleshi      12 days ago  #
It's not working...
How do I fix it ..

Katie      12 days ago  #
Plssss I read everyday plsss be fixed

Ck      12 days ago  #
Are our new home, or the owner take a rest for edotense the old owl ?

Please keep update the news, i need it, we need it

Hugelightsaber      12 days ago  #
I know the my name is bad but mangaowl is my every day routine because I read before breakfast! So I was shocked when I didn't want to load and I thought it was my internet connection but if y'all having problems too them I'm assured but damn I hope the site gets fixed because I NEED it in my life.......there's not many sites like owl-San that has all our favorite reads on please i pray the site gets fixed soon!

Rv      12 days ago  #
It not working for Mi and can’t read anything it is the best site to read any book
And now i can read any things anymore

NoName      12 days ago  #
Let me read mangaowl please

Nez      12 days ago  #
Apparently, "" is working. Unfortunately, I cannot remember all the stories that I bookmarked before and on what chapters I am. I hope the old mangaowl will get be fixed. I want to continue using their old site, to retrieve my acount, and to read more stories.

Sky      12 days ago  #
Yeah I was literally shock in the afternoon when mangaowl not respondingT.T

Nad      12 days ago  #
I hope the site will be fixed soon. PLEASE ????. I still have story to read...

owler      12 days ago  #
please come back mangaowl

Meri      12 days ago  #
I thought it was only me. I hope the site will be fixed soon. Please please please fix Mangaowl. I have hundreds of stories that I have yet to read. And only Mangaowl can provide them.

Tilda      12 days ago  #
Tried but that ain't the same TT

Arthel      12 days ago  #
It's not working again ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ I can't access the site ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ

Kiara      12 days ago  #
Ok the site is not opening but will we able to get all the updates on the manhuas in bookmarks or not, from the time when the site does not work

Is their any alternate site where we can read our updates?

AltRikka      12 days ago  #
Please the website gets fixed soon and I hope I get my account back!

Yrew      12 days ago  #
I'm just using Asura Scans atm but I hope it's up soon

Talking Bird      12 days ago  #
My... I thought I was only me. Hope it'll be fixed soon.

ryoto      12 days ago  #
hshshshshshhshsh i hope that website fixed soon

Ms. Hiladgo-Riego      12 days ago  #
I'm screaming out loudಥ‿ಥ There's so many interesting story in Mangaowl ಥ‿ಥ I barely open this website but it became my comfort zone, my partner in crime you know what crime i commit (jk!)

Ms. Hiladgo-Riego      12 days ago  #
Please, This website is my only hope I can't pay to read story in other app or website ಥ‿ಥ

Sad      12 days ago  #
I think that manga owl is sadly down. They will be trying to fix it I hope.

Your name…      12 days ago  #
This is boring as hell give me back MangaOwl now :(((

Blue      12 days ago  #
In the Discord server they said they were taking a break for a little, but it should be back up soon.

Ms. Hiladgo-Riego      12 days ago  #
Ahh I feel sad :((

Hope17      12 days ago  #
please fix this... All my bookmarks and unfinished story please ???????? also I don't like reading to other sites, I more feel safe using mangaowl please ????????????????

Light      12 days ago  #
Give me back MangaOwl!! I haven't read my pendings and unfinished manga, manhua, manhwa, and danmei! I'm bored, I want to read them, I don't want to use other site! MangaOwl is part of my daily life???? I hope they fix the problem. MangaOwl is the only one I need when it comes to reading (manga, manhua, manwha, and danmei).

Please comeback Faster      12 days ago  #
I thought I was the only one that can't access the website thank God but I hope they fix the problem I still have a lot too read and it's the only websites that I read thats not so laggy and my bookmarked manhwa, manhua and manga T_T

Seggs      12 days ago  #
Why I can't log in,the website didn't want to open,,whyy,give mangaowl back to me????????????????????????

Light      12 days ago  #
Why I can't access the web? I'm bored to death. ????

pmb      12 days ago  #
my BLssssssssss :OOOOOOOOOOO

yournaaaa_      12 days ago  #
I cannot access the web since just noon. So damn bored and sad af because I still have like a loootttt of pending and I'm lifeless without mangaowl ???? shit.

Anos_Voldigod      12 days ago  #
So Im not the only one who cant get inside mangaowl website!!! I think the problem is within the organisation since only some of them can access mangaowl!!!

kuring      12 days ago  #
I'm bored right now beacuse I don't have a website to use, I need mangaowl! :>

Yuu      12 days ago  #
I have so many Manga Manhwa and Manhua that I haven't read it yeet
And unfinish, And the updates..
Oh man !! Please don't do this to me !! To Us MangaOwl !!
You are the reason why I can still live until now ????

sadboi      12 days ago  #
my bookmarks and unfinished mangas pls dont do this to meeee

Darryljulius      12 days ago  #
I have so many manga to read and finish.

GrapeMr.      12 days ago  #
Never been like this before, its taking so long. But till when??? N also im kinda pissed with people who spreads the site on social media publicly. Hope they will fix this asap.

Gabu      12 days ago  #
please be back quikly i have so many to read!!

Rosé      12 days ago  #
Pls be back mangaowl, you're the only reason why im still surving huhuhuhu!!

Gabby      12 days ago  #
No I literally just woke up and the website isn’t working.

Rosie      12 days ago  #
Nooo the long list that i had !!!! I cant remember every single one ima cryyyyy

Rosey      12 days ago  #
After 1 hour of checking on the site I checked it again and now it says that the site falls under the category of p*** so it is not available or something like that, I'm really mad and dissapointed and if the site is forever gone I give the fault to those poeple who tell the name of thissite only like apps on tiktok and poeple who reported it :/

Ara chan      12 days ago  #
My friend can still use teh website
This is unfair ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

Ara chan      12 days ago  #
I cant tell if mangaowl is f with me rnow
(༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

Ara chan      12 days ago  #
Its been 5 hours for me since it crashed
I can't survive this (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

Aly chan      12 days ago  #

Ara chan      12 days ago  #
Damnit mangaowl is the only website I'm comfortable using now why!????
Please fix this I'm begging you
This is the sixth time it didn't work
༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

Jessica      12 days ago  #
I got a long list of bookmarked mangas waiting for me ✋️ this will not do ????

CK      12 days ago  #
Ugh it crashed at 6am for me now it's 1pm and no change. I tried that .to but it didn't recognise any login information and I really don't know what to do.
Is that the only link or is there some other one?

Ara chan      12 days ago  #
Omg dont f tell me it's really down now !? All the links are not working ????✋

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@BunnyNitro   @shipcadameo @Ellecross0 A lot of manga websites are down right now due to legal issues. So far still works and you can read it there read the source
446 days ago   5 April 2021