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k.mami      3 days ago  # 21 Jan 2022
I get an "Error 1020 Access Denied" message...? weird because it was working just fine a few days ago. seems like other people are having other similar issues of not being able to reach the site....

Mokakoto      4 days ago  # 20 Jan 2022
It does an "error 500" when I try to login in my account or when I try to open a manga

Yuki Sohma      7 days ago  # 17 Jan 2022
India the same problem is occurring

Myr      30 days ago  # 25 December 2021
Please I couldn' open the site till now. Anybody please inform is the site works ng or not ?

Saltyshima      45 days ago  # 10 December 2021
It's almost a week? What's going on???

Random dud      49 days ago  #
Please fix the site...I haven't been able to read mangas for about 5 is my favourite place to read mangas at and im scared it would erase all my bookmarks.... it would always say it coudn't reach the site or disconnected while I have fine wifi...

HongNan      51 days ago  #
I use VPN, just for check, and it work ????

naivere      52 days ago  #
bruh bruh bruh what happen to the site?? cannot access it for 3 days already.

Lo      52 days ago  #
Please fix it.. i didn't read manga for days..

Cristina      53 days ago  #
I have a problem with it say that this site can't be reached if there some one can help plsssss fix the site I'm scared that all my bookmark are gone for good the only paradise for me is this website mangaowl so plsss fixx T-T

Human      53 days ago  #
Its alway say mangaowl take long to respond, , its been for days already.

THIS SITE IS ESSENTIAL      61 days ago  #
other chaps are missing and it isn't loading. please fix this. it's the only site where i'm reading yaoi from????????

FIX IT      64 days ago  #
Please fix this website. Its the only site i use for reading manhwas

random stranger      66 days ago  #
oh god it been like weeks cause of error 503 , pls fix

guest      72 days ago  #
it keeps saying error 503. pls fix it cuz i really need some love rn=)

Nancy      72 days ago  #
All I can see now is blank page nothing else :’)))

Roxana de Mirage      75 days ago  #
I can't access to the website. It's been 4 days since it stopped working properly ????

Rian      78 days ago  #
It has been 6 hours until now
The website is not working, it just loads and then appears a blank white page ????????

Ant      78 days ago  #
It isn't working for me, also , there's someting wrong with the login system

Lolo      78 days ago  #
Dude come on ! A lot of my fav is in there

Hai      78 days ago  #
Http Error 503 :(

Someone      92 days ago  #
500 error....
Been having the same problem for past 1 week

Fuwao      92 days ago  #
Why isn't the "log in" working?, Same with the website when i was reading earlier??

Guest      96 days ago  #
The websites keep says "Privacy Error".

zen      107 days ago  #

.      109 days ago  #
I thought only me can't open it but a lot cant open it

Nilou      109 days ago  #
Website is not working for me :(

Guest      109 days ago  #
I keep getting errors

Guest      109 days ago  #
I can't ipen it since three days ago, hopefully this will be fixed soon

Rosexxx      111 days ago  #
I haven't opened mangaowl for a week and now when I want to open it, suddenly I can't

Guest      112 days ago  #
None of the chapters are loading....its been a week now

L      116 days ago  #
It is blocked in Korea too!

GUEST!!!      120 days ago  #
I can’t log in it keeps saying the not a robot thing is entered incorrectly.

Anon      123 days ago  #
Bruh why won't chapters load

K      125 days ago  #
Is the website down? I got access denied 1020

LiWavk      136 days ago  #
Website is down

Person      136 days ago  #
Error 500

Natalie v      137 days ago  #
It’s not letting me read like page under page every time I click the change it doesn’t

Guest      142 days ago  #
It never let's me log in. It just says there's a server error?

Miyes49      144 days ago  #
Until now it error 1020, want to read manga. Hope it doesn’t break down like others

Guest 5      146 days ago  #
Can't read mangas but can access everything else

trigger      146 days ago  #
cant open mangas, u can access the site but thats it.

Guest      153 days ago  #
Website taking forever to load then giving me an error

ND      157 days ago  #
have been trying to access mangaowl three days ago...
1020 access denied

Deep asylum      159 days ago  #
Still 1020 denied access

Deep insanity      159 days ago  #
I can’t access the website since yesterday
1020 access denied

Guest      159 days ago  #
Error 1020

Rose      171 days ago  #
I keeps loading forever and I know my internet is good and my data is as well

Cultured weeb      171 days ago  #
It just loads when you try to read manga

Paige      171 days ago  #
Sana maka bumalik na ulit mangaowl nato i need to read
Assorted wildness

Dark_x      172 days ago  #
Website is not working dude......can you fix it????

Keju Joget      172 days ago  #
The website doesnt work:(

Guest      181 days ago  #
website not working for me, saying gateway error or sumn like that

Guest      196 days ago  #
Website down

400 bad request person      213 days ago  #
am i the only one that gets '400 bad request' come up, it's really annoying

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@BunnyNitro   @shipcadameo @Ellecross0 A lot of manga websites are down right now due to legal issues. So far still works and you can read it there read the source
294 days ago   5 April 2021