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Guest      4 hours ago  # 24 November 2020

Guest      4 hours ago  # 24 November 2020

Guest      4 hours ago  # 24 November 2020
General Outage

Guest      4 hours ago  # 24 November 2020

Gustavo Gomes Gianolla      5 days ago  # 20 November 2020
have a solution?

Nowexga      5 days ago  #
yooo thanks duderespect

Lo Hye      5 days ago  #
Can't open any of my games.

Joe      6 days ago  #
BLZBNTBNA00000A8D Error. Can't login

Cody      6 days ago  #
can someone tell me why i keep getting error code BLZBNTBGS000003F8 when playing cold war or warzone ive uninstalled blizzard and reinstalled it i even uninstalled warzone and cold war and reinstalled i also scanned and repaired both and even reset my network through my pc

Alex      7 days ago  #
Still got this error BLZBNTBGS000003F8. Really noone has a f*ing solution?

InTheNmeOfGod      8 days ago  #
It worked for me too

InTheNmeOfGod      8 days ago  #
keep getting this error BLZBNTBGS000003F8 after 3 minutes in the game (Call of Duty: Cold War)

Morfin      8 days ago  #
I'll try :.(

liav24      9 days ago  #
Keeps on disconnecting out of Warzone and out of Blizzard too, need to "Go Online" every 5-15 minutes

UraniumFish      9 days ago  #
I keep getting fatal error code 3837625752

Bradley Beltman      9 days ago  #
this actually worked for me

Moritz      9 days ago  #
Same it cant be that i payed for that 60 and i cant even play the game i mean wtf

Jim      10 days ago  #

joe      10 days ago  #

Gremerro      10 days ago  #
I WANT TO PLAY DAMN IT      10 days ago  #
i keep getting "disconnected from server" on my PC when im trying to play call of duty black ops cold war

Daniel Magalhaes      10 days ago  #
Same, i trying all day to play Cold War, but every 5 minutes the game close with this error.

Morfin      11 days ago  #
same! ugh if you find a solution hmu please

Morfin      11 days ago  #
Same! ive tried to do all of the remedies on youtube but nothing is working

DarkDude      11 days ago  #
security check not working

dave      12 days ago  #
I kept having the error code "BLZBNTBGS000003F8" come up saying server connection issue... that issue isn't on my end is it?..

1lastwish      12 days ago  #
blizzard app isnt connecting, neither is wow

Guest      13 days ago  #
cant start the game.

Superpita1 -      13 days ago  #
The same thing is happening here especially when I play Modern Warfare I get either 30 seconds or 5-10 minutes before the disconnected from blizzard servers error pops up known as *Error: BLZBNTBGS000003F8*. Kinda upsetting there hasn't been a fix implemented to this problem that many people have, and I've tried everything to troubleshoot it. The common response from anyone that is customer support or blizzard themselves is, "it's not our servers its activision's servers or your internet connection." Which I find hard to believe when I run wired connection 24/7 and haven't had a single issue with it until the latest battlenet launcher update that came out last Thursday or Friday

Watchman Jones      14 days ago  #
Getting Character Not Found error. Can't log in.

kank bhakta      14 days ago  #
Blizzard keeps disconnecting and reconnecting by itself and cannot play a damn game without disconnecting for the past 3 days

Vad      14 days ago  #
Constant disconnect/reconnect issues.

Vad      14 days ago  #
random excess connection dropping and reconnecting

Agus      16 days ago  #
currently on a queue for rejoining on overwatch. Got banned 15 mins on comp because of that, unbelievable.

Travis Jones      21 days ago  #
It went up tp 101 minutes then to zero, now im in and it say Battlenet servers are under heavy load. I got put in another very short cue. Now im in!

Travis Jones      21 days ago  #
Dont exit and try to go back in it will take longer!

Guns      21 days ago  #
Ill bet they are being attacked.

Pete      21 days ago  #
The weird thing is I was looking on Reddit and this exact same thing happened a year ago today. Thats weird

Travis Jones      21 days ago  #
Mine went from 3 to 17 mins...

scottyboy      21 days ago  #

NickString      21 days ago  #

scotty      21 days ago  #
queue time goes down to 1 minute then went back up to 10?

Guns      21 days ago  #
I am as well

Nick Collins      21 days ago  #
yep, it says 15 minute wait.

The Games We Play      21 days ago  #
Currently says there is a wait to get in, went from 3 minutes to one then went back to 3...

BrawnyNutz      21 days ago  #
Anyone else stuck in queue?

Rgis Dolci      28 days ago  #
They need a timer for the maintenance. So everyone can notice it

Amoughrey Lizord Hockusain      28 days ago  #
is it runnin warzone yet

high rider      28 days ago  #
servers are back up

high rider      28 days ago  #
its back up!

David Cortes      28 days ago  #
Rip WoW players, they gotta wait longer

23wolf Pack      28 days ago  #
cant even open the laucher

high rider      28 days ago  #
I cant connect to online servers on the battle net desktop app, i was trying to play warzone, now im depressed. :>(

Orion2019      28 days ago  #
It's West Coast time.

Noah      28 days ago  #
Does anyone know how fast these get resolved?

Dylan Meyer      28 days ago  #
Maintenance is from 7-8 PDT not EDT.

Dylan Meyer      28 days ago  #
And it's 7:52 PDT right now.

Dylan Meyer      28 days ago  #
It says on the bnet app that there's a maintenance from 7-8.

Harim Park      28 days ago  #
can't even log in to battle net app, oh my.

T1meX1      28 days ago  #
I know maintenance was supposed to be done by 8:00

Agntsix3      28 days ago  #
Mines out too middle of agame ughhhh

T1meX1      28 days ago  #
It said maintenance would be done by 8:00... its 10:40

Moises Leite      28 days ago  #
same here :(

XXSTAR LORD      28 days ago  #
YO SAME I thought it was my internet for some reason

Rgis Dolci      28 days ago  #
server just crashed while playing warzone ... apparently not alone today lol 220+ people reporting

Lincoln_Luke      28 days ago  #
Its happening againnnnnn!

LammergeierDust      30 days ago  #
I was switching because I can't progress without dungeons, and I'm also playing D&D. I have to stop and do things when my turn comes around, and I'm a Guardian druid. Imagine your tank stopping to roll dice, lol

StormyDreamz      30 days ago  #
Yup. And its still saying that... so annoying!

StormyDreamz      30 days ago  #
Exactly what happened to me. Went to switch toons and nope got locked out... like wtf! I just hit lvl 45 on my void elf too!

Daniel Martinez      30 days ago  #
Can't log (Error WOW51900127)

LammergeierDust      30 days ago  #
Same issue as a bunch of others here. I was playing just fine for a few hours, tried to switch toons, and bam.

StormyDreamz      30 days ago  #
I try to login and it says wait in queue the loading severs retreading realms the disconnects and says error wow51900319

Ronda Brasher      30 days ago  #
Cant log I to wow. Been down for about 30mins. We are in bama. Booo!

Faoiltiarna Wolfcaller      30 days ago  #
Click launch, the loading screen comes up, then before I get to a server/character select screen it disconnects with (Error WOW51900127)

Lane Ross      30 days ago  #
WoW this stuff was down a few days ago, now its my weekend! Come on! I need you! I gotta a little blood elf Kaelthas I'm working on who has STUFF TO DO! ::gets on knees.:: RAWR

Lagg_ Kills (Atm0sph3r3)      30 days ago  #
Did you try turning it off and then back on?

Lane Ross      30 days ago  #

Lagg_ Kills (Atm0sph3r3)      30 days ago  #
Yup, authentication issues is my guess.

Lane Ross      30 days ago  #
What what whaaaaat? Did they finally correct their lazy sloppy writing of :"Whoops I'm suddenly a big baddie now betraying all the people I went through hell to save?" Is he taking his rightful place as prince and gonna pwn the shadowlands baddies? He should come back and whomp sylvannas if she's up to no good, making trouble in the nieghboorhood! Otherwise I will stick stubbornly to my head cannon that he got off fell magic, his eyes became white, and went over to Dota2 as the Invoker to peaceout from the drama! <3

fartknocker      30 days ago  #
can't log in to WoW servers atm (Error WOW51900127)

Zamojo      31 days ago  #
hey i cant use battle net at all ? i uninstalled it and blizz games because they werent reading my graphics card. my steam games work no issues. now i reinstalled battle net and the damn app is frozen and i cant click on any games to reinstall WTF any help

steph      31 days ago  #
boy do i have good news for you

Shadz Wolf      32 days ago  #
Having issues where the launcher isn't fully loading. When I am able to get into the game it only works briefly then all the NPCs stop moving and are no longer intractable, abilities not working but my character can still run around in the environment. It's the same in both WoW Retail and Classic.

Lane Ross      33 days ago  #
First day i've taken off in a long time and blizzard goes down. FML. They better bring Kaelthas back in Shadowlands or i've had it!!!

patriotguy2016      33 days ago  #
i guess they're getting ddosed

Jonathan Brizuela      35 days ago  #
same. still can't log in xd

Logan      35 days ago  #
Can't log in to Blizzard. After I put in my information on the log in menu, it will try to load for about 40 seconds then disappear. When it disappears I cannot open Blizzard. If I try to open Modern Warfare it says I need to log in.

Tanner      35 days ago  #
I still cant log in. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well.

alberto ramos      35 days ago  #
yo still down for me and my friends

Austin      35 days ago  #

Jonathan Brizuela      35 days ago  #
it's not working again lol sucks hass      35 days ago  #
still down for me

BruteSgt      35 days ago  #
ik was just poking fun. :P

Mike Hunt      35 days ago  #
Was down, back up now.

Endless Myke Whiddon      35 days ago  #
It's not just BOCW

Punch Kickerson      35 days ago  #
Excellent! However, my cat has vowed eternal vengeance.

jordin      35 days ago  #
same here

BruteSgt      35 days ago  #
Hey, treyarch you owe us another day lol.

Z4P7      35 days ago  #
seems to be back up now guys/gals

Punch Kickerson      35 days ago  #
Me too... and it gave me the finger and kicked my cat.

Will Wright      35 days ago  #

Doctor Del      35 days ago  #
looks like the hamster fell out of the wheel again

woff      35 days ago  #
bnet + WoW won't connect

BruteSgt      35 days ago  #
was playing cold war and got disconnected, now cant reconnect.

Kungfuwalrus      35 days ago  #
same here

Z4P7      35 days ago  #
bnet is down for me

Leon moody      36 days ago  #
I can't get in to my blizzard account and and my old email I can't in to it two so how will I get in to my blizzard account when somone hacked it on me and I've just got a new laptop on the way so I can't wait to get playing my games again can you helpe I've been looking for a phone nume to calls yous to sort it out thanks

Taluwen      38 days ago  #
Having problems loading up BNet itself even after trying all the fixes.

Brayden      39 days ago  #
When I went to launch the COLD WAR game it said there was an update. I tried to update it 20 times and wouldnt do anything so I uninstalled the blizzard app on my pc. When I reinstalled it and go to launch it, it says whoops looks like something broke. And wont let me even open the app to play anything. Please help

logan chin      39 days ago  #
anyone else having problems launching it says scan for repair and after its done it does it again like a infinite loop and it wont let me launch any fixes?please help

Calahan      40 days ago  #
Login server is FULL.....

Jonathan R      40 days ago  #
where do you go to offline mode?

Alvie      41 days ago  #
go to offline mode, start the game, put in the details in manually followed by the authenticator code manually and boom!