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Karolina      3 days ago  # 25 May 2022
Can't register for SAT: "Sorry our systems having trouble"

sad ap us gov student      16 days ago  # 12 May 2022
it stopped working for me ;-;

plz i don't want a 1      16 days ago  # 12 May 2022
i need to study for physics why isn't it working

bruh      22 days ago  # 6 May 2022
let me into ap students please ty

wtf      23 days ago  # 5 May 2022
i got stuck in the loop and when i tried to sign in again it just said that there was an error and that they didnt recognize my acc. i tried using personal email but that still didnt work. i reset my password 5 times and nothing is working.

Fuck college board      23 days ago  #
what the actual f*** is wrong with the website?? just being sent between an email entry and a "sign in to start an update to make our page more secure"... shouldnt be this hard to access my scores.

Help      24 days ago  #
I have been having an issue where whenever i log in on my computer it changes pages then sends me the email confirmation for logging in. Then redirects me back to the login page without letting me do anything. Anyone have any ideas?

college board broken af      24 days ago  #
yall who are dealing with the "loop of doom" where you're going between trying to log in and migrating your account, try using your personal email. it's worked for a few people now, including me

I've got a fix!      24 days ago  #
If you have a VPN, just turn that on, it fixed the "Sorry, our system's having trouble" thing for me!

Most incompetent College board      24 days ago  #
I have been trying to make My SAT link work for the last three months. None of the customer service representatives were able to figure out the solution. I have asked $55 registration fee back.

Anxietyyy      24 days ago  #
Hey Loop of Doom, you're not the only one. I'm stuck in that too. I hope it's fixed by tomorrow so I can check my scores.

Loop of Doom      25 days ago  #
In a loop trying to sign in...keeps sending me to screen saying "migrated account" and that it has been updated, takes me to another login page where I put in the email not username, then right back to the previous migrated account page and so on and so on and so on and so on.....

AHHHHHHHHHH      25 days ago  #

fuck college board      26 days ago  #
website is shit asf

h      27 days ago  #
Trying to do gov practice bc the test is literally on monday and it keeps giving me error screens i feel even more stressed now :D

1      27 days ago  #
Please just let me do my physics practice exam on a Saturday night!

Dr. John A. Zoidberg      27 days ago  #
Just wanted to say that the College Board is a bunch of bozos

what is going on      27 days ago  #
Taking practice exam, site keeps crashing.

What a Mess - Try This      29 days ago  #
"system is having trouble" message for months; turned off IPv6 and I could register; here's how to:

fuck you      30 days ago  #
i have literally like 4 days until the deadline for the last sat date and nothing is working. not going to risk my future because of some shitty website. college board can suck my balls and dick.

Isabella      31 days ago  #
College board is not letting me register for the SAT and has not been letting me do so saying "Sorry our system's having trouble." This is ridiculous. It is the last day to sign up for the SAT and it is not letting me. Please fix this college board or allow a later sign up. Thanks.

MT      32 days ago  #
Every time I get to page 20 of step one of 4 for registering for the SAT It comes up with "sorry our page is not working right not return to homepage" I'm gonna miss my SAT because the website is down

Yo Ling      32 days ago  #
Stuck in a loop for the past week. Try to log in with username, says need to migrate account. Then says already migrated. Log in with email, then says log in again, and again, and again. This has to be a breach of contract as far as making our data available. I can't even send AP scores. I can't wait to be done with CB.

I'm honestly done with this site. I've been trying to register for the SAT these past few weeks and every single time it says Sorry our system's having trouble. ATP FIX IT ALREADY!!!!! I NEED TO GET THIS DONE ASAP!!!

Fix please      33 days ago  #
Wont let me register for SATs, " Sorry our systems having trouble"

.      35 days ago  #
fix this damn website

Fuck collegeboard      35 days ago  #
I need to finish this up NOW... why does collegeboard have a monopoly on our AP classes??? Can't believe I have to depend on this shitty site....

Frustrated AP student      35 days ago  #
I need to finish up my create PT for AP CSP, you've got to be kidding me right now. User data won't load.

Hate collegeboard      35 days ago  #

student #2      35 days ago  #
Agh just when I have the time to study!

student      35 days ago  #
down for me

JS      35 days ago  #
down for me

Brigitte Searchinger      35 days ago  #
Is the AP Classroom site down? My students are taking a practice exam now and need access?

international student      35 days ago  #
i am trying to register for the test but there are no other upcoming test dates apart from May 7

i just wanna see my scores man      35 days ago  #
it keeps making me migrate my account over and over and OVERR again. im stuck in a loop.

GIVE ME MY SAT SCORES      40 days ago  #
Won't let me log in. So I tried to reset my password, figuring that was the problem, and it won't send an email for me to reset it. This has been going on for days and I'm pissed off. FIX THE DAMN WEBSITE, I NEED MY SAT SCORES.

Angry AP Student      47 days ago  #
I hate collegeboard so much, you'd think a million dollar company would have their shit together.

High School Student      47 days ago  #
Taking practice exam, site keeps crashing.

High School Student      47 days ago  #
I have difficulty completing assignments on AP Classroom. Everytime I enter an assignment, I'm only allowed to stay on it for a minutes and then I get a 504 error. It's been happening since 9:30 this morning.

A raging senior      47 days ago  #
Site keeps crashing on the assignments

.      47 days ago  #
Every time I try to sign in there is just a blank screen. Its really frustrating. I've tried several different computers and my phone and it still will not work. This is a CollegeBoard issue, please fix it soon I need my SAT scores.

Kaitlyn      50 days ago  #
Desperately need to sign up for the SAT’s and have been trying to for a month and keep getting errors!!!

Spike      50 days ago  #
For people getting the "Systems having trouble" or seeing blank pages on login, the fix is to connect to a VPN. You'll probably have to turn off the VPN at the payment page for that to process. I'm still having issues but that's how I fixed that issue. College Board sucks!

Elijah      50 days ago  #
I can not sign into my account at College board. Whenever I try to, it puts out a HTTP Status 400 - Bad reques

Some guy trying to apply for SAT      50 days ago  #
I can’t apply for the SAT either guys


Rishi      52 days ago  #
Man I've been trying to register for the SAT for like 5 months now and whenever I get to the Step 2 Select Date and Test Center the webpage always goes blank I've tried everything but nothing works, like this I won't be able to give the SAT this year man :(

Andrea      53 days ago  #
Can’t log in, I need my sat score within tomorrow!!

Evan      53 days ago  #
Can't view or send any of my previous AP tests scores, I'm trying to send them to a college but the site is saying error retrieving data. hope they fix this soon

GAHHHH      54 days ago  #
Still a blank page when I click log in :( :( :( I will probably get a zero on my AP class :(:(:(

Rahaf      54 days ago  #
I have been trying to create an account in college board for a long time but always it says taht there is a system outage? What should I do

Mike      56 days ago  #
Same experience as last three posts. And it has been going on for weeks. Customer support not at all helpful. May switch to ACT

Des      56 days ago  #
it’s not letting me pick my date for the sat

Natasha      56 days ago  #
Able to login, but the page to view scores and send them to colleges says the following:
"Error processing request. We're sorry, there was an error processing your request."

It has said this for several weeks.

Abraham Amare      57 days ago  #
I try to sign up for SAT but it is not responding just say sorry

Bond      58 days ago  #
can't log in

Law abiding racoon      58 days ago  #
The website shows me a blank page when I click log in :(

Jordon      58 days ago  #
On laptop or PC, it does show an error page when trying to register for the SAT. The other comments work so I'll just add validity and repeat what I've seen. This is unorthodox but you have to go on the collegeboard website on phone, turn off your wifi and maybe turn on airplane mode to be sure - go back on collegeboard, turn on wifi (and turn off airplane mode) and you can access My SAT. Ok so after I typed this I found I can't actually register (I can't click on it), and I haven't taken the SAT yet so hypothetically if I had a score I wouldn't know if it would show up. I was able to at least see the page, this might work for other people.

VP_Wang      58 days ago  #
Blank Page when clicking "sign in as a student"

Rubi      58 days ago  #
I've been trying to sign in for days now to try and check on my SAT scores, and I still cant login/ takes me to the login loop. I tried to turn off my phones wifi, and login but it still hasn't worked.

Christine      59 days ago  #
I followed MOT's advice to try to turn off IPv6. On my Mac in Network, I clicked on Advanced, then TCP/IP. Under Configure IPv6 I couldn't turn it off but I tried "Link-Local Only" and that seemed to help - I was able to get into the SAT registration. I have no idea what that does though.

Ethan      59 days ago  #
Can't register for SAT. Says sorry, system is having trouble. It has been like this for days.

labs      62 days ago  #
I turned my wifi off still now working

Laura      62 days ago  #
It is crazy. I can only see my scores on my phone with WiFi off and not on my laptop (get an error message). Why is the site set up like this? It makes it hard to see the report.

Sandra      63 days ago  #
Is everyone having trouble logging in to college board for SAT scores?

Jamie C      66 days ago  #
I just did what the comments said and logged into collegeboard on my phone and turned off the wifi and it worked ??

Michelle F      67 days ago  #
Have been having problems for weeks trying to sign in with infinite loop to home page, hours on the phone with customer support, to no avail. Took advice found on here. Used cell phone, turned off WIFI and got into the site, I then turned WIFI back on to print admissions ticket. Yay, finally a solution!

Mark M      67 days ago  #
Turning off IPv6 worked for me.
It also looked like using my phone with WiFi disabled instead of a computer was going to work, but I didn't try to go all the way through.

Rox      73 days ago  #
same as Kej, and this "grey out" problem only happens to some universities. weird.

Kej      75 days ago  #
Can not send test scores. Lets me pick college then when I click "continue" it greys out says "loading" but nothing is loading, there is no spinning circle or anything. Tried on chrome and MS edge, from chromebook, windows and cell phone. Tried on wifi and cellular on phone. Enabled pops everywhere. Doesn't work.

Vish      77 days ago  #

MOT      77 days ago  #
Go to network properties and deselect TCP/IPV6. Use only TCP/IPV4. That worked for me.

D Mason      77 days ago  #
Used phone, turned off wifi and was able to access the admission ticket. then had to turn on wifi to print.

tmws1      77 days ago  #
I got it to work in a strange way -- I accessed the College Board website on my phone (not my computer), but with the WIFI OFF (using the cellular system rather than our home WIFI). For some reason this worked, and I was able to immediately log in and access and print the Admissions Ticket. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

jenna      77 days ago  #
none of those links work...i keep getting the same "migrated to a different platform" or just straight up bringing me back to the sign in page over and over again after putting in my information

tmws      77 days ago  #
Same problem -- on iPhone, iMac, nothing works!! Same message "Sorry, our system's having trouble" -- can't print admissions ticket for tomorrow's test !!! Help! I mean, it's the night before the test!!! Do I just show up tomorrow morning anyway?

BTW      77 days ago  #
Have tried Chrome, Edge, cell phones - we get "Sorry, our system's having trouble" and my son can't get to his admission tkt to print for tomorrows test

MOT      77 days ago  #
Go to network properties and deselect TCP/IPV6. Use only TCP/IPV4. That worked for me.

haneen      77 days ago  #
same as Aarya

a      78 days ago  #
Our class has been trying to get in and only 2 out of 40 could :/

jai      78 days ago  #
yo ashot and aarya if you login on your phone it works

Jai      78 days ago  #
im having the same issue as ashot and aaryya

HJW      78 days ago  #
If you are using Mac, try setting time zone and time properly.

Ashot      78 days ago  #
Aarya same, ????

Ying      78 days ago  #
I have a quiz and it keeps saying “migrated to a new platform”

Aarya      78 days ago  #
Cant login, my exam is tomorrow and I cant login right now to print my admission ticket, what about others?

Abbi      79 days ago  #
I have been trying for weeks to get to the SAT registration and scores web page to print my SAT admission ticket, but every time I go to it, it says, "Sorry, our system's having trouble." I've refreshed the page, turned off my adblocker, and even tried on different devices and I can't get to it. I have to print that ticket to get into the SAT and the only way to get through it is through my account. I hate this system.

arya      79 days ago  #
“Your account has been migrated to a new platform. Please use this link for a student login.” It wont work and hasn’t been working for almost a week now. cant do anything

flynn      79 days ago  #
When I go to the college board website, all I see is a white screen. All other websites are working, and I could access the site yesterday, so I don't think the problem's on my end.

SB      80 days ago  #
Looks like it's not just me having infinite sign-in loop. I tried Google chrome and MS Edge.

MOT      81 days ago  #
I am unable to see previous SAT scores. I had tried chrome, edge and firefox. I had clean the cache, browsing history and nothing worked. I get the eroor: "Sorry, our system's having trouble. Try again later" or "Error processing request. We're sorry, there was an error processing your request."

Janie      83 days ago  #
Sign-in loop. Have tried every browser, computer, cell phone, iPad. Nothing works.

Gab      84 days ago  #
If you are not from the US and is trying to sign in, change the language to english, it **really** helps! College Board suggests to also clean your browser history and try other devices and browsers.

Carolina      85 days ago  #
I was having the sign in loop problem, but I fixed that by changing my browser (chrome) language to english.

A.S.      85 days ago  #
I can't get SAT scores, been over a couple of weeks now. The site works until I try to get scores and then says Error processing request. Can't sign into score site.

Samuel      85 days ago  #
can't sign in. It worked on firefox (windows) but I have to use my macbook for a digital pilot tomorrow so I tried it on my firefox (mac) but then it doesn't work lol. works on my phone though.

works on my phone, windows laptop (firefox, not on chrome), but surprisingly not on my macbook (safari, chrome, firefox)

Ericka      87 days ago  #
Same issue they sent us an email saying to check internet explorer 11.0 or higher Firefox current version or higher, crome updated, safari 5.0 update an FLASH adobe?? who uses this anymore. Can't access test ticket which I had to call and register because it was temporary down? for weeks!!
College-opoly at its finest. Shame on you College Board. the stress you put the students, that is why we stress the customer service which happen to overseas and cannot solve your problem.

Zheng      87 days ago  #
Sign in loop

Mary      87 days ago  #
keep getting message that account has migrated but when i click on the link and sign in I get the same message in a sign-in loop

Nate      87 days ago  #
I can't sign in.......

WW      87 days ago  #
I have been having the same problem for days! Finally resolved it by using Google Chrome on my iPhone and disconnecting from wifi. Use data instead.

Carolina      87 days ago  #
I can't sign in to my account. I have a deadline today!

Gabriel      88 days ago  #
I can't sign in, it's been weeks...

Ibrohim      88 days ago  #
I've the same problem for a week now. I can't sign in neither by cellphone or pc

-      88 days ago  #
when are they going to fix this ??

Joe      88 days ago  #
Are they going to fix this?

Eugene Berkovich      88 days ago  #
I get the same message: "Sorry, our system's having trouble."
What do I do? I need to report my SAT scores to colleges!!!

Gabriel      88 days ago  #
I can't log-in, it's been a week ig and SAT is in just 11 days...

Triste      88 days ago  #
When I used my hotspot it worked (might just be me but it's worth a shot)

Sara      88 days ago  #
CB won't let me send my result? The page just doesn't load when I click sent scores. I also can't sent my AP results for the same reason.

Gillian      88 days ago  #
I cannot send scores to colleges, says “Temporarily Unavailable” and I cannot sign up for any SAT dates, says “Sorry, our system’s having trouble.” You’d think a site that that makes over a billion dollars in revenue a year from high school students testing they would actually have a website that worked.

1      89 days ago  #
cant sign up

Kel      89 days ago  #
I've been trying to register for the SAT for a week now and I'm still unable to, keeps giving me the message "Sorry, our system's having trouble." when I click on register. Seems like others are having issues too, I hope it gets fixed soon.

Jeanna      89 days ago  #
For a week or so, when I click "Register" for the SAT, it says, "Sorry, our system's having trouble.
Please try again later." I emailed them and they said, "Try register again. The deadline is March 1."

PLEAAAASE      90 days ago  #

?      90 days ago  #
cb’s log-in is broken. just me?

poor website      90 days ago  #
same problem with checking scores and sending error

fix your website cb      90 days ago  #
error processing your request when I try to look at my test scores.

J e      90 days ago  #
I wasn't able to register either, but I changed my wifi connection to a hotspot connection and it worked for me.

Joe      90 days ago  #
For some reason the login page doesn't load

jc      90 days ago  #
I can’t register for SAT, it says system error on my phone and doesn’t load in test details on my laptop.

lia      91 days ago  #
is it me or the collegeboard log-in is broken?? what should I do

ce      91 days ago  #
"Sorry, our system's having trouble."

ok      93 days ago  #
cant login to send my sat scores to colleges and the deadline for applications is in 3 days :/

dude      105 days ago  #
cant login tryna signup for sats last minute bruh

lyn      121 days ago  #
I have my unit 4 test tomorrow and college board isn’t working, I’m doomed????

---      121 days ago  #
site down

kevin      121 days ago  #
cant log in, it says error

tom      121 days ago  #
the day before the test and the college board was down??.... so bad

Mr. Lian      128 days ago  #
the site is down

Tom      171 days ago  #
The day the PSAT scores are out the website goes down... great

I hate college board      171 days ago  #
no pages work other than the home page

SteadyStatus21      171 days ago  #
cannot login to AP Students page

emilio      175 days ago  #
how can i print the admission ticket?

Nicole D.      220 days ago  #
Can't bring up the "send SAT score" page

Guest      227 days ago  #
Can't access scores

Guest      254 days ago  #
Log-in down

College Board OFFICIAL      281 days ago  #
Works on my machine

guest      401 days ago  #
Log in on website

Guest      403 days ago  #
works now for me

Parham      403 days ago  #
I can't login as well

Guest      403 days ago  #
log-in, error message

guest      403 days ago  #
log in

Guest      403 days ago  #

Guest      403 days ago  #
website isn't working I need to do homework

ep      403 days ago  #
Error on logging in??

Guest      403 days ago  #
Cannot log in to my account

askjhdgasjhkdg      403 days ago  #

guest      403 days ago  #

yay      436 days ago  #
it works now for me lets goo

damn      436 days ago  #
rip ap calc

Guest      436 days ago  #

Guest      436 days ago  #
I cant sign up for the SAT test!!! What the hell!

G      436 days ago  #
log in not working, rip my ap English grade

Guest      439 days ago  #
Login error

guest      440 days ago  #

Qu      440 days ago  #

Can't log in

Guest      440 days ago  #
Down, can’t log in

The log in works now btw      457 days ago  #

APStudent#69      457 days ago  #
Won't let me log in

Lupe      457 days ago  #
Site’s down

Sad      460 days ago  #
Is college board gonna release a statement on their twitter or smthn cuz I need to finish my hw

guest      460 days ago  #
i have hw due at 8 am and won’t let me log in wth help

sad      460 days ago  #
I have hw due tmrw oml

Guest      460 days ago  #
Currently can't login

Guest      463 days ago  #
cant log in

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