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Guest      2 days ago  # 23 June 2021

Vince      2 days ago  # 23 June 2021
as Beverly Tucker had said the main page loads and that is as far as it will go no subject's are loading up on Google search in the Bremerton WA area and with that being said just for the sake of trying it I did the same thing on Bing and it loaded past the subject I found this strange to say the least .

Guest      3 days ago  # 22 June 2021
General Outage

Thomas      3 days ago  # 22 June 2021
The website is loading, but there are no entries. The mobile app is working fine.

Guest      3 days ago  # 22 June 2021
Website loads but no listings in any category. Checked other cities and same

Guest      3 days ago  #
Search function down

AK      3 days ago  #
Same same

Guest      3 days ago  #

Beverly Tucker      3 days ago  #
Same as the other people. Main page loads but can not get any catagories.

Guest      27 days ago  #

Guest      51 days ago  #

Guest      51 days ago  #

Mitchell Smith      56 days ago  #
Anyone know what's going on with Craigslist?

Guest      56 days ago  #
can open site, but nothing displayed in for sale categories

Guest      122 days ago  #
Show contact info

Guest      247 days ago  #

Guest      249 days ago  #

Mark A. Bond      249 days ago  #
Craigslist down in Porter, Texas

Tim ORd      249 days ago  #
intermittent down in Chicago

Maria Rosso      249 days ago  #
All my active & inactive listings are deleted (Kansas City, MO) I can search and find my items but can't see all of my listings and cannot renew anything

Jeanie Michele      249 days ago  #
I have tried to get into my account and have written Craigslist four times.. I have tried everything!!! I got no response or help from them. I have an ad I paid for.

Guest      252 days ago  #
It show all 0 when I look something up

Guest      257 days ago  #

Martim      483 days ago  #
Craigslist website is not working for me. It took me 5 minutes to find a house. This place seemed to have enough for one person but there was a three-person pre-screening waiting for me. So I guess there is that, but I'm down to one bed in the house. It's expensive, especially since the price for the real estate has gone up 40%. Two reasons for this were the Craigslist has now changed its filters, and I was a little scared of the ladies and their fickleness. And it's now in a different neighborhood from the one I remembered from high school when I lived there. And it's cheap, at $369 and down from $860. So I decided to go with this.

Maro      487 days ago  #
Craigslist website is not working correctly. I tried accessing it through Google Chrome, I tried connecting my own personal account through Microsoft Bing, and none of them worked for me. The forums are currently down as well. Guys can I send you my ad? I've just registered a blog. Hey, I have my blog set up, how do I get my tags? I have the traffic waiting for me. How can I place ads? I don't see the theme I was expecting. It says that I'm a new user. I can't delete my old posts. I'm creating a new user account I guess. Or is there any solution to my problem? I surely hope so. Any help would be very much welcomed.

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