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Mur      33 days ago  # 22 December 2021
insecure connection in Alberta Canada, website not working...thank goodness i did not buy into the VIP section.
Secure Connection Failed when i try to reload the page.

An error occurred during a connection to

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Learn more… Try again.

max      33 days ago  # 22 December 2021
Secure Connection Failed

T      38 days ago  # 17 December 2021
There's a really weird error on the website right.
23:31 17/12/2021
It's saying something about having hardware issues.

Sunder      43 days ago  # 12 December 2021
Can access the contents.

Oscar      43 days ago  # 12 December 2021
More than half the content is inaccessible.

Fenixwell      45 days ago  #
I juat watching bu then when wet to the next episode .... down Brasil 1AM 10/12

Steel      50 days ago  #
Throwing an authorization code retrieval error on all downloads

ken      52 days ago  #
down in Muskoka Ontario Canada right now.

Jessy ann      52 days ago  #
site down in québec this morning

April      75 days ago  #
Down in south Carolina too

chris      88 days ago  #
the website has a virus called

Merell      103 days ago  #
Site down in Washington, DC

Jk      108 days ago  #
Website down for me

Jaybird      108 days ago  #
Website down

Si      110 days ago  #
Down in florida

Aisha Haygood      110 days ago  #
Not up on my end in DC

isupportstrippers      110 days ago  #
Atlanta is DOWN!!!! Fucc!!!!! ????????????????

Guest      119 days ago  #
Down currently, maybe an attack on the website, Should be up quickly

guest      128 days ago  #
website videos don't play.

Bodwriter      154 days ago  #
Yes its working

Bodwriter      154 days ago  #
Working again in belgium ????

Guest      154 days ago  #
Damn website

Guest      165 days ago  #
Won't go pass the checking your browser page

vip user      174 days ago  #
down in croatia

Gues      202 days ago  #
Stopped playing series

Maria      212 days ago  #
This site can’t be refused to connect.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

Is it just me and my stupid internet connection?

Barbi      228 days ago  #
Entire Website Down in Akron Ohio again

Angel      231 days ago  #
Down in Canada big ouff for me I wanted to watch the new conjuring tonight

Barbi      232 days ago  #
Entire Website Down Again in Akron, Ohio

LOLStv      238 days ago  #
EROR 502 just happened a couple of mintues ago, god i hope its not down again , i loved this website so much

AsHaH13      241 days ago  #
Some issue with service just now down and up and down again hahaha going to bed.

laziz      241 days ago  #
website: London

Barbi      241 days ago  #
Entire website: Akron, Ohio

T.O.      241 days ago  #
Website. Toronto, Canada

Canuck      241 days ago  #
Entire website.

Juda      259 days ago  #
Still not working

Richard Andersen      263 days ago  #
I just signed up for the 2 years will definitely miss it

Wayne L      264 days ago  #
not working in Bedford, Massachusetts USA on5/5/2021 I am a paid up member with over a year to go on my subscription.

Eli      272 days ago  #
Website down

arc      273 days ago  #
website looks down

Your mom      301 days ago  #
Still down...... says vip access only buttttt it's down for eveyone... sighhhhhh.. p.s. people who pay for it shouldn't cry its an illegal service!! Its a gamble in the first place!!

Yikes      303 days ago  #
Paid for 6 months vip and nothing working

Andy      303 days ago  #
Not working Czech Republic and also paid 2 year vip

Ron Z      305 days ago  #
VIP Key Access Member - Not working, March 25 6:20 am, Tucson AZ USA
"None of the DB are around. Please try again later..."

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@quietloner9999   is anyone else having issues with because is just doesn't work for me anymore read the source
31 days ago   24 December 2021