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Get more from your GPUs and ASICs: batch management, schedules for automatic management, autofan, statistics, and much more

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Душко Душков      1 day ago  # 27 May 2022
Немога да вляза и не получавам код за вход.

goldy      1 day ago  # 27 May 2022
i cant login

MBY      6 days ago  # 22 May 2022
Same problem i can't log in

Mohd sohail      6 days ago  # 22 May 2022
I can't login
And I can't receive login code from Last
2 days

Angry      11 days ago  # 17 May 2022
Nothing works, since new update is a total fu*&up!

Sagy      15 days ago  #
Login and code sending email is down

HeliosGnosis      15 days ago  #
Login and code sending to email is down. The we hours of this am they did warn of control by web interface could be affected today but yeah we hours was14 ish hours ago. Hope it is fixed soon

john doe      15 days ago  #
login is not sending my code to my email to login... and there is nothing i can do about it... ridiculous

Stinko      19 days ago  #
~20KB/s download .img ....f***!

Jim      24 days ago  #
Problmes from yesterday. Today with 0.6-217@220503 all LHR card mining below the half hasrate

siri      24 days ago  #
after the update, I have getting less than half performance on my 3080 ti, 3070ti, 3070, and 3060ti. The only one that working fine is 3090. I try to downgrade those rigs, but wont fix problem.

PoE      57 days ago  #
Same problem. No balance showing

Mn      57 days ago  #
Same problem no balance showing, only try to loading, probably 1. april joke

ITXaddict      57 days ago  #
April Fool's joke? Balance not showing up.

aTTi      103 days ago  #
Status url said: ONLINE -
Reality - everything is down!
Nowhere to look for updates ... :(

Army359      103 days ago  #
Everything is down. What’s up?

Marc      214 days ago  #

Austin      280 days ago  #
Historical information and graphs not appearing

Twitter Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports from Twitter:

@hiveonofficial   @El33tsamurai Howdy! We were experiencing some issues but everything should be good now.You can always check the status of the mirrors at read the source
194 days ago   15 November 2021

@NYcacher   RT @hiveonofficial: Get valuable tips in our troubleshooting guide to solve the most popular mining issues Hive OS mining Guide: https: read the source
213 days ago   27 October 2021