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Linda      3 days ago  # 23 June 2022
No SMS code received twice today, therefore unable to log in!!!!!

Simon      18 days ago  # 8 June 2022
Same issue with no notice - ‘down until Sunday’
It’s Tuesday today can’t be offline for a week? App is working okay but need to log in to carry out certain functions.

John      18 days ago  # 8 June 2022
what's going on? No access until Sunday???? Surely that can't be right????

Bob      18 days ago  # 8 June 2022
Ditto. I received no advance notice of any such scheduled maintenance. This is critical because of planned (months ago) sell orders for cash which I need *now* !.

Sam      18 days ago  # 8 June 2022
When click "Log in" get message:
"Due to planned maintenance work, access to your account is unavailable until mid-afternoon on Sunday."
and its Tuesday night!!?

Chris      18 days ago  #
Unable to login on www. "Access to your account is unavailable until mid-afternoon on Sunday"!!!

Jim      27 days ago  #
No SMS code being received.

Dave      27 days ago  #
No code being received for log in

Mark      27 days ago  #
No code being received for log in.

XL      27 days ago  #
Login issues because I'm not receiving the 2FA code on my mobile phone.

NM      86 days ago  #
9.55pm and just seen I can login without having to use a VPN. Still none the wiser as to the cause of the issue, but it appears fixed for now. Thankful I didn't want to trade today, but I guess these things happen.

AM      86 days ago  #
Talk talk customer, can't log in to ii, tablet and desktop (different issue on each; same result). NW England.

NM      86 days ago  #
Finally managed to get access after using a browser VPN extension; thanks to whoever suggested this. Afraid I'm not that technically minded so no idea why this works and trying to access without VPN on desktop doesn't - might it be, as someone mentioned, related to ip addresses in certain geographical area (I'm assuming VPN makes IP address look like it's from another area). I'm in S Yorks.

Mike, Luton      86 days ago  #
TT customer, tried mobile data and straight in, tried landline VPN and good. Not been able to access all day so thanks to all.

Russ      87 days ago  #
TT customer here. ii secure login timed out all day here

MH      87 days ago  #
ii has been a joke today. I tried to login on my desktop, my phone on 4g and my wifes phone on a different network and each time I got the message that there was no secure connection. On calling ii, after asking if I had done the basic resets etc, they then told me 4 hours later that this was a specific geographical issue to me, on three separate devices over three separate networks. I really despise it when an internet company treats their customer like idiots in this manner. 10 hours later and still no connection on the desktop.

Alex / Cambridge      87 days ago  #
I can't reach the login page (Trading account) using my (landline-based) TalkTalk account. But I can reach that page using mobile data. So for me anyway the problem is somehow linked to TalkTalk. (I don't know which of TalkTalk and Interactive Investor is to blame though.)

A Customer.      87 days ago  #
Talktalk customer here. For me, the II website returns, but the secure landing page times out.

Notably, I use a VPN for work, and it works on that machine. And yes, if I turn the VPN off, the secure landing page times out again. It's been like this most of the day.

So this seems to confirm a lot of what's being said below.

Mr. Arthur      87 days ago  #
Changed DNS1 to Google but still didn't work. No acknowledgement on site and no fix suggested for those using WiFi to router.

GD      87 days ago  #
Still no Logon. Not a Talk-Talk user.

Dave @ York.      87 days ago  #
Could be related to talktalk. I cannot access tt website either. Or Virgin Mobile. Or EON. Those are the only ones I've tried to use. End of financial year or end of world??

Dave @ York.      87 days ago  #
31 march 2022, Spoke to ii call centre. Tells me website down since midday, due back 1830.

NM      87 days ago  #
After speaking to an ii contact named Robert he tells me the login issue relates purely to TalkTalk customers. I'd be interested to know if anyone using someone other than TalkTalk is experiencing login issues. Apparently it's TalkTalk who needs to resolve whatever issue is causing this and ii is powerless to help.

RT      87 days ago  #
ditto...cannot login. Why is there no message on status?

AS      87 days ago  #
I can't log in, log in page not loading. Could we please get some information?

NM      87 days ago  #
1pm - login still not working. Come on guys - at least acknowledge issue on homepage so users know you're working on it.

TP      87 days ago  #
Still down at 11.15am. A professional outfit only carries out site amendments outside trading times.Ridiculous!

Les      87 days ago  #
They've been pricking about changing fonts and colours to 'improve' the website recently. If it aint broke, leave alone..

Les      87 days ago  #
Is the company saying anything?

TP      87 days ago  #
login timeout from 8am 31st March still no access 2 hoius later

Les      87 days ago  #
Whats the story with iii today?

S Morris      87 days ago  #
Connection time out messages

Mr. Arthur      87 days ago  #
ii going round in circles today Thurs

D Lowe      94 days ago  #
Cannot login, just moved from HL, have I made a huge mistake?

w wilson      109 days ago  #
can NOT login

Dom H      130 days ago  #
Trades are working this morning but are not showing in currency balances or in share qty help. Effects both website and app. Hardly inspires confidence!

Margaret Stevens      155 days ago  #
Why is login disabled all day saturday?

Very disappointed      203 days ago  #
App not allowing login for ' schedule maintenance ' really ?? Its been like for the 3 weekends and no mention of schedule maintenance anywhere on website, going downhill already even before its been brought by the hedge fund for 1.5 billion

Guest      207 days ago  #
Cannot login after latest app update to 5.3.2 - no error message, just repeatedly asks for user name. Customer service are no help.

guest      256 days ago  #
SMS for 2 step authentication not received. Help desk quoted problems with some mobile providers, but service was working before with same mobile & operator.
When use Recovery Code, you have to make a safe copy QUICKLY before times out.

Guest      265 days ago  #
Can't login properly, been bad for four days now

NAP      268 days ago  #
Cannot log in on II app now for a few days. One message said clear data, the next told me to login on wrbsite.

Bemused      278 days ago  #
App working on iphone but won't open on Android tablet.

Tony      279 days ago  #
Not a good precedent

DB      309 days ago  #
just tried to log to trading account . Failed = "scheduled downtime". In the past they have sent an email to warn of this?

Guest      320 days ago  #
10.32 am. Up and running if a little slow to log in.

Guest      320 days ago  #
Log-in keeps failing. Spoke to ii by phone …it’s a technical problem with them they confirmed to me!

frustrated      320 days ago  #
Can't log in using any device and just on infinite hold music when calling them

Neil      320 days ago  #
its up and running now, logged in fine, all investments still there !

Guest      320 days ago  #
Is there a problem logging in to ii account today ... 10Aug ?
Get message "Sorry there has been an error. Please try again ? "

Guest      320 days ago  #
Nightmare. Watching some of my day trade stocks drop on the minute charts through TradingView and I can't log in.
This site needs to be more reliable.

Karen      320 days ago  #
This is scary

gusset      320 days ago  #
website not allowing login

Guest      320 days ago  #
Website and App also

Guest      320 days ago  #
Website and app

John      320 days ago  #
Cannot long in just put on hold on there phone number

Mick      320 days ago  #
I cant log in via laptop grrrr

FYI      320 days ago  #
Cant log in via the website or the app. Just gives error message

Richard Smith      320 days ago  #
Morning all. Yep, cant login to my SIPP via laptop, phone or tablet. hope there's still something in there when we finally get back in:-)

T      320 days ago  #
Same here - website and login down

Paul      332 days ago  #
Can’t sign in from iPhone. Redirected to website, but no recognition of ID.

David      332 days ago  #
App redirects to website but does not allow log in on iphone.

Nanny      359 days ago  #
App now seems to be working .

Guest      364 days ago  #
App still not working.

Steve      368 days ago  #
App no longer working since latest update

Ann      369 days ago  #
App not opening

Pobby      388 days ago  #
app and website login

P kumar      408 days ago  #
Ii platform mobile or web version not available since morning

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