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guest      48 days ago  # 13 October 2021
SMS for 2 step authentication not received. Help desk quoted problems with some mobile providers, but service was working before with same mobile & operator.
When use Recovery Code, you have to make a safe copy QUICKLY before times out.

Guest      57 days ago  # 4 October 2021
Can't login properly, been bad for four days now

NAP      60 days ago  # 1 October 2021
Cannot log in on II app now for a few days. One message said clear data, the next told me to login on wrbsite.

Bemused      70 days ago  # 21 September 2021
App working on iphone but won't open on Android tablet.

Tony      71 days ago  # 20 September 2021
Not a good precedent

DB      101 days ago  #
just tried to log to trading account . Failed = "scheduled downtime". In the past they have sent an email to warn of this?

Guest      112 days ago  #
10.32 am. Up and running if a little slow to log in.

Guest      112 days ago  #
Log-in keeps failing. Spoke to ii by phone …it’s a technical problem with them they confirmed to me!

frustrated      112 days ago  #
Can't log in using any device and just on infinite hold music when calling them

Neil      112 days ago  #
its up and running now, logged in fine, all investments still there !

Guest      112 days ago  #
Is there a problem logging in to ii account today ... 10Aug ?
Get message "Sorry there has been an error. Please try again ? "

Guest      112 days ago  #
Nightmare. Watching some of my day trade stocks drop on the minute charts through TradingView and I can't log in.
This site needs to be more reliable.

Karen      112 days ago  #
This is scary

guest      112 days ago  #
CUNTS sort the log in out NOW CUNT!

gusset      112 days ago  #
website not allowing login

Guest      112 days ago  #
Website and App also

Guest      112 days ago  #
Website and app

John      112 days ago  #
Cannot long in just put on hold on there phone number

Mick      112 days ago  #
I cant log in via laptop grrrr

FYI      112 days ago  #
Cant log in via the website or the app. Just gives error message

Richard Smith      112 days ago  #
Morning all. Yep, cant login to my SIPP via laptop, phone or tablet. hope there's still something in there when we finally get back in:-)

T      112 days ago  #
Same here - website and login down

Paul      124 days ago  #
Can’t sign in from iPhone. Redirected to website, but no recognition of ID.

David      124 days ago  #
App redirects to website but does not allow log in on iphone.

Nanny      151 days ago  #
App now seems to be working .

Guest      156 days ago  #
App still not working.

Steve      160 days ago  #
App no longer working since latest update

Ann      161 days ago  #
App not opening

Pobby      180 days ago  #
app and website login

P kumar      200 days ago  #
Ii platform mobile or web version not available since morning