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Blueasher      23 days ago  # 6 September 2022
Yeah it says connection isnt secure

alex big balls      23 days ago  # 6 September 2022
also same sho

alex big balls      23 days ago  # 6 September 2022

Sho      23 days ago  # 6 September 2022
The site won’t run for me as it says that the connection isn’t secure

Bobby      51 days ago  # 9 August 2022
I cant download the game i paid for and get this message. We seem to be having server
problems right now! Please try
again later.

VN      57 days ago  #
itch running extra sluggish ATM sometimes causing 504 Gateway Time-out

PixelRunner      73 days ago  #
eyy we back up bois

anonymous      73 days ago  #
i hacke

m      73 days ago  #
oh no. why

PixelRunner      73 days ago  #
all i wanted was to download textures. why do there have to be a error with my request

DN      73 days ago  #
f*** all my homies love

there was an error with your request

ball      73 days ago  #
there was an error with your request

PlasmaLink      73 days ago  #
To be expected with the end of the jam.

chiligoat      73 days ago  #
tiny grass is sleeping

balls      73 days ago  #
there was an error with your request

geegegoobe      75 days ago  #
its bwoken

eaeae      108 days ago  #
Why itch io down

Admin      108 days ago  # server down?

kyle      129 days ago  #
i can't get in the app after i installed linux

     158 days ago  #
Person below is bad

.      158 days ago  #
its back up

miya      158 days ago  #
its back :D

random      158 days ago  #

admin      158 days ago  #
server is back online everyone!!

itchy site      158 days ago  #
Just went back up for me

Nexon      158 days ago  #
By purchasing GameJolt Gold, you can use its server power to DDoS competitors...

j̶͍͇̆͗͜0̷̞͙̑̋͝9̴̛͔̤̾̾̌͘͝8̴̡̣̯͍̦̋̍̿3̴̤̜̥̳̒́͠t̶̽̊͘͜6      158 days ago  #
do yu louve macdonsl go to wihle its still down!11111

Nexon      158 days ago  #
let's go

AZRAEL-II      158 days ago  #
Yaaaay is down, whyyyyyy ???

Blamer      158 days ago  #
It's down for me too

Anime fan      158 days ago  #
❤️❤️❤️ Gód is not real ❤️❤️❤️

????????      158 days ago  #
get back now stuiped site!!!!!!!!!!!!

boffy      158 days ago  #
wait sells p*** i didnt know that i hope some hentai bot comes

Anime      158 days ago  #
If you trust science in every other facet of your life but dismiss it when it conflicts with your religious beliefs, you're an ïdïót

boffy      158 days ago  #
also kat ive been to wobble town before its boring

User      158 days ago  #
Play while is down

boffy      158 days ago  #
where am i suppost to get HALF OF MY GAMES

Kat      158 days ago  #
Play while is down

cryingrn      158 days ago  #
nooooo i was just about to binge play/download a shit ton of games ;-;

Collie      158 days ago  #
Dog pènïs tastes like iron

Wobbly      158 days ago  #
Play while is down

random      158 days ago  #
It's down for everyone and me

EnixDev      158 days ago  #
Itch io is down, please fix immediately.

admin      158 days ago  #
come on fix quickly

pszanetti      158 days ago  #
Is down

BouttaNut      158 days ago  #

Sad boy      158 days ago  #
bruh I accidently refreshed while gamin

averysadbird      158 days ago  #
damn, first reddit now Itch, what am i supposed to use to get all my p*** now?

so cool      158 days ago  #
it's doing that for everyone it seems

Mtg      158 days ago  #
When I try to go, it says refused to connect. "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

so cool      158 days ago  #

itch lover      158 days ago  #
is itch down for everyone?

ImHBoi      161 days ago  #
I'm having problems logging in. When I try to reset password: "There was an error with your request"

Doya      161 days ago  #
It's back up now.

Doya      161 days ago  #
Just maintenance is being done, should be back soon

the guy      161 days ago  #
well glad it isn't just me

stop plz      161 days ago  #
stop reported my i'm telling you about abuse

???      161 days ago  #
So itch is currently down for all users? When will it be up again?

sad      161 days ago  #

Pan      161 days ago  #
well, no game update today ig

thatbitch      167 days ago  #
my bad y'all, i decided to try and download like half my library today. clearly the site is punishing us for my hubris.

naurrr      167 days ago  #
i thought this was just god punishing me for playing 8 straight hours of dating sims but i guess it's a whole site outage

helpers      167 days ago  #
right when i was typing in my information to buy a bundle on its last day. tragic

squeaky      167 days ago  #
"there was an error with your request"

is this some kinda bs DDOS bullshit?

sheesh      167 days ago  #
main pages seem to work on my phone but clicking on a game page leads to the same page that comes up whenever i try to open itch on pc

Wolfyypaw12      167 days ago  #
I get a message saying "there was an error in your request"

Isaac Chambers      167 days ago  #
The very day I decide it's time to publish the first version of my game :(

Bigkid      167 days ago  #

T0y      167 days ago  #
At least its not just me lmao

2 cents

yea      167 days ago  #
where were u wen die
i was at house eating dorito when phone ring
" is kil"

NoobMaster69      167 days ago  #
It says error just error

:c      167 days ago  #
just come bak online u stupid site!!!!!!!!

cwd kb j      167 days ago  #
. xj, hd ,jh dl

MsJ      167 days ago  #
can't access launcher app says 'server error'

lol      167 days ago  #
then why are you here josh

heck      167 days ago  #

josh      167 days ago  #
This website is trash anyways, nothing but junk to download

jj dog      167 days ago  #
it is down for me too :( i want to play r/place geoguesser please go back up

scarlet      167 days ago  #
damn i thought my internet was having technical difficulties a while ago...

ye      167 days ago  #
I have come here to say "same"

m      167 days ago  #
500 server error :'(

zippleramp      167 days ago  #
There was an error with your request when logging in

redeagle      167 days ago  #
yeah, it's down for me on all my devices as well

electric.dick      167 days ago  #
login page down, says "There was an error with your request"

was trying to finish downloading and organizing all the ttrpgs from the ukraine bundle

SquatKiwi      167 days ago  #
Same as others, "There was an error with your request"

Nastia      167 days ago  #
yeah "there was an error with your request" hopefully they fix it soon

ok      167 days ago  #
it literally says,''there was an error with your request''

srb      167 days ago  #

MamaB      167 days ago  #
“There was an error with your request” trying to download Sims 4 Wicked Whims Mod

Anon      167 days ago  #
Yeah I got the request error thing too

shadow      167 days ago  #
It looks like it's down
was about to upload my shit game
2 cents

anon      167 days ago  #
Same here... "There was an error with your request"

nah      167 days ago  #
it says "There was an error with your request"

yoshi      167 days ago  #
it says "There was an error with your request"

olivia      167 days ago  #
its down for me and it just says There was an error with your request

kai      171 days ago  #

3113      348 days ago  #

girles      348 days ago  #
log in

Guest      348 days ago  #
There was an error with your request

foxm7      376 days ago  #
too many people trying to down load delta rune probably

Peepee Poopoo      390 days ago  #
Anyone knows why it's down?

Unknown man      390 days ago  #
It saying to me "There was an error with your request" what happend?

Stank      390 days ago  #
Legit thought its just me.

guest      390 days ago  #
yeah im getting the same issues as everyone else, cant open any games or profiles, but i can open the main site itself

Guest      390 days ago  #
"There was an error with your request"

Mark      390 days ago  #
I can't get in says "There was an error with your request" as of posting this.

GameDev      390 days ago  #
I cant even upload my game. I was just going to post itat 12AM sharp! I went to do it and 5 minutes passed and nothing wouldnt even load.

ivan      390 days ago  #
trying to log in I'm getting an error saying there was a server error and an error named JSON RPC error 12000:itch API error (500) how to fix or what is happening?

Guest      390 days ago  #
so i'm not alone then. the whole site's giving me that same "There was an error with your request" thing.

Person      390 days ago  #
Any product page leads me to "There was an error with your request"

Guest      390 days ago  #
getting "there is an error with your request" when following almost any link

Dyrocc      434 days ago  #
All thumbnails are broken across the site. The app can't display them either.

Chonk      441 days ago  #
Just flat out refuses to open

guest      604 days ago  #

fuck u      604 days ago  #
its crap

SweetPeat      604 days ago  #
wow, not even the website is working. i thought it might have just been the app 0.0

me      604 days ago  #
I hate my life it isn't working I ONLY WANTED TO GET SOME GAMES >:(((((

me      604 days ago  #
actually its still not working

me      604 days ago  #
working now

baby2.0      604 days ago  #
baby shut up lmao

BABY      604 days ago  #
Website broken >:(((

Guest      604 days ago  #

Unkown      604 days ago  #
Links don't work and I had slow downloading progress too. before the crash.

Unkown      604 days ago  #
The website is down I was helping my friend find games???

AZ      604 days ago  #
Website down

AlexMac      604 days ago  #
Seems the site is having issues and the app won't connect to the server.

Guest      657 days ago  #
Page Not Loading

Unknown      731 days ago  #
Download page for purchased games

Guest      844 days ago  #
website is down