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Guest      29 days ago  # 1 November 2021
It's back up, just need to do a security check (captcha)

Azial      37 days ago  # 23 October 2021
I think its been a month what happen?

aiden      38 days ago  # 23 October 2021
i think im gonna die, if i can't open this site

t=rawr      39 days ago  # 22 October 2021
Site not found still... anybody got a news about this?

guest      41 days ago  # 20 October 2021
source not found

Anonymous      50 days ago  #
Its been 15 days, "site not found" is still appearing :((

memem      50 days ago  #
still site not found
maybe thier site is under attak?

c      53 days ago  #
site can't found

r      54 days ago  #
sit not found

Guest      55 days ago  #
Site not found??? What?

Lmao      56 days ago  #
OMGGGGG it's been 5 days, still no? ????

Ong      57 days ago  #
This is crazy. Puffin browser on mobile works but it wont load gif

Ruby      57 days ago  #
Site not found for days now even if I use VPN

Misa      58 days ago  #
What.happen to the website?

Guest      58 days ago  #
SITE NOT FOUND!!!!!!! I used puffin and it still doesn't work!!!!! T^T

...      58 days ago  #
Site now foundddd T^T it's been 5 days now....I used VPN and it still didn't workkkk! Is the site down?!???

Nambu      59 days ago  #
I feel empty without this site

Fluxx      60 days ago  #
Finally, thought I was the only person who couldn't access My Reading Manga. That place has the best Yaoi manga and has a crap ton of free LGBT shows

Guest      60 days ago  #
Site still not found, I don't wanna to use a vpn :( it slows my wifi

Guest      60 days ago  #
Edit from 2hrs ago again
I mean when I use vpn it work but when I go into normal browser it show site not found.

Guest      60 days ago  #
Edit from 2hrs ago

It isn't banned in my country when I tried using vpn.

Guest      60 days ago  #
It said site not found but when I use VPN it worked WHY?! WHY DID IT WORK AND T_T

Guest      60 days ago  #
Site not found

Sign      60 days ago  #
Can anybody tell what really happen to the Site ? Or the site is Deleted Forever ? Where can i found the status updates in MyReaddingManga ???????????? Almost a days since the Site is Lost

Ezekielbabytreazy      61 days ago  #
"Site not found"????????

Guest      61 days ago  #
But I don't want to use a VPN until somebody tell me it is safe to use.

rood      61 days ago  #
Hey guys download some vpn app it works on me after i download one

(┛`д´)┛      61 days ago  #
Site not found (ಥ_ಥ)

T_T      61 days ago  #
Site not found╥﹏╥

?_?      61 days ago  #
Site not found

..      61 days ago  #
still nothing, its been days and only says "Site Not Found!"

"Site Not Found!"      61 days ago  #
This is retarded. Is the site gone or just inaccessible? Puffin either works or don't work.

Guest      61 days ago  #
Website still not found.

Guest      61 days ago  #
its been 2 days and it still says 'site not found'. someone i know tried puffin browser but they said the images didnt load.

Anonymous      61 days ago  #
Site is working. Use a VPN to access it

Guest      62 days ago  #
I tried it with puffin browser but it said site not found.

Guest      62 days ago  #
Still not working, it still show site not found. This morning it was working fine now I can't access to it :(

Guest      62 days ago  #
Just tried links provided by admin as pinned post

Result: Site Not Found!

Yohane Tsushima      62 days ago  #
Is it blocked on Philippines or is there other problem?

Yohane Tsushima      62 days ago  #
Site not found, but when i tried opening it on puffin browser, it worked, but i still want it to be fixed on chrome, is there a way to fix it?

Guest      62 days ago  #
Try the alternate links from the pinned comment ^^

Nooooo      62 days ago  #
Site not found ????????

sub twink      62 days ago  #
site not found on PH

YaoiMasterRace      62 days ago  #
Site not found.
H momento.

Rip      62 days ago  #
Site not found :(

Fuck      62 days ago  #
Site not found

Guest      62 days ago  #
says 'Site Not Found' on firefox mobile

Daheck      62 days ago  #
Site not found..

Guest      63 days ago  #
same site not found

Site no found      63 days ago  #
Site not found

What      63 days ago  #
site not found

zi      65 days ago  #
idk for me it says "site not found"

Guest      71 days ago  #
We wait till it fix and no more bugs or something,thanks alot.

User      72 days ago  #
This website isn't working!!!!

guest      78 days ago  #
the page keeps loading without stopping, fix this pls

Nor      83 days ago  #
Pages are not loading at alllllllllllllllll

carles      85 days ago  #
page is not loading

Guest      88 days ago  #
Access Denied

-_-      93 days ago  #
Dumb loop istg

U      95 days ago  #
Come????on????shake????your????body????baby????do????that????conga????know????you???? can't????control???? yourself????any????longer

Guest      96 days ago  #
Stuck in the 5 seconds loop on mobile :(

Ken      96 days ago  #
Website taking to long to load. Please fix

Bar      96 days ago  #
No carga simplemente no me deja entrar y tengo varios mangas pendientes :c solo me pone checando tu dispositivo o algo así y de ahí no sale

Guess      97 days ago  #
Por alguna razón la pagina no carga

guest      98 days ago  #
its not working anywhere i guess, might take a while

Guest      98 days ago  #
im still reading the latest completed story ;(((

Guest      98 days ago  #
Lota are using the site huh

Guest      98 days ago  #
Error 1020
Ray ID: 683ba792c91f4953 •
2021-08-24 09:46:37 UTC
Access denied

1/2hr I was able to go into the website but now :(

.      98 days ago  #
It isnt loading

zi      99 days ago  #
i keeps saying "please allow 5 seconds" and it still won't load it's like it's stuck in a loop

Helpess      102 days ago  #
Is there any alt I can read doujin at?

Guest      102 days ago  #
Now it said fail to bypass cloudfare in tachiyomi when I reset the app.

Guet      102 days ago  #
It show me a cat gif siting down looking sad when I went to view the manga in tachi. "Sigh again and feeling embarrassed"

Guest      102 days ago  #
Of course, the website problem but when I view the doujin, it load so slow even in the app tachiyomi.

Guest      102 days ago  #
Even thou, tachiyomi updated MRM, "sigh" some pictures aren't loading example " myreadingmanga(dot)info/emg1993-untitled-jojos-bizarre-adventure-dj-eng/ " I'm so sorry everyone who has to see this.

Guest      110 days ago  #
Still no captcha :(

Guest      111 days ago  #
Manga* autocorrect...

Guest      111 days ago  #
I mean no captcha ???? I can't bookmark my favourite mango ????

Guest      111 days ago  #
Http error 403 on tachiyomi. There no cookie.

Rando      116 days ago  #
It wont load no matter what
Just says please wait 5 seconds and loads forever

Milk      118 days ago  #
Who else just wanted to read some doujins before bed ???? soul crushing, heart breaking

Guest      127 days ago  #
Access Denied, when I try opening the site it says error

Yuri      127 days ago  #
Same with others. Access denied. Even with app. I live in the ph.

Guest      128 days ago  #
site says 'access denied'. the captcha thing doesn't even show up. i checked their twitter and there's no announcement about it.

Guest      128 days ago  #
Access Denied huhu

Mira-chan      128 days ago  #
Got access denied still ????

Mathew Lucky      128 days ago  #
Access denied Why???

Guest      128 days ago  #
Access denied and that the website is protecting itself from attacks??

Blah      178 days ago  #
it says can't establish secure connection to the server of mrm???

guest      183 days ago  #
it says server can't be reached

Guest      184 days ago  #
Site not loading