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Amy      6 hours ago  # 28 September 2022
I can’t checkout using the app or web browser

Karen      18 hours ago  # 27 September 2022
I cant pay my bill, its not connecting

Donna      18 hours ago  # 27 September 2022
I can't pay my account bill it's not working

S      5 days ago  # 23 September 2022
Lovely things in my basket and this……Oops, something went wrong.
It appears that you have encountered a technical problem while browsing You can attempt to resolve this
issue by revisiting the website...
Tried numerous times to log back in. Same as usual, sale traffic crashing the website ????

J      10 days ago  # 19 September 2022
Won’t let me go to checkout, I had to hit start again and it cleared my basket ????

Becky      12 days ago  #
Unable to log into my account to pay my bill stating error everything else OK? Anyone else having trouble?

suz      12 days ago  #
can't access checkout on the app

Lisa      13 days ago  #
I get an error when trying to check out. Web page error pops up. It's been like this for two days

Jane      13 days ago  #
Next UK app not working for signing in for check out basket! So I I have typed in in my web browser and it works OK that way. Signed into my account placed my order and checked out no problem

Jackie      13 days ago  #
Everytime I go to checkout its saying web page not available I deleted the app and downloaded it again but the same thing happening

TKG      13 days ago  #
can't check out ??

Penny      13 days ago  #
Is next doing anything about this? They must be losing orders, it's been going on for days.

Heather      13 days ago  #
I have had same problem for last 4 days, to get pass this I've just typed the next website address in and it's worked able to pay bill and order items , hope this helps

Tracey      13 days ago  #
Same as others for the last 2 days i have been unable to acces my next account to check orders and repayments due.

Lesley      13 days ago  #
Won't let me pay so I'll get charged!!! Ridiculous!!

Lesley      13 days ago  #
Won't let mevinto my account ??

Catherine Walker      14 days ago  #
Won't let me checkout??

Donna      14 days ago  #
Want let me go to checkout keeps saying error

Penny      14 days ago  #
Can't checkout, error message ????

Sue      14 days ago  #
Can't order online Web site shows error message shows, ERR INVALID ARGUMENT      14 days ago  #
Unable to access app oe log in. Error message shows; net::ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT

Jen Williams      16 days ago  #
12 Sept 2022 can't access app. As other messages

Sunshine Ashley      17 days ago  #
Unable to order. Error message shows; net::ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT

Judith G      19 days ago  #
I am unable to get onto my Next account to request a return.
Anyone else having problems?

Jo      19 days ago  #
I've not been able to view my account or order anything on the app for over a week. This will be a really problem when I need to make a payment for my account

Irene      19 days ago  #
Can't place order

Stephanie      19 days ago  #
App error can't place order

Beverly      20 days ago  #
Web error can't place a order

Mrs M      20 days ago  #
Can't make a payment. This is so annoying

Mrs M      20 days ago  #
Can't access my account

Helen G      20 days ago  #
Web error

Claire      21 days ago  #
Keep trying to place an order, but keeps coming up with web error

Nina      21 days ago  #
Tried yesterday and today to check out but keeps coming up with error

Louise      21 days ago  #
Trying to place an order but keeps coming up with web error, very annoying!

Julie      22 days ago  #
Worst site ever. Fails to load on many occasions. Don't know how they ever sell anything

Jr      23 days ago  #
Can't checkout says web page not working, what is happening it's been like this for 24 hours now

Ann      25 days ago  #
Website loading slo or not at all, what's going on ?

Christine      26 days ago  #
Trying to make payment but not workin WHICH MEANS I GET CHARGED MORE INTEREST!!!!!!!!

Sue      26 days ago  #
Cannot make a payment just keeps
whirlingwirlingand round

Carlie Reynolds      27 days ago  #
Problem with site, can't sign in or shop as a guest

suzy      29 days ago  #
have had same problem for the past 4 days, tried logging in with Edge as others suggested and guess what it worked for me

chris      29 days ago  #
has been saying oops technical error agian!!!!! fed uo

Tappers      29 days ago  #
Cannot log in to access my account or place order on mobile app. I have uninstalled app and re installed, no change.
This has been going on all over weekend.

Trev      29 days ago  #
Can’t check out. Keep getting same error msg since Friday. Have tried both app and site via phone.

angela      30 days ago  #
can not shop online website keeps freezing. so frustrating been like this for weeks.
keep reporting nothing changes

Wendy Crowder      30 days ago  #
I cannot log in to my Next account or checkout - been trying since Friday, Can't pay my balance or shop - the latter is probably good as saves me spending more...

deborah khan      30 days ago  #
HI cannot purchase on line :(

Nina      31 days ago  #
I've had same problem last few days, tried on Edge today instead of Google and it worked.

Pamela      31 days ago  #
Have had the same problem yesterday and today on Google Chrome on my PC.Okay on my phone.Used Microsoft Edge browser today on my PC and worked fine.

MATTB      32 days ago  #
i've 2 accounts, and neither can login. Same error as others - Ooops something went wrong.
GF tried her login - same issue. This is a widespread issue and you'd think they'd notice they're not getting any orders online... for days.. and reported issues to them but clearly they're not bothered.
I'll shop elsewhere then!

Yvia      32 days ago  #
Cant log into my account to check out my order

Karen      32 days ago  #
Try using browser microsoft edge instead of chrome, it worked for me.

sue      32 days ago  #
Can't log into my account so can't order something i need from the store today!

L fellows      32 days ago  #
Trying to make an account payment - not working ?

Julie      33 days ago  #
Been trying to get to checkout for 2 days now,
Same error message..I've encountered a technical issue.
Getting fed up with this now!!!

Maxine      33 days ago  #
can not log in, been trying since early this morning

Debra      33 days ago  #
I tried to reset my password in case this was causing the problem. I was sent a new password by email which brought the same error message when I tried to use it to log in. I've had log in problems for more than a day. I've cleared my cache and done everything recommended but can't log in.

Debra      33 days ago  #
Oops, something went wrong.
It appears that you have encountered a technical problem while browsing You can attempt to resolve this issue by revisiting the website...

This happens when I try to checkout goods in my basket- it asks for my log in details again, even though I was logged in. Then I get that error message. This is on the website.

Judith      33 days ago  #
Oops, something went wrong. it appears that you have encountered a technical problem

Janet      33 days ago  #
That didn't work on my lap top but I can sign in on my phone.

Janet      33 days ago  #
This was the response to my online chat with Next this morning -Oh no sorry...I will let the internet guys know so they can do some checks. If you have rebooted that's great but please try deleting your cookies, cache and history … also maybe try a different device or browser

Janet      33 days ago  #
"oops something went wrong" still getting that this morning.

Karen      34 days ago  #
" Oops, something went wrong. it appears that you have encountered a technical problem ............"

Angharad      34 days ago  #
Have been trying to log in since yesterday, message appears " Oops, something went wrong. it appears that you have encountered a technical problem ............"

Sarah      34 days ago  #
Logged in on my phone and it worked !

Sarah      34 days ago  #
cant log in or place order, tech issue ?

Tatiana      34 days ago  #
cant log in says tech issue, my fault of course

Yana      34 days ago  #
When I come to check out I can't log in !!!

Karen      34 days ago  #
Can't check out on line, says there is a technical problem

Mags Devenney      36 days ago  #
Cant check out online, I've been trying since Sunday to place an order!
I've used chat help, and they (all 3 different people) are unaware of problem and blaming my card!!

Jan Baldock      37 days ago  #
Can't order online, coming up with error

Ange      38 days ago  #
Cant check out, been trying since yesterday ????

Millie      40 days ago  #
Spent hours yesterday and today shopping online and tried to check out- getting error oops there’s a problem! All the items in basket disappeared so had to start again today and guess what, same thing!

Sally reeves      41 days ago  #
Cannot remove items from my basket, just keeps calculating, live chat also not working

M.G      41 days ago  #
Can’t remove items from basket

ET      41 days ago  #
Unable to remove items from my basket

R Wilson-Croft      41 days ago  #
Cannot place any order as checkout will not enable me to edit my bag

sarah clarke      41 days ago  #
Can add to basket but will not let me remove or save items 18/08/2022

Tired customer      42 days ago  #
Can’t reset password, cleared cache, cookies, log in with temporary password , enter new one 6-12 letters and numbers, than press reset details and it just loads the same reset password page, no error message, it’s not acknowledging that password has been changed, tried on work of, my iPad, android phone and still getting nowhere. Emailed CS which sent me temporary password and when I enter new password it just goes back to the same page. If there are technical problems why don’t you communicate and email your customers so we are aware.

Karen      42 days ago  #
Can’t remove items from basket

Elaine      42 days ago  #
Can’t remove items from basket

RB      42 days ago  #
Can’t remove items from basket or save for later

Susie      43 days ago  #
Can’t remove items from basket

Ja      43 days ago  #
Can’t remove items from my basket or save for later

Ref      43 days ago  #
Can’t remove items from my basket

Customer      48 days ago  #
Cant make payment again!!!happening alot

Paula Broughton      48 days ago  #
Unable to use checkout. Not sure if the fault is next or me, think it’s next

Marie Mclean      48 days ago  #
Payment won't load. Again! Please fix this site. It happens too often.

Alison      49 days ago  #
I'm unable to access my account to check my statement balance

Martin      50 days ago  #
I cannot access my account

Tappers      50 days ago  #
Again the website is down. I cannot access my account or arrange a return.
This happened last week. Come on next, get it sorted.

Hannah      50 days ago  #
This website fails me time and time again. Today it simply won't load any pages. All I get is sorry there's been an error page with a phone number to order clothes. No number if you're tracking a missing package funnily enough.

Katy      52 days ago  #
Can't add items to basket

Maz      52 days ago  #
Can’t add items to basket and cannot get on my account or checkout
And one item has now become unavailable

Carolyn      52 days ago  #
Can't add items to bag.

Sarah      52 days ago  #
Can’t add items to bag

Tappers      52 days ago  #
Can't log in on mobile app or on website.

Gemma      52 days ago  #
Can’t log in, can’t add items to basket, can’t delete items from basket on both website and app.

Kelly      52 days ago  #
I can't checkout or remove items from basket on app or website

Victoria      52 days ago  #
Can’t add items to bag.

Jennifer      52 days ago  #
Can't place an order! Next are a joke

Nadine      52 days ago  #
Can't add anything to basket on app or website

Kate      52 days ago  #
Cant get into my account to pay my bill!

Caz      52 days ago  #
Cannot get into account to pay bill!

Kam      52 days ago  #
I can’t add or edit my order or checkout!! help as I need some stuff for tomorrow!!

CW      52 days ago  #
Can't add items to basket

Clare      52 days ago  #
Can’t add items to
My basket

Tappers      52 days ago  #
Can't access my account on next app

Liz      52 days ago  #
Can’t add anything to my shopping basket on either app or website.

Cliff      52 days ago  #
Cannot login to my account

Jane      52 days ago  #
Access to My Account isn’t working today.
Can’t pay the bill!!!

Stacey      54 days ago  #
Can’t log in

Marie      58 days ago  #
I can't get on to pay my bill

Lauren      58 days ago  #
Next website won't let me go through to pay. Keeps jumping to desktop mode then saying page no longer available

Lol37      61 days ago  #
Can't pay bill as app keeps buffering

Jayne      63 days ago  #
Can't make payment been trying a few days getting very frustrated

Tj      65 days ago  #
I have also been having trouble trying to pay....tried for the last few days.

Sophie      69 days ago  #
Won't allow me to make a payment keeps flipping from bank account approval page to next page.. flashing and not working or approving

Rach      69 days ago  #
Can't make a payment, very frustrating, tried all morning.

Dugan      70 days ago  #
Wats going on with nxt online and ebsight down

Karyn cleary      73 days ago  #
Can't pay my next bill

Franny      74 days ago  #
Not working properly oops something went wrong!! Driving me insane!!!!

Andrea      78 days ago  #
Error for three days…
Can’t checkout, can’t put items to bag etc.

Carol      80 days ago  #
I'm getting same issue today...oops something went wrong try later!

Carol      80 days ago  #
Can't log in to make purchase, keep getting an error and told to try later. Very annoying

Lb      81 days ago  #
Cant checkout

maria      84 days ago  #
cant make a payment to my account tried a few times

claire johnston      87 days ago  #
Can’t use vouchers have been trying all evening

Emma      87 days ago  #
Cannot place order- says there's an error

Jan      88 days ago  #
Cant believe your willing to lose sales due to a website that never seems to work!

Jackie      92 days ago  #
Yet again can't make a payment...been trying all morning

Debbie      115 days ago  #
I go through check out but I can’t complete the transaction for next pay been trying on and off for hours.

Ann      124 days ago  #
Both app and website freeze on account payment page so unable to make payment

Tina      124 days ago  #
This app has been rubbish for months it used to be brilliant but now constantly I keep getting “sorry error blah blah” come on next sort it out!

Shar      130 days ago  #
Can't place order. Error shows.

Lisa      131 days ago  #
Unable to make payment via card or paypal on the site . Tried seceral times .

Sharon      145 days ago  #
Been trying to place orders for several days now and all i keep getting is :-
Sorry, there's been an error.
A problem has occurred and we were unable to complete your request.

Debbie      147 days ago  #
Made online payment but it’s still not showing also error page appears when ordering

Janis Gascoigne      148 days ago  #
Can’t make a payment

Janice      153 days ago  #
Thought it was just me ,till I came on here ,this app has been like this 4 months and nothing seems 2 be getting done, tried phoning another 30 min wait ,I'm waiting on a call back so fingers crossed ????, other wise no payment from me

Gill      153 days ago  #
This has to be one of the worst sites on the web. Like others been trying to pay for days. Needs some big time work on it! Not impressed.

J      154 days ago  #
App freezes. Google Next freezes
Open Outlook freezes. Can't order !!

Lynn      155 days ago  #
Been unable to pay my account online for last 3 days and the same today. Anyone else with this problem?

Mich      159 days ago  #
Hi i can’t order anything as i get a message saying your having issues but this has been happening since last night ?

Sammi      159 days ago  #
Still cannot log in.
It's still stating my password is wrong ? When asked to change password I do not receive and email to do this.

Lin      160 days ago  #
Not been able to log in for over 3 weeks now and the same issue seems to be effecting more and more people. Next seem to be doing absolutely nothing to sort this situation out. Been with Next for over twenty years but won't be ordering or making any further payments until I have access to my account !!!

Jo      160 days ago  #
Can not login says my details are wrong when they are not. Need to make a payment

DH      160 days ago  #
Cannot login or able to reset password

WH      160 days ago  #
Cannot login

J Rickard      160 days ago  #
Cannot log in

Christine Ross      160 days ago  #
Cannot log in. Will not accept my correct password

Eileen      160 days ago  #
Same, can’t log in either. Tried to reset password but no email sent either

Mags      160 days ago  #
Can't log in. Says password is wrong but it is correct and no email received to change password.

SJM      160 days ago  #
Can’t log in. Keeps saying password wrong but it isn’t. Even tried to reset it but didn’t send the email !

SH      160 days ago  #
Unable to sign in, states wrong password but it isn’t

Lesley dryden      160 days ago  #
Can’t log in, asked to reset password. The one sent wouldn’t work either .

E      160 days ago  #
Same here says my details are incorrect

Susan      160 days ago  #
Can't log in. States details are incorrect.

Emma      160 days ago  #
Can't log in either says details incorrect

Julie      160 days ago  #
Can't log in via app. Details are correct but computer says no!!

Ali      163 days ago  #
I can't log in, it says my details are incorrect but I know they are not as they are saved with my fingerprint. My partner tried his and his says the same thing.

Jayne      163 days ago  #
Can’t log in says my details are incorrect

Laura      166 days ago  #
Tried to log into my account and says detail are incorrect. By looking at other comments look like its been happening for over a week?

Tina      170 days ago  #
This is getting silly now I want to order some new things and still cannot log into my account.. there’s more rush in an aspirin

Martin      170 days ago  #
Still cant log do something....I called customer services..very rude..said I had to keep trying

Lyn      171 days ago  #
Come on Next sort this out. Still unable to log in over a week now . Wanting to look and place order for holiday clothes ????

Tina      171 days ago  #
Can’t log in, keeps, saying my details are incorrect

Ali      172 days ago  #
Still can't log in. It's saying incorrect details even though they are correct

Lyn      173 days ago  #
Spoken to Next yesterday, they are aware of the technical issue with login and are trying to sort it. Not sure how long though been at least 4 days that I'm aware of and still not sorted today !!!

Ang      174 days ago  #
Can’t log in! Says incorrect details!

Lyn      175 days ago  #
Also can't log in for 2 days to make a payment on my Next account. Get a tick to show its the right password then fails to log in and says incorrect details !!!

Michelle      175 days ago  #
can't login my account with the right password for two days now

Jude      176 days ago  #
What is happening? In the middle of an order then nothing!

Pattsy      176 days ago  #
website down, been trying all day

Henny bowen      182 days ago  #
Omg see her down now site is useless. Never used to be like this

Eleanor      182 days ago  #
I have tried to complete payment 3 times but no response

Vikki      182 days ago  #
Been trying for an hour no use. Website just not responding.

Jan      182 days ago  #
Next sale only worked for 10 mins wont load

Henny bowen      182 days ago  #
Next sale down! Only on for 10 mins

Ann Roberts      182 days ago  #
Can't open my next app

SS      197 days ago  #
Still can't access account.4 days now!

Stewart      198 days ago  #
won't work cannot access my account or make payments.

Lynn      200 days ago  #
Can't make a payment been trying for the last 2 days

Alison Marchant      200 days ago  #
Haven't been able to make a payment now past due date

A Software Test Manager      202 days ago  #
The domain is consistently slow, to the point of being unusable.

Lynne      203 days ago  #
Next website not very good,had account a couple of years now,keeps buffering,can take me days to pay my 3 step account,I cannot pay it on the dew date , rubbish

Carol      203 days ago  #
Can't complete an order. Been trying all evening

Sue      203 days ago  #
I can't compete my order, I've been trying for 2 days.

Julie      203 days ago  #
Cant make a payment

Angela      209 days ago  #
Can't make my payment

Guest      211 days ago  #
Can't make a payment

Keri      215 days ago  #
Cannot make a payment.

Hayley      225 days ago  #
Can't access mobile site, only desktop

Rick      228 days ago  #
Payment page unresponsive

Hayley      230 days ago  #
Mobile site not working - showing as desktop

Susan Allport      241 days ago  #
Unable to make a payment. Wheel that appears on screen just goes round continuously. Inable to access paypal aswell.

M.o      242 days ago  #
Blank screen cannot order or pay ??

Janet      245 days ago  #
Cant log in

Sara      268 days ago  #
Can’t login to my account. Just goes blank

Sharon      283 days ago  #
Can't make a payment, tried using debit card option but just get the wheel spin forever! Try PayPal but it won't click onto to it!!! So frustrating!!!