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Shar      5 days ago  # 21 May 2022
Can't place order. Error shows.

Lisa      6 days ago  # 20 May 2022
Unable to make payment via card or paypal on the site . Tried seceral times .

Sharon      20 days ago  # 6 May 2022
Been trying to place orders for several days now and all i keep getting is :-
Sorry, there's been an error.
A problem has occurred and we were unable to complete your request.

Debbie      22 days ago  # 4 May 2022
Made online payment but it’s still not showing also error page appears when ordering

Janis Gascoigne      23 days ago  # 3 May 2022
Can’t make a payment

Janice      28 days ago  #
Thought it was just me ,till I came on here ,this app has been like this 4 months and nothing seems 2 be getting done, tried phoning another 30 min wait ,I'm waiting on a call back so fingers crossed ????, other wise no payment from me

Gill      28 days ago  #
This has to be one of the worst sites on the web. Like others been trying to pay for days. Needs some big time work on it! Not impressed.

J      29 days ago  #
App freezes. Google Next freezes
Open Outlook freezes. Can't order !!

Lynn      30 days ago  #
Been unable to pay my account online for last 3 days and the same today. Anyone else with this problem?

Mich      34 days ago  #
Hi i can’t order anything as i get a message saying your having issues but this has been happening since last night ?

Sammi      34 days ago  #
Still cannot log in.
It's still stating my password is wrong ? When asked to change password I do not receive and email to do this.

Lin      35 days ago  #
Not been able to log in for over 3 weeks now and the same issue seems to be effecting more and more people. Next seem to be doing absolutely nothing to sort this situation out. Been with Next for over twenty years but won't be ordering or making any further payments until I have access to my account !!!

Jo      35 days ago  #
Can not login says my details are wrong when they are not. Need to make a payment

DH      35 days ago  #
Cannot login or able to reset password

WH      35 days ago  #
Cannot login

J Rickard      35 days ago  #
Cannot log in

Christine Ross      35 days ago  #
Cannot log in. Will not accept my correct password

Eileen      35 days ago  #
Same, can’t log in either. Tried to reset password but no email sent either

Mags      35 days ago  #
Can't log in. Says password is wrong but it is correct and no email received to change password.

SJM      35 days ago  #
Can’t log in. Keeps saying password wrong but it isn’t. Even tried to reset it but didn’t send the email !

SH      35 days ago  #
Unable to sign in, states wrong password but it isn’t

Lesley dryden      35 days ago  #
Can’t log in, asked to reset password. The one sent wouldn’t work either .

E      35 days ago  #
Same here says my details are incorrect

Susan      35 days ago  #
Can't log in. States details are incorrect.

Emma      35 days ago  #
Can't log in either says details incorrect

Julie      35 days ago  #
Can't log in via app. Details are correct but computer says no!!

Ali      38 days ago  #
I can't log in, it says my details are incorrect but I know they are not as they are saved with my fingerprint. My partner tried his and his says the same thing.

Jayne      38 days ago  #
Can’t log in says my details are incorrect

Laura      41 days ago  #
Tried to log into my account and says detail are incorrect. By looking at other comments look like its been happening for over a week?

Tina      45 days ago  #
This is getting silly now I want to order some new things and still cannot log into my account.. there’s more rush in an aspirin

Martin      45 days ago  #
Still cant log do something....I called customer services..very rude..said I had to keep trying

Lyn      46 days ago  #
Come on Next sort this out. Still unable to log in over a week now . Wanting to look and place order for holiday clothes ????

Tina      46 days ago  #
Can’t log in, keeps, saying my details are incorrect

Ali      47 days ago  #
Still can't log in. It's saying incorrect details even though they are correct

Lyn      48 days ago  #
Spoken to Next yesterday, they are aware of the technical issue with login and are trying to sort it. Not sure how long though been at least 4 days that I'm aware of and still not sorted today !!!

Ang      49 days ago  #
Can’t log in! Says incorrect details!

Lyn      50 days ago  #
Also can't log in for 2 days to make a payment on my Next account. Get a tick to show its the right password then fails to log in and says incorrect details !!!

Michelle      50 days ago  #
can't login my account with the right password for two days now

Jude      51 days ago  #
What is happening? In the middle of an order then nothing!

Pattsy      51 days ago  #
website down, been trying all day

Henny bowen      57 days ago  #
Omg see her down now site is useless. Never used to be like this

Eleanor      57 days ago  #
I have tried to complete payment 3 times but no response

Vikki      57 days ago  #
Been trying for an hour no use. Website just not responding.

Jan      57 days ago  #
Next sale only worked for 10 mins wont load

Henny bowen      57 days ago  #
Next sale down! Only on for 10 mins

Ann Roberts      57 days ago  #
Can't open my next app

SS      72 days ago  #
Still can't access account.4 days now!

Stewart      73 days ago  #
won't work cannot access my account or make payments.

Lynn      75 days ago  #
Can't make a payment been trying for the last 2 days

Alison Marchant      75 days ago  #
Haven't been able to make a payment now past due date

A Software Test Manager      77 days ago  #
The domain is consistently slow, to the point of being unusable.

Lynne      78 days ago  #
Next website not very good,had account a couple of years now,keeps buffering,can take me days to pay my 3 step account,I cannot pay it on the dew date , rubbish

Carol      78 days ago  #
Can't complete an order. Been trying all evening

Sue      78 days ago  #
I can't compete my order, I've been trying for 2 days.

Julie      78 days ago  #
Cant make a payment

Angela      84 days ago  #
Can't make my payment

Guest      86 days ago  #
Can't make a payment

Keri      90 days ago  #
Cannot make a payment.

Hayley      100 days ago  #
Can't access mobile site, only desktop

Rick      103 days ago  #
Payment page unresponsive

Hayley      104 days ago  #
Mobile site not working - showing as desktop

Susan Allport      116 days ago  #
Unable to make a payment. Wheel that appears on screen just goes round continuously. Inable to access paypal aswell.

M.o      117 days ago  #
Blank screen cannot order or pay ??

Janet      120 days ago  #
Cant log in

Sara      143 days ago  #
Can’t login to my account. Just goes blank

Sharon      158 days ago  #
Can't make a payment, tried using debit card option but just get the wheel spin forever! Try PayPal but it won't click onto to it!!! So frustrating!!!

JP      171 days ago  #
trying to set up new account , page is not responsive. Have spent ages on trying to create an order

P      192 days ago  #
Website freezing and slow?? Why can't load page?

M      194 days ago  #
Trying to make a payment and can't, tried every day this week and I just get the wheel of death every time

Wendy sudworth      219 days ago  #
Why can’t I make payment on my next account

Margaret Metcalf      261 days ago  #
Been trying for 2 days to use payment page just get the circle going round and round.

Guest      277 days ago  #

Tony      280 days ago  #
Not working today!

Jac      285 days ago  #
Website coming up but I can't click on anything so I can view items

Becki      288 days ago  #

Laura      317 days ago  #
Not letting me check out with next pay

Hjs      332 days ago  #
Wesite nor App will allow me to checkout

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