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RudeSpace      6 days ago  # 20 June 2022
Cant call Nitrado and they wont answer a ticket on support page. WTF

SKskillz      10 days ago  # 16 June 2022
Ps4 sever not staring its past 2 auto restart logs ans hasn't started up? What's going on?

Dark1Nate      10 days ago  # 16 June 2022
My server has been down for a little while, not a big deal honestly. Any service is going to have it's problems, as long as I don't have days I don't get counted against my server time. I really don't mind. Generally? The service I've received has been good and the one problem I've had was dealt with rather swiftly when I called.

regretful consumer      66 days ago  # 21 April 2022
ark server has been down since the easter event started. what is going on over there? i hope since its been so long without the very thing we're paying for that we get reimbursed. nigh on fraudulent at this point =_=

Matty d      66 days ago  # 21 April 2022
Shitrado is a pile of wank

Pat      66 days ago  #
Do i get this Server Unreachable. Tgen it says Bios error. Then a [EchangeXBOXAuthCode]...wth

Ark is best and the worst      67 days ago  #
Please fix the server problems. Its been like this for 7 days.

Rock      67 days ago  #
Lo hemos comprado hace unas cuantas horas y ni siquiera podemos jugar....que vergüenza, cuanto tiempo lleva ésto así??

ijustwannaplayarkwithmyfriends      68 days ago  #
ark server been fighting this restarting loop for at least 3 days now. finally went down for the count last night. it's been down since midnight.

MJJ      69 days ago  #
3 days in a row now at the same time the server just stops working due to the restart loop keep happening at the same time three days in row can this issue please be resolved little quicker 10+ hours please

Mr Jam Jacka      70 days ago  #
The other day my server was down for nearly 10+ hours due to restart loop

Mr Jam Jacka      70 days ago  #
UK London areas must be having problems as my servers not loading up at all and it’s stuck in the restarting phase\loop also what’s going on????

JonnyBoy      70 days ago  #
Restart loop's been damn near 2 weeks now. With all the time saved sending canned useless responses to support tickets, you'd think there'd still be plenty of workday left to go and get a clue.

Rafael      70 days ago  #
Come on man fix the damn servers!

Terry      75 days ago  #
No servers are popping up for me

Chief      76 days ago  #
Server restart loop has to stop. Its been 7 hours and the xml files are all fine. Just stuck and not starting up.

Nyemisis      77 days ago  #
Dayz luckylooters server is down. Fix it please

itz Linux      90 days ago  #
cannot receive address error internal servers are unreachable

Heidi      90 days ago  #
Ark server went down. When will nitrado be back up?

Jo      101 days ago  #
Patch update today and my servers still not up. Any ideas. Its been 5 hrs

lam      160 days ago  #
Bought ark server has not installed yet. Called customer service they put in a ticket. 2 hours later still no server. worst customer support ive ever seen. think im swithching all my servers to a differant carrier

Chris Pranger Server owner      181 days ago  #
All nitrado servers are experience major lag issues across all console servers

Nicole      184 days ago  #
Go to rent server doesn't even let me log in to rent one..... just constantly says connecting to service and if I do it off my xbox it doesn't even come up with Microsoft log in.

Patrick      198 days ago  #
Nitrado servers down in kentucky has been for the last few hours. When will it be up and will we be compensated for lost time. Issues started about 12 hrs ago

catt      198 days ago  #
can't log in or get to the web tools

Cb      198 days ago  #
Wont let me log in or load server, website is down

Wiz      209 days ago  #
Nitrado won't let me, or the owner of our server restart one of our servers, cannot confirm whether or not it's contained to us, or if it's effecting anyone else.

kt      216 days ago  #
can't login, tab closes in on itself

Tt      250 days ago  #
Having trouble with the website , with ark sever xbox one

Steve      250 days ago  #
Cant load website

Rob      261 days ago  #
Server unreachable.

Guest      262 days ago  #
Still outage? I just cut my server off before the page stopped working! Pretty crappy that it's down for over 3 hrs now.

Zach      270 days ago  #
Lost the ability to view any unofficial pc sessions. Server down for updates?

karl      277 days ago  #
Just got a server and now cant login

Richard      281 days ago  #
Correction for the last 2.
My friend told me the server was down.
I could sign in but no more on mobile.
I was able to restart the server on my computer.
Can't test it because I'm at work now.

Richard      281 days ago  #
General Outage
Server down.
Can login on website but can't click on the person icon for My Account etc

Nix      296 days ago  #
Server stuck in restart loop, Still up but can't stop it or restart it.

Reegy Poo      301 days ago  #
issues accessing File Browser for a couple of days

William      305 days ago  #
I can’t open any of The .xml files for my PS4 DayZ server

Pablo      308 days ago  #
Nie polecam. Od 3 dni instaluje serwer. Zero kontaktu z supportem.

Fibe      309 days ago  #
Server showed on list, timed out, refreshed and server is not on list

Infamous      313 days ago  #
Sign up on xbox, HTTP 500 error

anon      327 days ago  #
admin tab is offline cant access server shit service nitrado

Bonkerzz      370 days ago  #
Bought server almost a week ago now, but have no access to it. Won't show up in "my servers" tab on app or anything ..... customer support keeps saying that it is being worked on, but cannot tell me when I'll have access to the server....... ????

Gelo300      380 days ago  #
Nitrado ark server keeps timing out

Annoyed Guest      386 days ago  #
Server constantly going down and now its not even showing on ark or steam servers. anyone else having the same problem? been going on since gen2 launch i just want to play the game i payed for on the server i payed for!!!!

guest      386 days ago  #
Since Ark update - Prvt nitrado server kicking, joining fails, player levels reset, lost bunches of stuff.

guest      386 days ago  #
getting silly now keeps going down

Guest      399 days ago  #
Cant access web interface, contact support or use the nitrado app. 500 - Internal Server Error
A unknown error occurred. Please try it again later, if the error still occurs please contact our support staff.
Error ID: WS_a14f323f85f04c2d8275a190d1e548af

Brandon      409 days ago  #
Why can't I control my severs on my android app anymore? I play on Xbox one and don't even own a computer so redirecting me to to a website instead of letting me use my app is pointless, why even have the app anymore?

Haxoonie      417 days ago  #
ARK server is down and Nitrado website not accessible. NY USA

Guest      417 days ago  #
General outage it seems. Ark server went down, couldn't reconnect. Tried to access dashboard to connect via that, and got "Problem Loading Webpage" error.

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@OldBolts   @Nitrado_EN Absolute disgusting service and support. Even to the extent of one of your employees calling me a liar? I would suggest to anyone who follows me here, or on Twitch, to avoid this comapny. Too many server downtimes and issues read the source
174 days ago   3 Jan 2022

@RogueDemon2099   RT @NitradoStatus: ARK PC (Steam / Epic) The new map #LostIsland is now also available in the web interface.Please restart the server read the source
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@NitradoStatus   ARK PC (Steam / Epic) The new map #LostIsland is now also available in the web interface.Please restart the server afterwards.Console servers will follow shortly!We wish the PC players a lot of fun on the new map!Questions or issues? read the source
193 days ago   15 December 2021

@NitradoStatus   Questions about issues with your server, contact our Nitrado support: configuration questions: our Discord server: you, your Nitrado Social Media Team.#NitradoCommunity read the source
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@nitrado   @ArenOB1 Please get in touch with our Support team -> Only they are equipped to resolve such issues. ~SO read the source
363 days ago  

@NitradoStatus   @I2ryhhfAkNhxcNm Hi, in case of technical issues it is always best to directly contact our Support team -> Only they have the necessary information to resolve such problems. ~SO read the source
376 days ago  

@nitrado   @BasemntChild Hi there, we always strife to respond to as many queries as possible.In case of any issues with your server(s) it is always best to directly contact our Support department -> Only they are equipped to resolve such issues. ~SO read the source
376 days ago  

@AweGamers   RT @NitradoStatus: The difficulty is fixed. All servers will be available as usual in a moment.Still having issues? Nitrado Support is at read the source
384 days ago  

@NitradoStatus   The difficulty is fixed. All servers will be available as usual in a moment.Still having issues? Nitrado Support is at your disposal.-> would like to thank you for your kind words. #NitradoCommunityGame on! ~MH read the source
384 days ago  

@nitrado   @jacthebeast97 @Nitrado_EN Hi, any issues with our website should be fixed by now. If you are still experiencing problems with your server our Support is available again and best equipped to resolve them -> read the source
387 days ago  

@nitrado   @Jonasbru3m @Nitrado_EN Hi, if issues with your server are still ongoing please contact our Support via read the source
387 days ago  

@nitrado   @jacthebeast97 @Nitrado_EN Hi, apologies for the inconveniences. If any issues still remain please contact our Support team via read the source
387 days ago