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Guest      9 hours ago  # 25 June 2021
General Outage

Guest      14 hours ago  # 25 June 2021

Guest      3 days ago  # 22 June 2021

Bonkerzz      5 days ago  # 21 June 2021
Bought server almost a week ago now, but have no access to it. Won't show up in "my servers" tab on app or anything ..... customer support keeps saying that it is being worked on, but cannot tell me when I'll have access to the server....... ????

Guest      6 days ago  # 19 June 2021

Guest      9 days ago  #

Guest      10 days ago  #
My server says it is started but it is not visible in the in game server list.

Gelo300      14 days ago  #
Nitrado ark server keeps timing out

Guest      15 days ago  #
Server connection

Guest      18 days ago  #
Won't connect to server

Guest      19 days ago  #
Server not starting

Guest      20 days ago  #
cant host my own server

Annoyed Guest      20 days ago  #
Server constantly going down and now its not even showing on ark or steam servers. anyone else having the same problem? been going on since gen2 launch i just want to play the game i payed for on the server i payed for!!!!

guest      21 days ago  #
Since Ark update - Prvt nitrado server kicking, joining fails, player levels reset, lost bunches of stuff.

Guest      21 days ago  #
private server

guest      21 days ago  #
getting silly now keeps going down

Guest      21 days ago  #
General Outrage

Guest      22 days ago  #
Can't buy server for ark

Guest      33 days ago  #
Cant access web interface, contact support or use the nitrado app. 500 - Internal Server Error
A unknown error occurred. Please try it again later, if the error still occurs please contact our support staff.
Error ID: WS_a14f323f85f04c2d8275a190d1e548af

Brandon      43 days ago  #
Why can't I control my severs on my android app anymore? I play on Xbox one and don't even own a computer so redirecting me to to a website instead of letting me use my app is pointless, why even have the app anymore?

Haxoonie      51 days ago  #
ARK server is down and Nitrado website not accessible. NY USA

Guest      51 days ago  #
General outage it seems. Ark server went down, couldn't reconnect. Tried to access dashboard to connect via that, and got "Problem Loading Webpage" error.

Guest      52 days ago  #
DNS Update

Guest      56 days ago  #
ark serveur

Guest      75 days ago  #
Dayz server MOPGOCRAZY Issues Reports

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@NitradoStatus   @I2ryhhfAkNhxcNm Hi, in case of technical issues it is always best to directly contact our Support team -> Only they have the necessary information to resolve such problems. ~SO read the source
10 days ago   15 June 2021

@nitrado   @BasemntChild Hi there, we always strife to respond to as many queries as possible.In case of any issues with your server(s) it is always best to directly contact our Support department -> Only they are equipped to resolve such issues. ~SO read the source
10 days ago   15 June 2021

@AweGamers   RT @NitradoStatus: The difficulty is fixed. All servers will be available as usual in a moment.Still having issues? Nitrado Support is at read the source
18 days ago   7 June 2021

@NitradoStatus   The difficulty is fixed. All servers will be available as usual in a moment.Still having issues? Nitrado Support is at your disposal.-> would like to thank you for your kind words. #NitradoCommunityGame on! ~MH read the source
18 days ago  

@nitrado   @jacthebeast97 @Nitrado_EN Hi, any issues with our website should be fixed by now. If you are still experiencing problems with your server our Support is available again and best equipped to resolve them -> read the source
21 days ago  

@nitrado   @Jonasbru3m @Nitrado_EN Hi, if issues with your server are still ongoing please contact our Support via read the source
21 days ago  

@nitrado   @jacthebeast97 @Nitrado_EN Hi, apologies for the inconveniences. If any issues still remain please contact our Support team via read the source
21 days ago