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Guest      2 days ago  # 24 September 2021

Guest      5 days ago  # 21 September 2021

Random Person      12 days ago  # 15 September 2021
When I try to make a project, it doesn't load at all.

Guest      17 days ago  # 9 September 2021

Guest      36 days ago  # 21 August 2021

Scootergames2      38 days ago  #
It will not let me log in it just loads forever and nothing ever happens

Guest      43 days ago  #
General Outage

Guest      46 days ago  #

Guest      69 days ago  #
the projects, all of them show up as blank, i can still hear the music, but i cant see anything, and

Guest      83 days ago  #
I uploud a sprite but it just says loading for the last hour

Guest      95 days ago  #
Server down - unable to access saved projects

guest      96 days ago  #
its not opening for me or my classmates

Guest      104 days ago  #
i cant save projects

Guest      107 days ago  #
Every time i make a project i can not go to is even thought i saved it and it is small

RobloxRulez01      108 days ago  #
my profile picture looks like the default and all my scratch games look like what it looks like when a scratch game is made

Areeb52090      110 days ago  #
The website is not working, a 503 error code is coming, please fix this

the website is not working      110 days ago  #

User      110 days ago  #
i repeatelly get a connection failure and when i refresh it enough times it works but very commonly it just says connection failure and Error 503 Service Unavailable

Guest      110 days ago  #
I cant get into my saved games, it says connection failure

randomuserofscratch1      110 days ago  #
503 service unavailable is the error that is displayed when trying to enter the website (8 June 2021)

Guest      110 days ago  #
the website

Guest      111 days ago  #
i cant find the backpack in the code

Guest      119 days ago  #
Saving projects

Person      122 days ago  #
Scratch isnt working!!!

Guest      122 days ago  #
keep getting http 500

Guest      122 days ago  #

Guest      122 days ago  #
when i go on it all it shows is white

Guest      122 days ago  #
the whole thing

Ember      126 days ago  #
Lol, Scratch I think is down world-wide again...

Muttombo      126 days ago  #

Guest      127 days ago  #
Scratch Messages

ChildOfficial      130 days ago  #
Hi there! It says scratch is currently unavailable? Are you guys updating it? because I have no idea what's happening. And when I refresh nothing happens. And when I press "download scratch" nothing happens again. So I'm pretty confused ;v;"

R5076      130 days ago  #
My issue is that I cannot log in! but everything else is ok.

Guest      130 days ago  #
I try to go on scratch but nothing is loading. I can get in and see the bar with Home page and stuff but nothing else loads

FIX SCRATCH.MIT PLEASE      130 days ago  #
its all down rn, its not just you

guest      130 days ago  #
server issue

Guest      130 days ago  #

Mason      130 days ago  #
When i put the link in it gives me a blank screen that says reset.

Shhhhhhhhhhhh3375      133 days ago  #
I cant enter scratch it says: "The Scratch Team is working hard to fix an issue with the Scratch website" seriously is it just my website or everyone else.

Guest      138 days ago  #
idk just not working

Royal-Studios      139 days ago  #
Scratch is down. It says the scratch team is trying hard to fix it, it is stuck on a blue screen.

-jal-      139 days ago  #
I can't log in to Scratch, it refreshes the page then does nothing :(

Muttombo      146 days ago  #
Cant log in :(

Guest      152 days ago  #
it wont let me log in to scratch

noonie      157 days ago  #
ugh scratch wontlet me logi

Guest      168 days ago  #
Saving and Louding

Guest      168 days ago  #
Saving the project

Guest      170 days ago  #
Server down

Guest      170 days ago  #

anon      174 days ago  #
Login, sharing projects and my stuff is broken

Guest      174 days ago  #
The Backpack Feature

Guest      181 days ago  #
remix and saving

elyssa      181 days ago  #
they are not letting me save and remix

Guest      191 days ago  #

Guest      191 days ago  #
It's having server troubles, and I don't know how long it's going to be for.

FNF guy      191 days ago  #
webite go brr again

Guest      219 days ago  #
Error Loading Backpack

GooberProductions      227 days ago  #
now it wont let me edit my about me and wut im working on?!?!?! wut is happening!!!!

GooberProductions      227 days ago  #
i just made an alt cuz y not and now it wont let me change my pfp without confirming my email?!?!

GooberProductions      227 days ago  #
says porject couldnt saves buts it does saves so idk wut hpnd it rite or rong?

Guest      232 days ago  #
not loading my saved projects

bruhpatch      232 days ago  #
I can't share any project!!!

epic gamer with issues      232 days ago  #
my stuff loads forever

Guest      232 days ago  #
Cannot login and view forum topics.

Totally not griffpatch      232 days ago  #
Remixing and creating a project take forever

Guest      232 days ago  #
Login not working. At all. I tried changing my password and it wouldn't let me do that either.

Vmos User      232 days ago  #
Scratch Is Down Again...

tseuG      232 days ago  #

Guest      232 days ago  #

Log-in      232 days ago  #

the goober with a stolen identity      236 days ago  #

gooberproductions      238 days ago  #
i guess its not working. but also, this video is sponsered by raid shadow legends. (jk)

gooberproductions      238 days ago  #
i guess a lot of ppl have the same porblems i do. ok then.

luna_is_cool_799      238 days ago  #
it doesnt even work when im signed out. getting banned sux.

-slime_star-      238 days ago  #
scratch is too slow

of course im not orange      238 days ago  #
please start working scratch

no one      238 days ago  #
again with the uh oh server troubles

guest      238 days ago  #
its lagging way too much

anonymous      238 days ago  #
taking forever to load

somebody      238 days ago  #
why is it so slow

there isnt a goober goofier than me      238 days ago  #
scratch y u no workin i just tryin to fininsh a porject rq >;b

an even goofier goober      238 days ago  #
hAh Uh Oh SeRvEr TrOuBlEs Go BrRrRrRrRrRrRr >:P

the goofiest goober in the world      238 days ago  #
no login go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

TheGeicoGekko      239 days ago  #
Scratch login isn't working! Surprising, right? Wanna know what's not surprising? 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. Switch to Geico.

Guest      239 days ago  #
"Kaj" 0_o what the...

anonymeows      239 days ago  #
It's 12am where ST lives so it probably won't be fixed for hours....

Kaj      239 days ago  #
It's not letting me in, but I might just have to try to get around the IP ban again...

hi      239 days ago  #
login wont work

Obsessedwithmcmen      239 days ago  #
Login isn't working,

Guest      239 days ago  #
Attempting to log in causes it to load then do nothing. Inserting the wrong password will give the error message but even with the correct password it does not log in.

human being      239 days ago  #
when i try to log in it loads forever

kaj      239 days ago  #
It's not letting me log in.

Kaj      240 days ago  #
Login not working.

goober with the working shift button      241 days ago  #
uH oH sErVeR tRoUbLeS gO bRrRrRrRrRrRrR

jk i was orange      241 days ago  #
sames goober except my shift button is fine

the goober with a broken shift button      241 days ago  #
uh oh server troubles in the middle of a project like wth

kalm goober      241 days ago  #
that atomic triggered goober was not me it was my sibling trying to pretend to be me sry 4 all the chaos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

FOR THE LAST TIME IM NOT ORANGE!!!!!      241 days ago  #
also u probs shouldnt be revealing ur wifi plan to everyone that could be giving away personal info

still not orange      241 days ago  #
jeez chill goober ur turning into a karen its probs just glitchy or smthg. its gonna go bacc 2 normal soon.

CAN I SPEAK TO THE MANAGER OF COX???!!?!!?!??!?!??!?!

definitely not orange      241 days ago  #

THE TRIGGERED GOOBER LVL 999999+      241 days ago  #

GooberProductions      241 days ago  #
here we go again, error loading backpack! this sux tbh

GooberProductions      241 days ago  #
it wont let me edit sounds for some reason

Guest      241 days ago  #
It wont let me edit

GooberProductions      241 days ago  #
the site refuses to load right in the middle of saving, and if i go on my other tab it didnt save. idk wut is happening.

Guest      241 days ago  #
Nothing loads

GooberProductions      242 days ago  #
the site is laggy and slow. causing lots of porblems. could also b my wifi sux.

Guest      242 days ago  #
very laggy and slow

ScratchTeam*      254 days ago  #
Hello Scratchers! First of all, we'd ask that you please refrain from impersonating any of our members. This is to prevent confusing messages from being sent out using our name. Second, thank you all for waiting and allowing us to make some corrections to our Scratch servers. They have been successfully fixed and Scratch is back up again. Scratch on!

SillyCoconuts      254 days ago  #
Are you actually the scratch team?

Scratch Team      254 days ago  #
Thank you for all your support while we were fixing our servers, have fun scratching!

Scratch Team      254 days ago  #
As of right now, we have fixed or at least temporarily patched the server error. Scratch should now be available, if a little slow.

Scratch Team      254 days ago  #
To answer SillyCoconuts, when our website goes down we like to reassure those trying to access Scratch about it's current fix status. Thank you for waiting!

SillyCoconuts      254 days ago  #

Scratch Team      254 days ago  #
Again we are still hard at work to fix our servers

SillyCoconuts      254 days ago  #
I cant believe that the scratch team actually responded

SillyCoconuts      254 days ago  #

SillyCoconuts      254 days ago  #
Also I cant save my project AAAAAAAAAAAAH

Coco      254 days ago  #
Thank you ST! vv

Scratch Team      254 days ago  #
Hello all! Scratch is currently experiencing problems with our servers. We are working hard to get them back online. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Coco      254 days ago  #
It's not just me that it isnt working? "Uh oh, server troubles". And right in the middle of an RP too..

DexterEast      254 days ago  #
Its Not Loading

Guest      254 days ago  #
"Uh oh, server troubles."

Guest      254 days ago  #
Not Loading

Mr Egg      256 days ago  #
The dang scumbag website isnt working

The Gentleman      256 days ago  #
Probs not Captain

Captain      256 days ago  #
Scratch hates us maybs?

Veteran      256 days ago  #
Dudes scratch is totally not working

Mr Cheese      256 days ago  #
Scratch sux today tbh

Player      256 days ago  #
y is scratch so glitchy

Guest      256 days ago  #
Scratch is always having porblems

Guest      256 days ago  #

-Slime_Star-      256 days ago  #
Not workin today

Anonymous      256 days ago  #
y does it keep crashing

GooberProductions      256 days ago  #
Nope didnt work. Maybs they tried to IP ban me and failed?

GooberProductions      256 days ago  #
And all the sounds in all my projects have been turned all the way down somehow. Wut the actual heck. Maybs i needs to log out and then log in again? It never happened before.

GooberProductions      256 days ago  #
Everything i click in crashes as soon as it loads. Very sus.

N-N-N-N Nerd Nerd Nerd is the word.      257 days ago  #
Back Up!

Supernerd Person.      257 days ago  #
Nothing Loads. I have three different tabs, and all are "Uh oh, Server Troubles"

anonymous      257 days ago  #

GooberProductions      257 days ago  #
Very glitchy and slow. Not usually this bad

leya      257 days ago  #

leya      257 days ago  #
i can put usser name

leya      257 days ago  #

leya      257 days ago  #
can i get feetord

leya      257 days ago  #
hello scratc not working is it working pls

-Slime_Star-      258 days ago  #
Woah @GooberProductions calm down

a very TRIGGERED GooberProductions      258 days ago  #

GooberProductions      258 days ago  #
I cant log in and the site is super slow

Supernerd Person.      262 days ago  #
Oddly Enough, My Messages are loading faster then normal.

Guest      262 days ago  #

Supernerd Person.      262 days ago  #
It seems to be cutting in and out. Slow at that.

Eee      266 days ago  #
It's down rn i think

Guest      285 days ago  #
Comments aren't loading

unnamed human      293 days ago  #
being slow

Guest      304 days ago  #

Checks and Balance      306 days ago  #
Saving problems with projects

leya      310 days ago  #
hi agen can i be front page curter

leya      310 days ago  #
i want to be font page curtato

Guest      311 days ago  #

Scratch Team      311 days ago  #
Thanks to everyone who was patient and supported us through every step of the bumpy road! should be up and running again, if not please let us know by tagging us on twitter.

DC382      311 days ago  #
@Clovertoe3352 Forums: It isn't back for me.

leya      311 days ago  #

Clovertoe3352      311 days ago  #

leya      311 days ago  #
pls i have good porjects

leya      311 days ago  #
hello can i be on feturd pls

leya      311 days ago  #

leya      311 days ago  #
can i be on fetured

leya      311 days ago  #
is this scartch tem

THE_MAN21321341      311 days ago  #

Clover again      311 days ago  #
Is there any way I can troubleshoot?

Clovertoe3352      311 days ago  #

Clovertoe3352      311 days ago  #
2nd time today, is it a problem on my side???

Ultranerd Person.      311 days ago  #
No comments for right now?

Yukari      311 days ago  #
Never mind, thanks Scratch team!

Yukari      311 days ago  #
Scratch is not working for me.

AshleyCerimson      311 days ago  #

Scratch Team      311 days ago  #
Again sorry to everyone wanting to go on Scratch for as of right now our servers are troubleshooting.

Supernerd Person.      311 days ago  #
We are back!

e      311 days ago  #

many_regrets      311 days ago  #
Really really glad you can download the project, or else that wouldve been really bad

DeltaTrooper983      311 days ago  #
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!??!?! just as i was in the middle of a project!!!!

Very Angry Supernerd Person.      311 days ago  #
We are down... AGAIN!

A very, very Frustrated Supernerd Person.      316 days ago  #
And we are back down! (FUUU)

Supernerd Person.      316 days ago  #
We are back!!

A very Frustrated Supernerd Person.      316 days ago  #
Here we go again... "Uh Oh, Server Troubles"

Guest      317 days ago  #

Supernerd Person.      317 days ago  #
@Lunaiscool, How Long ago was it?

Luna_Is_cool_799      317 days ago  #
I did but it was only 1 alert.

Supernerd Person.      317 days ago  #
@Lunaiscool, have you had any previous alerts/bans? If not, you need to appeal to your ban ASAP.

Luna_Is_cool_799      317 days ago  #
Im still having problems. I somehow got IP banned after all of this and i dont know how.

inportant person, better than u      317 days ago  #
oh we ar eback, thank youm soooooo much scratch teaaam!!!1111!1!

Luna_is_cool_799      317 days ago  #
First it was down, now it says i am IP banned? What is going on?

inportant person, better than u      317 days ago  #

Supernerd Person.      317 days ago  #
We are back on.

BluePotato621      317 days ago  #
I really don't like it it how every few days scratch goes down. Can this please stop happening?

Supernerd Person.      317 days ago  #
It is the same glitch from the other day.

Treecutter49      317 days ago  #
My Messages aren't working

Guest      317 days ago  #
fgshtjhgfdssfghjgfedfghjfdsfgh ohmygoshohmygosshscratchisdownimacopletelydiefrombordnessscratchismylife!!!1!!111!!!11 I seriously have more than 45 folllowers, I have a fanbase waitig for mee to post my stickwoman animatons!!!1!1!1!!!!1111!!

Guest      317 days ago  #
Everything. Same Glitch as a few days ago.

Supernerd Person.      317 days ago  #
Here we go again. 2nd Scratcher Invite Glitch.

Guest      317 days ago  #

Guest      317 days ago  #
loading a project

Guest      320 days ago  #
cant use any project

Luna_is_cool_799      320 days ago  #
oh its up

Luna_is_cool_799      320 days ago  #
@Supernerd Person makes sense. I have seen this happen many times.

Supernerd Person.      320 days ago  #
@Luna_is_cool_799, I have this problem too. I think that is why it is going down.

Luna_is_cool_799 on scratch      320 days ago  #
it kept saying i was invited to me a scratcher, but i was already a scratcher. and everything took forever to load. I guess this explains it.

silverfoxx698      320 days ago  #
scratch team isn't very good a their job

Supernerd Person.      320 days ago  #
It looks like it's going to be a while. If you can get the project number, you can play it using Turbowarp.

luna_is_cool_799 on scratch      320 days ago  #
not working today

Random Person      320 days ago  #
scratch servers are down, WHY IS THAT!?

Supernerd Person.      320 days ago  #
It's a full on outage. Forums, main site everything. TBG and Wiki work.

Eduphoria      320 days ago  #
restarted my iPad and everything. it won’t work. scratch has been acting weird lately anyways.

Eduphoria      320 days ago  #
Yesterday it was working just fine but now it’s looking pretty weird

Eduphoria      320 days ago  #
@Admin none of the links work. im using an iPad.

Eduphoria      320 days ago  #
yeah it says it for me that its down. what happened? i was just working on a project and now its down.

The Banker from South Park.      320 days ago  #
And it's gone. Again.

SANSSSS DANSSSSS      320 days ago  #
wut the hell happend

KaydenB59873 on scratch      320 days ago  #
Probably. It's just a guess. But ya, the first part of that is true.

KaydenB59873 on scratch      320 days ago  #
No, it's not that @Admin, we just can't see our messages. They are updating the website.

Some Guy      338 days ago  #
The website keeps going down repeatedly.

LuciferDRK      339 days ago  #
Log-In (After pressing the 'Log In' button, it only refreshes the page and doesn't log you into your account.)

Some Nerd.      339 days ago  #
Website/Forums. TBG Forums are working, however.

Guy saying forums are down.      339 days ago  #
Also it's like taking forever to load.

Guest      339 days ago  #
Forums are down.

Guest      341 days ago  #
Profiles load for me now

Guest      341 days ago  #
No profiles will load, results in server error.

SOMEONE ON SCRATCH      358 days ago  #
I can't login >:(

wtsf      360 days ago  #
Breaking. outage raged

snowflake boiii      360 days ago  #
down alert

TheFireyFan      360 days ago  #
scratch down.

Guest      360 days ago  #
messages wont display

Guest      360 days ago  #
Creating Game

Guest      366 days ago  #
Editing music

Corran_Everyone      383 days ago  #
I Can't Save My Project

Guest      385 days ago  #
and use them

Guest      385 days ago  #
The login bar disappeared for me. I can't sign in or create a new account. I can see projects perfectly fine.

hi      486 days ago  #
login is not working

Guest      497 days ago  #

A Scratcher      507 days ago  #
I can access the site just fine, but I can't log in. I have all of my information entered correctly.

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119 days ago   30 May 2021

@Sysastic   Before anyone would say anything, no, the deleted account with the same name, "unfavorablesemi" on Scr4tch, wasn't created by the creator, but by me. I deleted it days after the creation, as I felt like it's completely unfitting and it would cause issues. read the source
143 days ago   6 May 2021

@chapekar_rishi   @grassfrui7 The last Pull Request before the outage: Ported entire codebase to Scratch, expected uptime is now 120% read the source
286 days ago   14 December 2020

@frijol2208   working since 8:30 am and Im still not donedecided to start my bitmoji classroom from scratch. Deleted everything principal asks how my classroom is going? Kindly reminds me its due Monday getting grades done because theres a planned system outage tomorrow read the source
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