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Riaan Colville      9 days ago  # 17 May 2022
Tower off in Kensington Port Elizabeth since yesterday.. Please fix the tower because internet has little to no signal.. Even a simple whatsapp takes 40 seconds to be sent

EB      9 days ago  # 17 May 2022
Probably the worst internet provider. I'm constantly "connected without internet". Might have to switch to a different provider if this problem persists.

BL      29 days ago  # 28 April 2022
Very poor network coverage for the past 5 days, i can not even make a call????????????????????

JC      30 days ago  # 26 April 2022
Now 7 Gig of my data just disappeared, but I cant surf the web or anything else for that matter, but the data is gone. Telkom =Eskom =disintegrated/pathetic/useless

LBJ      31 days ago  # 25 April 2022
Very poor connectivity for the past two weeks. Upload and download speed less than half of what it use to be. If this doesn't improve soon I'll have to find another service provider that can deliver the service I pay for!

WDP      32 days ago  #
Really poor connectivity for days on end. Very frustrating lack of support from Telkom. Quick to make a sale, slow to deliver a service. Discontinued our DSL line due to damn awful service, but now will not renew our LTE with Telkom.

JC      33 days ago  #
Connectivity and Internet sooooo slow. Use to have 40mbps + down, 20Mbps up with latency of 20ms. Now if I get 5Mbps down and 10Mbps up with a latency of over 60ms if I am lucky. Fix the damn problem Telkom

Freddie Gouws      36 days ago  #
Pretoria West no connectivity since last week Thursday till date mobile data, router LTE network . So sick and tired of always having network problems and not even the technicians, sales and call centers can help us.

Sign      36 days ago  #
my data are expiring in 4days to come and i haven't use them because of this shi*&### f***ing telkom network do something we trusted you but now you're showing us some shit. fix your issues please , whole of Pretoria

no need for my name      36 days ago  #
in Pretoria CBD no connectivity since last week Thursday till date mobile data, route network itself. we are sick and tired of this. we can't even do our work and submit assignment. we have signed a contract with you Telkom and if we don't pay is going to be an big issue. how can we suffer for something we have paid for is not like we are owing or behind with the payments.

Annie      37 days ago  #
Telkom LTE in Rustenburg not working. Can't do any work

Imogen 0815275026      37 days ago  #
We are sick of not having network in Edenpark Alberton...We can't even work..and whats going to happen to our time based data we bought...This situation is sickening to say the lease...been for weeks on end.Telkom dont care about their customers serious. The worse service provider ever

Julie      76 days ago  #
Is Telkom internet down Albertinia?

Larry Lewis langa ndlovu      109 days ago  #
Telkom internet and network connection in bethal mpumalanga province South Africa to be updated and upgraded with the android smartphone operating systems as some time it's down specifically on and off in surrounding areas in given mbeki

Kevin      198 days ago  #
My Telkom internet connection has been down since 10h00. I've sent text messages/called to no avail.

Steven      198 days ago  #
Internet still down...2weeks ????

Steven      206 days ago  #
Internet down since last Wednesday....Just Crazy????

B      211 days ago  #
They never answer their customer service calls. When they have issues, it would be nice for an SmS or something to be sent out so people are aware that there is a problem. If u not good with tech stuff u usually assuming it’s only individuals WiFi/ DSL or issues with router. Logging calls in apps, waiting forever for a consultant to answer. Horrible customer services

SB      211 days ago  #
MosselBay ADSL not working

Guy Jacques      220 days ago  #
Internet Connection down for over 7days.

Guest      234 days ago  #
No Telkom Network - just trying to connect the whole time