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Letter "1" 3 days ago:   THE WORST SERVICE EVER. SO SAD TO SEE A GOOD COMPANY GO TO THE JUNK YARD 32 days ago: is the legit site,,,,,,,,,,,above sites r fake ones,,,,,b careful,,,,,,,,,,,, 78 days ago:   I am unable to sign up to the app 30 days ago:   Meaningless and inaccurate tracking information. Tracking info states parcel was delivered. It wasn't. 28 days ago:   IP Address No matter which network you are accessing the IP address of its own? Many routers have an IP address of Major brands like LinkSys and Alcatel use routers that have it. If yours has one, you’re sure to see it when you ... 16 days ago:   Frowny face and this site can't be reached, no matter what I try. 39 days ago:   bets not loading in bet history section