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Letter "1" 56 days ago:   my website hosted by 1-grid has been down since friday 31st march 6pm and its now sunday 2nd april 11am and it is still down and their support to fix this is terrible ... 25 days ago:   My website link suddenly changed to 100 days ago:   trying to log in , server never connects 40 days ago:   I enjoy watching new movies on this site. 19 hours ago:   Quite weird that im unable to watch movies on this site rn and i have to wait for it to be back quite confused where i can watch movies while it's down ... 45 days ago:   I am happy 23 days ago:   best site 84 days ago:   People post nasty gay sex comments and hate comments about killing Jew' the comment section. 28 days ago:   Great website to watch movies and tv series free. 26 days ago:   Website is not opening 84 days ago:   They’ve taken this away from us too? My god can’t we live and enjoy things in peace anymore ????????‍♀️ does anyone have any other site that we can watch programming on? ... 25 days ago:   This error comes up for the site ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Unable to forward this request at this time. This request could not be forwarded to the origin server or to any parent caches. Some ... 33 days ago:   Search Function is not Working, it shows torrents upto a specific date of April, 2023. Suppose you Search "Hindi" it will show torrents uploaded till 10th April, 2023 not thereafter... ... 3 days ago:   Wow, people are assholes. Fixing things takes a shit-ton of time, especially considering all of the things they've said they've had to deal with on Twitter. We all want it back up, but it isn't as simple as "grr just fix it already we've been ... 55 days ago:   I was logout on my 1688 38 days ago:   how to open 17topgame 78 days ago:   really? 62 days ago:   the website has been down for 4 hours, any idea about what’s going on? 71 days ago:   Yeah I got in this morning ( March 18 2023) to watch The Last Of Us but when I clicked on the video I wanted to watch and clicked the server, it would just load continuously and not do anything. ... 19 days ago:   Server error 500 11 days ago:   I was reading perfectly fine a minute ago an when I got off and tried to get on the website it logged me out 50 days ago:   No new updates since the 1st of April 4 days ago:   I can’t withdraw my money