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Letter "z" 75 days ago:   the website is not allowing me to order shoes... when i get to the confirming part of the order it tells me that something is wrong and that they are working on it but i would really like to order shoes so get it working ... 56 days ago:   iPad login failed. Online login ok 15 days ago:   "Server not found" is the message I keep getting. Had the same problem yesterday and used one of the above links, but those links don't work today. 79 days ago:   I can't cancel my order.... My eta for pickup in store is tmrw, but own have even shipped yet from the warehouse. This is the second time I'm placing the order. ... 66 days ago:   Not working 522 error showing 15 days ago:   Transfer from Wells Fargo to my bank of B of A didn’t go through. Pissed 16 days ago:   Guest logins not working for any gallery this morning 53 days ago:   Login on app not working 24 days ago:   Happens all the time with Zillow. 51 days ago:   still down browser and app 113 days ago:   Log-in has been down for me since yesterday 91 days ago:   App down 102 days ago:   Campaigns & Bigin Login Page not opening (from India) 22 days ago:   Is zoom not working today 9/24/21 9 days ago:   Site not working since yesterday afternoon about 2:00 pm. Today is 10-7- 21 33 days ago:   Account Log-in 5 days ago:   why is not working, im tryna watch then its not loading 42 days ago:   Down 92 days ago:   July 16, 2021 502 warning What's going on with Zulily? 3 days ago:   Just lost 1 billion thanks to constantly losing connection even though my WiFi is fine. Thanks Zynga. Refund me!