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Guest      19 hours ago  # 15 October 2021

Guest      2 days ago  # 15 October 2021

Guest      3 days ago  # 13 October 2021
General Outage

who      5 days ago  # 12 October 2021
why is not working, im tryna watch then its not loading

Guest      6 days ago  # 10 October 2021
it won't load when i'm trying to watch smth

Shrek      8 days ago  #
Im trying to play an anime, but instead it takes me to other recomended ones on zoro.to

Guest      9 days ago  #
It’s won’t play the episode it’s just a black screen

guest      9 days ago  #
website acting up

Guest      9 days ago  #

EnsongSenpai      12 days ago  #
Why is the Rapidstream is not working??? I need that server cuz, it has the best quality and no lag.. please bring it back

Guest      14 days ago  #
the subtitles are not showing

Guest      15 days ago  #
Rapid stream isn't working it was working fine until yesterday

Guest      16 days ago  #
Rapid stream error

Guest      16 days ago  #
102630 error code , every time i try to use the rapid stream server. Vidcloud is Slow and Pauses a l

Guest      16 days ago  #
Rapid stream not playing Lags and Pauses and random moments

lumossiteiga      26 days ago  #
video wont play

Guest      28 days ago  #
rapid stream server isnt working for me on laptop and hasnt for the past month or so

Guest      30 days ago  #
cant play episodes

Jake      32 days ago  #
Bad steaming website wont even load and so many pop us and 18+ websites poping up

YourFreindlyOtaku      32 days ago  #
vidoes wont play and it will bounce be from rapidstream to vidcloud

Karma Rouge      32 days ago  #
Mine shows "Bad Gateway", I was in the middle of watching One Piece

tinkietunky      32 days ago  #
why the f*** would there be bots talking about the site being down

Cali      32 days ago  #
Hey you Guest, are u actually a person or a bot

Cali      32 days ago  #
is there even people here ;-;

Cali      32 days ago  #
i was about to finish an episode :(

Cali      32 days ago  #
not working

Chris      37 days ago  #
Won’t play anything just bounces back to the home page… lame

aaa      37 days ago  #
When I press watch now it kicks me to the home screen

Fear      43 days ago  #
Can’t play show

Nicka      43 days ago  #

Guest      43 days ago  #
Can’t watch shows

Guest      43 days ago  #
General Outage

Guest      49 days ago  #
Subtitles in JOJO 2

jojo      58 days ago  #

Guest      64 days ago  #
Video player isnt working

Guest      64 days ago  #
Servers not working on more than one device

e      65 days ago  #
me too

Guest      66 days ago  #

gahhana      69 days ago  #
if your problem was bringing you to other peoples profiles- that's been fixed now I think someone hacked the website or summin

Guest      70 days ago  #
account problem

Guest      70 days ago  #
when i go to continue watching i brings me to someone elses continue watching list this also happens when i go to my watchlist

Guest      70 days ago  #
My profile is not mine when i go to it

Guest      70 days ago  #
everytime i make a new account it gives me a random profile/account

Guest      70 days ago  #
Everytime i make a new account, when i go to continue watching there are animes that i haven't even

Guest      70 days ago  #
I go to zoro and for reason I am not logged into my account but someone else. I tried signing out bu

VEINNN      70 days ago  #
the login its an unknown account please fix it

varun      70 days ago  #
for me every new unknown accounts are popping when i refresh the page

yvngmickey      70 days ago  #
not working make me sad:((( very sad

Blaze      70 days ago  #
Page not found

Guest      74 days ago  #
It says error when I want to stream

Guest      76 days ago  #

Guest      79 days ago  #
Error 502 :(

RaluRalu      79 days ago  #
Search function working, but the moment I want to access my “currently watching” list or start any film or series, it goes into error 502.

guest      79 days ago  #
not working

Guest      87 days ago  #
When I play watch button the screen says vidcloud.one refused to connect

Donnell      100 days ago  #
Is it working now?

Nicholas      100 days ago  #
I'm trying to watch one Piece but is show a blank screen for me is anyone having trouble like me ?

Donnell      100 days ago  #
I’m trying to watch naurto Shippuden pain vs naurto but it shows blank screen

Danny      100 days ago  #
Everytime Itry to watch anime it keeps saying "vidcloud.one refused to connect" and wont play the anime.

Brandon      100 days ago  #
Site down can't watch one piece

Guest      100 days ago  #
Site down blank screen

Guest      100 days ago  #
The website isn’t letting me watch my anime

Guest      112 days ago  #
Every time i try to watch the anime i have been watching for the past few weeks, it just brings me t

Zoro.to Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:

@pixandpaws   Theres some really simple translation issues that VIZ/Funimation have when working on OP that drive me absolutely insane, because theyre such small things. Like Zoro to Zolo or Gear Second/Third/Fourth to Gear Two/Three/Four why? Theyre already literally in English. read the source
70 days ago   7 August 2021

@gevy   @whoresforanime My fav since it has like no ads - https://t.co/nT8ism58V1 2nd fav is - https://t.co/p0iqmcpXh6(Zoro sometimes has audio or picture quality issues though so thats the only downside of it but gogoanime is alright if you handle some ads..) read the source
84 days ago   24 July 2021