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you know      2 days ago  # 23 June 2022
also another problem is that there is a ton of new pop ups and its also taking me to other websites which is new

you know      2 days ago  # 23 June 2022
zoro.to is not letting me sign into my account its just telling me 404 page not found and its also just being buggy in general i cant pull up the menu from the 3 bars on the top left and its not letting me watch anything

Me      5 days ago  # 21 June 2022
uh so ive another problem, if u press page 2, it wont work, 404

Twin      5 days ago  # 21 June 2022
I am getting a lot of virus add pop ups for some reason.

Someone      6 days ago  # 19 June 2022
When I go to watch season 3 episode 12 of my hero acadamia it takes me to a weird site can anyone help

mihika      7 days ago  #
ita showing malicious site blocked when i open a new tab

syaq      7 days ago  #
its quite weird that zoro.to has an ad now

Yes      7 days ago  #
There’s a ton of virus pop ups, whenever i enter the website and try to sign it (it signs my acc out) i got scared at first bcz this had never happened before w the app, at some point i thought my acc got hacked but i saw somebody saying the same thing abt the adds so that’s makes me feel calmer

Shid      7 days ago  #
I really hope the website admin gets rid of these malware links, until then I'm just not gonna use the site...

Shid      7 days ago  #
There's a shit ton of virus ads that keep popping up now, it's annoying

penis sucker 5000      8 days ago  #
i cant login because their no robot verify what do i do

syaq      8 days ago  #
yikes i still cant access op

Alex      8 days ago  #
yeah might be that

o0Lemon_Boi0o      8 days ago  #
So anyone tryna play a game?

Brudda      8 days ago  #

Brudda      8 days ago  #
Nope, it back up and running. I use it when Zoro is down

Yikes      8 days ago  #
Pretty sure the website got taken down after a Big TikToker openly talked about it ????

Brudda      8 days ago  #
If it does not come back up, I would recommend using Simplyaweeb.to, Not as good as Zoro.to, but is still really good.

Naruto      8 days ago  #
Why this happen now I am watching goku and I do not have time to wait I am bussy

mystery      8 days ago  #
website showing error bruh

Yup it’s down      8 days ago  #

ciel      8 days ago  #
papa ciel is trying to watch when they cry stop plz

Someone who can't afford to pay and watch anime      8 days ago  #
Just when I decided to watch anime again

o0Lemon_Boi0o      8 days ago  #
Was watching the final season of AOT and the web server just went down :,)

Darth Vader      8 days ago  #
watching hunter x hunter and it had just gone down and I don't know why.

Lions      8 days ago  #
The website was mentioned on tiktok

KeifRayzen      8 days ago  #
bro I'm watching one piece:)) website down

syaq      8 days ago  #
one piece not working again

M01      8 days ago  #
Not working for me

Mrs. Little      8 days ago  #
Nope it's just buffering for me. I've tried the other links but they don't work either.. what's going on here..

vee      8 days ago  #
is it only me that its not working rn?

Game gord love it      13 days ago  #
Works for a bit and then just starts buffering, I wonder what's going on...

Zoro not work      14 days ago  #
bro what I was abt to watch one piece bro

sanjit      14 days ago  #
why is zoro not working

go outside      14 days ago  #
Touch the grass

gg      14 days ago  #
lmao people raging at a free website that provided us good anime, like check ur broke privilege at the door fam, prob a ddos attack by one of yall numbnut ragers who didnt have their anime on their so they got mad. I hope it comes back online soon or isnt taken down completely.

noah      14 days ago  #
every time i try to look up an anime it wont give me any search results

zoro.two fix your website!!!!      14 days ago  #
bruh i finaly found something good to watch and this happens............

Rehan Ahmed      14 days ago  #
Almost 80% of the anime are not coming. I tried to watch your lie in April and also your name but I was failed, ease fix it.

Natan      15 days ago  #
Is the website down again or is it just me ?

dbwqkjnkd      15 days ago  #

slay      17 days ago  #
hello every anime I try to watch the subtitles have other chats between people in them please don't do that and fix it for Ace of Diamond and Seraph of The End. :)

mars      21 days ago  #
it wont play, let me search, website barely loads :( blease god i just want to watch mp100

Xans      22 days ago  #
It wont let me create an account >:(

Ok jej      25 days ago  #

chris      25 days ago  #
i literally have 2 more eps left of naruto shippuden and its not letting me watch, its just there stuck loading

Mohammed      26 days ago  #
Legit nothings working I've left it for 2 hours now and it's still buffering

syaq      26 days ago  #
why it is only one piece thats not working

Whitelotus      26 days ago  #
I need to finish Quanzi Fashi Lol

KeifRayzen      26 days ago  #
bro host website bad gateway again:(

syaq      26 days ago  #
we need one piece

Red      26 days ago  #
I need to watch one piece

ur mom      26 days ago  #
i'm tryna watch deathnote hereeeeeee
and i cant even get it on crunchyroll only THIS HEKKING THING

CAKE      35 days ago  #

copz      35 days ago  #
cool one piece is not working again f*** this mannnn

Pain      35 days ago  #
I was gonna start Spy x Family nooooo

mama      35 days ago  #
hey who's doing these subtitles man fix that

Crossfire      36 days ago  #
One piece not loading

checked another anime, and it worked. (checked boruto)

(found bug 2 days ago)

for some reason i can watch one piece on my phone      38 days ago  #
it works on the phone?

GİVE ME BACK ONE PİECE      38 days ago  #

WHAT?      38 days ago  #
f***ing shit I've been waiting for nearly 2 days and it still no work frucken trash

CPO      38 days ago  #
Sub is not working just tryna watch spy x family

Redeyes      38 days ago  #
wow im trying to watch attack on titan because i haven't watched it before then the website is down

Nobl3ss3      39 days ago  #
The sight works on other search engines but I can’t load comments, it’s no fun watching something and not being able to read comments

Asta      39 days ago  #
Bro im trying to watch one piece and this website keeps going down!!

Jeb      39 days ago  #
I wanna watch one piece :(

000      39 days ago  #
Hay guys try 9Anime till the website fix's it's issue

portGAS d. Laced      39 days ago  #
aight nvm... just have patience i guess.

portGAS d. Laced      39 days ago  #
come on bruh im tryna watch one piece

BuzzInfinite      39 days ago  #
what the literal f*** is this im not able to watch one piece its been 4 hours

Misfit      39 days ago  #
Why is your site having so many issues lately and why don't youse have the uncut adult versions of anime youse rate them r18+ and then proceed to edit out the swearing at times I noticed this alot in vinland saga please fix these issues

Kkkkkkkkkk      39 days ago  #

Harry Potter      39 days ago  #
I'm as pissed as all of you are. I'm trying to watch Attack on Titan

Brooooo?!      39 days ago  #
I can’t sign in and I’m getting an infinite loading screen

Cj      39 days ago  #
This trash f***ing shit keeps loading infinitely plz fix this

Me sad :(      39 days ago  #
Its still not working :(

Zoro.to hurry the fck up      39 days ago  #
Bro if this keeps loading for the next TEN f***ING MINUTES I’m finding a new place to watch one piece

FUCK U      39 days ago  #
Bro infinite loading screen??????? Fix this immediate

-__-      39 days ago  #
Time to look for a new site to watch my anime

Simileu      39 days ago  #
Infinite loading???? plis fix this

Rin      39 days ago  #
Bro its still not fixed?!

Clayton      39 days ago  #
What is this fken infinite loading screen bullshit

Ace      39 days ago  #
Fken loading OMFG trash a*s sh*t

Smiles      39 days ago  #
So I ain't the only one then with the loading system

brayden      39 days ago  #
f***in infinite load screen bullshit

Kojou      39 days ago  #
I can't sign in

000      39 days ago  #
Yha I'm currently watching one piece and it is loading and loading and loading

Rin      39 days ago  #
Zoro not working again..

-__-      39 days ago  #
i can watch rock lee but not aot. this sucks

-__-      39 days ago  #
why isn't my anime loading I've been sitting here for 2 hours.

FUCK U      39 days ago  #

Rue      39 days ago  #
Not loading any episodes :(

4hr      39 days ago  #
zoro plz fix this. shitt

Ivor      39 days ago  #
Hard to understand. Long shonen anime is not watchable while other short anime can be watch

hhsh      39 days ago  #

ichigo      40 days ago  #
doesn't work

E P I C#4298      42 days ago  #

E P I C#4820      42 days ago  #

Yooseh      43 days ago  #
Subs aren’t working, full screen isn’t working, been refreshing and resetting my chrome since a week ago. What’s goin on :”D

FickOro      43 days ago  #
Againnnn matahku

YT      43 days ago  #
It is still not working because of cloudfare i think

Nigga like do suck black dick      45 days ago  #
it don't let me login

Nigga      48 days ago  #
Bro its down again

Nigger sex      49 days ago  #
Work nigger s** won’t work nigger s** work nigger s**

Faggot      49 days ago  #
Fuking trash ass nigger faggot app not working homo

Ace      49 days ago  #
Bruh I was in the middle of a one piece arc ep 447 then this shhhh happened

Sarim Gurung      49 days ago  #
guys i just checked its back

Sarim Gurung      49 days ago  #
when will it be back to normal

blabla      49 days ago  #
is anyone's zoro.to website here also error?

Nigger      49 days ago  #
f***ing trash nigger app not working

IZombie      49 days ago  #
yes it down for mee too

No family ????      49 days ago  #

E P I C#4280      49 days ago  #
Breh anyone here in the middle of watching an anime and it goes down:?

Sckitter      49 days ago  #
Reset password but password reset isn't working get a code in put it in for it not to work at all so can't sign in

dicksauce      52 days ago  #
Zoro will be downed sometimes because it is a streaming platform with no backbone basically. If you have this issue, wait for a while for it to repair itself. It may take an hour or it may take a week to fix.

User      53 days ago  #
Not working for me either. I tried watching on a different website similar to Zoro but had the same message: "rapid-cloud.ru refused to connect"
What does that mean? Is it a browser issue?

bj      54 days ago  #

Ndnd      56 days ago  #
Why the heck is it not working again

J      58 days ago  #
yoooo yesssss its fixed!!

K      58 days ago  #

J      58 days ago  #
well i guess no anime until the problem is fixed . im very sad rn

Weeb      58 days ago  #
Yeah I'm making a search and it's just blank

webb369      58 days ago  #
dose anyone know when this will be fixed

webb369      58 days ago  #
no shows will load

K      58 days ago  #
J The same thing is happening to me

J      58 days ago  #
when i search something it didnt pop up whats happening?

what      63 days ago  #
infinite loading rip

Ok      63 days ago  #

T      63 days ago  #
Down again

Sus      63 days ago  #
It’s not loading right now anyone know if it’s down

L      63 days ago  #

Ikee2421      64 days ago  #
Won't work for me

Secret      64 days ago  #
nvm its working

Secret      64 days ago  #
Anyone know when it will be back up??

e      64 days ago  #
its down again

Mama      64 days ago  #
I’m here

AnimeAnimeAnimeAnime      64 days ago  #
No one here...

AnimeAnimeAnimeAnime      64 days ago  #
Guys anyone

AnimeAnimeAnimeAnime      64 days ago  #
Anyone there???

AnimeAnimeAnimeAnime      64 days ago  #
Hi guys

BooB      64 days ago  #
bad req error

King      64 days ago  #
Bro literally zoro.to shows host error for me

N42UTO      64 days ago  #
It keeps sending ne to someone elses account

human      64 days ago  #
every time I click my accountor anythingrelatedto that it sends me to another person's account

Anthony Hatcher      64 days ago  #
Please help it says im logged in but when i go to my watch list or continue watching it shows a random persons acounts watch list and continue watching i even tryed logging in and out but it wont show my watch list or continue watching and when i go to profile it shows some random persons email and username and i dont know how i can get all of my anime i put on my watch list back!!!

Stevi      65 days ago  #
Every time I click it it makes me watch two adds when there done it says reward garenty and then don’t let me watch

ok pt2      66 days ago  #

ok      66 days ago  #
yo its down april 20

ShAdOw*-*      70 days ago  #
for u guys is it that whenever u click watch now it puts you back to the home screen? thats whats happening for me

LADYGUY      71 days ago  #
Zoro isn't working.

lazer      71 days ago  #
its not working oof

Hitler’sHandyHelper      72 days ago  #
Why does this same error come up every other week. Fix your website

Poopshute      72 days ago  #
Is zoro down for anyone else again with that same 502 error?

Rue      72 days ago  #
it's down for me. 4anime.gg works great guys

slay      73 days ago  #
bro im having a bad day already common now

loovved      73 days ago  #
is it me or nothings loading?

okkkkkkkkkkkkkk      73 days ago  #

Rue      73 days ago  #
down for me right now

okkkkkkkkkkkkkk      74 days ago  #
zoro.to is running again!

Jake      74 days ago  #
Can't I just have piece

Jake      74 days ago  #

Dixie Normus      74 days ago  #
Man shit was working alright now it's down again with a 502 error. Last hour it was 521 error, what's happening man.

Jake      74 days ago  #
Are you kidding me

Jake      74 days ago  #

[]      74 days ago  #
all good here so far

Ashton      74 days ago  #
oh its working... few, I'm finally free. see ya

Ashton      74 days ago  #
its not loading my show

Jake      74 days ago  #

Rachel      74 days ago  #

Rachel      74 days ago  #
Huh what

Ashton      74 days ago  #

Jake      74 days ago  #
Wait what mines not

Ashton      74 days ago  #
Oh and here, its very similar to zoro https://animefreak.site/

hohoho      74 days ago  #
its alive lol

Rachel      74 days ago  #

yes      74 days ago  #

Jake      74 days ago  #
Bye this is getting boring

Rachel      74 days ago  #

Ashton      74 days ago  #
Im heading to bed, but if the websites not back up by tomorrow, someone's gonna get real hurt.

Rachel      74 days ago  #

Jake      74 days ago  #
Damnit bro no angels of death season 2

Ashton      74 days ago  #
oh AM, so you are a normal anime watcher.

Jake      74 days ago  #

Ashton      74 days ago  #
oh, its 1:38 am for me. Sleep is for the weak

rez      74 days ago  #
what the hell is happening ?

Jake      74 days ago  #

J      74 days ago  #
Oops mistyped I meant 2:37 am

Ashton      74 days ago  #

Jake      74 days ago  #
2:37 pm

billy bob joe      74 days ago  #
pedophile dosent equal charecter depth

Jake      74 days ago  #

Ashton      74 days ago  #
What time is it for you.

Jake      74 days ago  #

Ashton      74 days ago  #
He honestly has enough character depth to have his own anime

Jake      74 days ago  #
This better be fix later today

billy bob joe      74 days ago  #
animesuge.io you all owe me

Ashton      74 days ago  #
Hisokas my background on my home screen. He's fire.

Rachel      74 days ago  #
I can't wait...to break you HISOKA words

Ashton      74 days ago  #
Just look up free pirated anime websites

R      74 days ago  #
Gon~ Gonnnnnn~

Twitter Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports from Twitter:

@SurgeonOfDeat13   RT @SakiGodLou: more of those moments, we get slandered for it. Most of the issues that Zoro fans have presented haven't even been wild exp read the source
1 day ago   24 June 2022

@SakiGodLou   more of those moments, we get slandered for it. Most of the issues that Zoro fans have presented haven't even been wild expectations, but things the Author(Oda) presented to us, I.e. his parallel to Ryuma, why did Hyogoro say it was fate that brought Zoro to Wano, is & if Zoro https://t.co/06hS7 read the source
2 days ago   23 June 2022

@SenseiTsundoku   @Iamokkfornow @johndgoat @Geo_AW There's already a pretty famous swordsman named Zorro in other media. Viz changed his name from Zoro to Zolo to avoid any potential issues. Plus Rs are sometimes pronounced as Ls in Japanese anyways so it's far from a stretch. read the source
12 days ago   14 June 2022

@Hezammm2   @RenjiSnapbacks Just adds more to the giant list of issues I have with Wano. The Grim Reaper thing could lead into much more, connecting Zoro to hell, be used to expand on Ashura, create more nuance for swords in OP, etc. I don't see it turning into something irrelevant. read the source
14 days ago  

@Dalhat_md   #ONEPIECE1051 I understand that people have issues with the way Wano is ending. I do tooBut we have to acknowledge that some people wanted Zoro to "fight" and "win" against the "grim reaper", somehow awaken as Ryuma, then go cut off Kaido's head. All with 206 broken bones. read the source
16 days ago  

@imPrudhviA   @thecutiepet Hey I am getting some server issues with https://t.co/NkO2t5R1Il https://t.co/LBC3VIAtnQ read the source
49 days ago  

@imPrudhviA   @Zorodotto Hey is there any server issues with https://t.co/NkO2t5R1Il https://t.co/R14PdaiXeW read the source
49 days ago  

@edgeworthlez   @skeletalruckus zoro has so many problems and issues this would never ever happen but it is my dream for zoro to train tashigi i think it would be really awesome. and also still not tell her abt kuina so shes just like uhm why are you so caught up on me and hes like dont worry abt it. read the source
60 days ago  

@Margare42091239   RT @RonSylvia3: @catswithnohope Keep your spirit up my friend. You do all you can to give these kitty cats the best life they can have. Som read the source
111 days ago  

@RonSylvia3   @catswithnohope Keep your spirit up my friend. You do all you can to give these kitty cats the best life they can have. Sometimes health issues effect them before they come into your care and you get them the best help possible when that happens. Let's keep positive vibes for zoro to get better. htt read the source
112 days ago  

@TheRobotSkeleto   RT @Alibaaboo: @Soul_StormOP What is left for Zoro to do? The only issues now are Kaido ( Luffy) WG ( Zunisha) BM (wont be Zoro) and the B read the source
149 days ago  

@Alibaaboo   @Soul_StormOP What is left for Zoro to do? The only issues now are Kaido ( Luffy) WG ( Zunisha) BM (wont be Zoro) and the BM Pirates ( no one can handle rn) read the source
149 days ago  

@M2MosesTrust   Both of their fights led them the opposite way, Zoro to the right from having difficulty with King and Sanji to the left from issues with identity, code and family https://t.co/JjPDLqbqrz read the source
211 days ago  

@senjuxuchiha   RT @darkking940610: @Prince_Superior U have issues keep comparing king to a combined yk att u serious bruh. What did u expect zoro to block read the source
225 days ago  

@darkking940610   @Prince_Superior U have issues keep comparing king to a combined yk att u serious bruh. What did u expect zoro to block that with no reparcussion it would undermine kaido & big mom and make the others wg look weak af. Cmon bruh u know better read the source
225 days ago  

@pixandpaws   Theres some really simple translation issues that VIZ/Funimation have when working on OP that drive me absolutely insane, because theyre such small things. Like Zoro to Zolo or Gear Second/Third/Fourth to Gear Two/Three/Four why? Theyre already literally in English. read the source
322 days ago  

@gevy   @whoresforanime My fav since it has like no ads - https://t.co/nT8ism58V1 2nd fav is - https://t.co/p0iqmcpXh6(Zoro sometimes has audio or picture quality issues though so thats the only downside of it but gogoanime is alright if you handle some ads..) read the source
337 days ago