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s\john      16 hours ago  # 23 Jan 2022
2 cents

neo      11 days ago  # 13 Jan 2022
I am having some problem with zoro.to, cause episodes aren't loading up properly, it needs to load up every 10 seconds, like, literally every 10 seconds

invisible323      11 days ago  # 13 Jan 2022
try using animeheaven.pro if zoro.to is not working

m      12 days ago  # 12 Jan 2022
guys how do i fix this i cant even watch a single anime on any sites all of their error is the sameThe webpage at https://rapid-cloud.ru/embed-6/fl4dtPZLz5MK?z=&autoPlay=1&oa=1 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
plss help me if you know what to do

m      13 days ago  # 11 Jan 2022
i cant watch anything the error im getting is The webpage at https://rapid-cloud.ru/embed-6/fl4dtPZLz5MK?z=&autoPlay=1&oa=1 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Wiener schnitzel      18 days ago  #
Dawg all I’m tryna do is watch is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon and it’s down :’(

S      22 days ago  #
Does someone have the same problem if u type zoro.to in that u get redirected to 4anime.gg?

A      22 days ago  #
maybe they're updating the site or something

s      22 days ago  #
i was watching my show and the website crashed and said error 504

A      22 days ago  #
WAIT what other sites?

A      22 days ago  #
When I open the site, it says 'error 504'

Zoro.to username- Selene      22 days ago  #
Well dang, i was silently binging One Piece and I almost was upto the part of Doffy vs Luffy but the site had to go down ;-; well I have some other sites so cya later yall

Beanmuncher9000      22 days ago  #
How long does stuff like this usually take to fix? I really wanted to watch the next ep ad free lol

damn bro she thicc      22 days ago  #
Yep I think the server is down now aaaa I didn't even finish my last episode

pwetty      22 days ago  #
it has anime

Vibath      39 days ago  #
Website isn't working
Theres a host erroe or something E

e      40 days ago  #
it keeps saying "privacy error"

Anime FAN      40 days ago  #
Till yesterday It was working and when I started zoro.to today it's showing me "RELODE'' option. I tried 100's of time but it's not working.

Bughhhh      52 days ago  #
Not Working

Bruh      52 days ago  #
The website ain’t working

random one piece fan      52 days ago  #
its not working rn is it?

unknown      53 days ago  #
the website is not working anymore

Deandry      55 days ago  #
My anime has no sound

Ren      59 days ago  #
It's working for me, but all of a sudden its very slow, it's not my net, everything else is working very well.

Chopper      60 days ago  #
ye does it say reset on the to left

Goku      64 days ago  #
I hit 500 episodes of one piece and then when i come back to the site it wouldnt work

ember      74 days ago  #
yea its not working for me either :(

Big fan      74 days ago  #
I thought it was just me

fan      74 days ago  #
i wonder when its going to start working again.
zoro.to is the best! i miss it already

i am human      74 days ago  #
why is it not working?

another regular human      74 days ago  #
i thought i was the only one

just some regular human      74 days ago  #
oh good to know im not the only one it isnt working so it will probably be fixed soon then

Nanami      74 days ago  #
Not working

yo      74 days ago  #
no work

omar      74 days ago  #
its down again :(

somedude      76 days ago  #
bruh my school blocked zoro.to is there another zoro.to available

Ibrahim      77 days ago  #
I was watching attack on Titans and I was in the last sessions ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Guest      86 days ago  #

Manu      86 days ago  #
Still 502 bad gateway

Guest      86 days ago  #
why isn't it working

guest      86 days ago  #
when will zoro.to be back up ?

Lan      98 days ago  #
Its back guyss yaaaaaa

cum      98 days ago  #
damn it down

Lan      98 days ago  #
So its down for everyone.... Wish it will be on soon ????

Lan      98 days ago  #
Ahhhhhhh its down whyyyyyyy

Jem      98 days ago  #
Hopefully not another kissanime/4anime situation :(

GuestMe      98 days ago  #
It’s been 30mins I’m still waiting.. what happen to the site? I was almost finish watching naruto shippuden

Guest      98 days ago  #
bad gateway site error

Chris      98 days ago  #
Is zoro.to not working for everone

Jason      98 days ago  #
i can't watch Zoro.to

Blake      98 days ago  #
do we know why it went down
it seems strange and random

who      104 days ago  #
why is not working, im tryna watch then its not loading

Shrek      108 days ago  #
Im trying to play an anime, but instead it takes me to other recomended ones on zoro.to

Guest      109 days ago  #
It’s won’t play the episode it’s just a black screen

guest      109 days ago  #
website acting up

EnsongSenpai      112 days ago  #
Why is the Rapidstream is not working??? I need that server cuz, it has the best quality and no lag.. please bring it back

lumossiteiga      126 days ago  #
video wont play

Jake      132 days ago  #
Bad steaming website wont even load and so many pop us and 18+ websites poping up

YourFreindlyOtaku      132 days ago  #
vidoes wont play and it will bounce be from rapidstream to vidcloud

Karma Rouge      132 days ago  #
Mine shows "Bad Gateway", I was in the middle of watching One Piece

Cali      132 days ago  #
Hey you Guest, are u actually a person or a bot

Cali      132 days ago  #
is there even people here ;-;

Cali      132 days ago  #
i was about to finish an episode :(

Cali      132 days ago  #
not working

Chris      136 days ago  #
Won’t play anything just bounces back to the home page… lame

aaa      137 days ago  #
When I press watch now it kicks me to the home screen

Fear      142 days ago  #
Can’t play show

Nicka      142 days ago  #

Guest      142 days ago  #
General Outage

jojo      158 days ago  #

e      165 days ago  #
me too

gahhana      169 days ago  #
if your problem was bringing you to other peoples profiles- that's been fixed now I think someone hacked the website or summin

Guest      170 days ago  #
when i go to continue watching i brings me to someone elses continue watching list this also happens when i go to my watchlist

VEINNN      170 days ago  #
the login its an unknown account please fix it

varun      170 days ago  #
for me every new unknown accounts are popping when i refresh the page

yvngmickey      170 days ago  #
not working make me sad:((( very sad

Blaze      170 days ago  #
Page not found

Guest      179 days ago  #
Error 502 :(

RaluRalu      179 days ago  #
Search function working, but the moment I want to access my “currently watching” list or start any film or series, it goes into error 502.

guest      179 days ago  #
not working

Donnell      199 days ago  #
Is it working now?

Nicholas      199 days ago  #
I'm trying to watch one Piece but is show a blank screen for me is anyone having trouble like me ?

Donnell      199 days ago  #
I’m trying to watch naurto Shippuden pain vs naurto but it shows blank screen

Danny      199 days ago  #
Everytime Itry to watch anime it keeps saying "vidcloud.one refused to connect" and wont play the anime.

Brandon      200 days ago  #
Site down can't watch one piece

Guest      200 days ago  #
Site down blank screen

Guest      200 days ago  #
The website isn’t letting me watch my anime

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@M2MosesTrust   Both of their fights led them the opposite way, Zoro to the right from having difficulty with King and Sanji to the left from issues with identity, code and family https://t.co/JjPDLqbqrz read the source
59 days ago   27 November 2021

@senjuxuchiha   RT @darkking940610: @Prince_Superior U have issues keep comparing king to a combined yk att u serious bruh. What did u expect zoro to block read the source
72 days ago   13 November 2021

@darkking940610   @Prince_Superior U have issues keep comparing king to a combined yk att u serious bruh. What did u expect zoro to block that with no reparcussion it would undermine kaido & big mom and make the others wg look weak af. Cmon bruh u know better read the source
73 days ago   12 November 2021

@pixandpaws   Theres some really simple translation issues that VIZ/Funimation have when working on OP that drive me absolutely insane, because theyre such small things. Like Zoro to Zolo or Gear Second/Third/Fourth to Gear Two/Three/Four why? Theyre already literally in English. read the source
170 days ago  

@gevy   @whoresforanime My fav since it has like no ads - https://t.co/nT8ism58V1 2nd fav is - https://t.co/p0iqmcpXh6(Zoro sometimes has audio or picture quality issues though so thats the only downside of it but gogoanime is alright if you handle some ads..) read the source
184 days ago