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.      3 hours ago  # 28 September 2022
sounds not working

LMiReReb      4 days ago  # 25 September 2022

o      4 days ago  # 24 September 2022
I cant search up any shows it just keeps saying ”No resaults found!” even when I know theyre on the website

13      4 days ago  # 24 September 2022
you can't search up any shows even though j searched up shows i Know are on the website and just wanted to rewatch, the "results" screen is just blank when you hit search

tamesh      4 days ago  # 24 September 2022
zoro.to not let search anime ,even other website there is a error of searching

Ajsmalls      4 days ago  #
It won't let me search for any anime

Loading...      4 days ago  #
None of the anime websites are working???

Tadpop      6 days ago  #
Is Not working why mi, why why god damnit ????????

Xavier      6 days ago  #
Why do I need a vpn to use Zoro.to

An occurring issue      10 days ago  #
Welp. I'm tired of this, guess i'm going to 9anime.

Lasa      10 days ago  #
Why Zoro to is not working ???? please fix that issue plzzzzz I love this website

WHY      10 days ago  #

Tvo      10 days ago  #
Bad gateway error....

Loading…      10 days ago  #
Bad gateway error bro????????????????

Your depression      10 days ago  #
There is a bad gateway error

Why...?      10 days ago  #
There is a bad gateway error again.

Luffy      14 days ago  #
It's writing could couldn't connect or something like that slove this

Zoro      15 days ago  #
Bruhhhhh I'm trying to watch anime in peace

Tom      16 days ago  #
Im switch websites if this mother f***er keeps not loading

????????      16 days ago  #
Why does the website not work or have connection

Grayson      17 days ago  #
Zoro keeps automatically signing me out the second I sign in

Jj      27 days ago  #
Please fix the servers it’d not working I was just trying Kamisama kiss and it didn’t work

Yo moma      28 days ago  #

Yourlostdad      29 days ago  #

OWKAOALLS      29 days ago  #

Gay      34 days ago  #
A vpn isn’t free

Madara      34 days ago  #
Impossible to look up a anime in search

Alix      34 days ago  #
Can't search for any shows, saying there are no results even though the shows are on the site.

Isacc De snuts      41 days ago  #
I just wanna wach one piece

.sf.df      42 days ago  #

Brody      43 days ago  #
the vidstreaming and vidcloud wont work how can i fix it

Clown      49 days ago  #
Why isn’t it let me watch the openings of different anime’s it just skips it and I can’t just go back to it

lostzoro      50 days ago  #
Man I'm at the last episode of fire force I need to finish it

Zoro      50 days ago  #
I want to complete one piece plz fix it!!

Zoro      50 days ago  #
It's not working for me

.sf.df      53 days ago  #
use a damn vpn i literally wrote it under urs

Dami      57 days ago  #
Pls fix website so I can watch one piece

.sf.df      61 days ago  #
All of u use a vpn same thing happened to me for like the past week but with a vpn u can get in

Sara      61 days ago  #
Not working says the server is not available plz fix it

Tabi      61 days ago  #
It's still not working

.sf.df      63 days ago  #
still not working wtf

Y 4t      64 days ago  #
I wanna finish naruto

.sf.df      65 days ago  #
Does vpn work to get into zoro?

..      65 days ago  #
It’s been 5 days and it hasn’t been fixed. It says that’s something is wrong with the server.

M      66 days ago  #
Ok now I tried with the vpn server and I can access it now finally ????

Ll      66 days ago  #
Not working day 4

R      67 days ago  #
It’s keeps saying that the server is bad

Kazuya      67 days ago  #
I told my friend and his is working. Can someone tell me what is going on? It’s been 3 days.

R      67 days ago  #
Hacked ??

Ll      67 days ago  #
Not working so annoying ????

H      67 days ago  #
Try one of the redirect links it worked for me

Nona      67 days ago  #
Im about to cry! I was on the scene of assassination classroom where Koro sensei was being killed, I've already rewatched it over and over but that doesn't matter, I don't want to sue the website because its been my favorite for years so please I beg of you fix it!!

R      67 days ago  #
Wtf is going on bro :(

Bob      67 days ago  #
It not working at all I tried restarting my phone not working refreshing the page not working WTF

Rohit      67 days ago  #
Mine also not working what is happening bro wtf :( I was only started to watch the dame jujutsu kaisen wtf is going on here :( I need my zoro.to back

R      67 days ago  #
Still not working could u fix that

insouciants      67 days ago  #
Videos just don't load for me.. The loading icon spins for a few seconds and then the whole website lags

Kian      68 days ago  #
I search up the website zoro.to where I can watch anime for free but all of a sudden when I search it up it says erra accessing site request denied your client address is unknown

Anonymous and      68 days ago  #
Plz fix this ????

Anonymous      68 days ago  #
I wanted to complete my anime series but so many websites such animixplay
are completely not working at all im rly dissapointed

...      68 days ago  #
its been 2 days

...      68 days ago  #
Sometimes, when zoro is down, i wait for a few hours then it works. But yesterday and today it had not been working. fix it please.

I am so annoyed.      68 days ago  #
It happened to me apparently because my connection was reset it's not just Zoro it's other anime websites like anminxplay and gogo anime.

Bbbbb      68 days ago  #
It’s saying it couldn’t provide a connection what’s wrong is the server down?????? I hope it goes back up

Lee      68 days ago  #
Will not let me onto the site says the server is available

A      69 days ago  #
the website loads but then when i click on something it doesnt play! fix it!

b      69 days ago  #
yeah same

a      69 days ago  #
For me it's saying website cannot provide a secure connection so that's annoying

elzz      69 days ago  #
its blocked man wtf

LLLL      69 days ago  #
For some reason the website just got blocked for me and it only works when i use a vpn

Omkar      69 days ago  #
I just got logged out automatically and i forgot my password. i had saved a lot of anime's in watch later,now i had create a new account and again find every anime but still the website is down it doesn't play anything.
Really disappointed ☹️

rea      70 days ago  #
It’s not working video won’t play

Mr. Flimflam      70 days ago  #
Is it down I can’t play anything

Ayan      70 days ago  #
I am automatically logout and no vedio playing

shayo      70 days ago  #
wth is going on, i was js watching the last episode nOOOOOOO

The walking king      70 days ago  #
July 30 it’s down to is it hacked again?

Naresh      78 days ago  #
What the hell is happening in zoro app I can't login something is went wrong is shown when iam login

Gggg      79 days ago  #
Mine keeps on refreshing the page

Sumsumsum      87 days ago  #
You should probably check if your cookies are blocked

Quandale Dingle      92 days ago  #
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AnimeFreak      92 days ago  #
Zoro.to is working for me now.

From, Mighty Lord Gabe      92 days ago  #
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Zoro.to Sucks      92 days ago  #
You are about to get spammed with 600 dank memes. Prepare all nukes and weapons for the Great Spam War. If you can contain the amount of spam I have, you will be granted with special powers that allow you to smoke weed 200 times harder. Not only that, but you will have a laggy as f*** laptop. You know how lucky you are?????? My laptop runs at 669FPS and it never lags or is slow. YOU LUCKY SON OF A GUN. You will pay the price by me giving you a link (Which shall contain a download) which will wipe all your memory off the face of this universe and overwrite it with my own software, Memesoftlocker2.0000.0. You are so damn lucky you know that? NOT EVEN I HAVE IT SLUT. But if you were able to read up to this point congratulations, you suck. But click this link www.mymom.;;;;;;/eeeeeeee.crash; and you will be taken to a memory erase phrase. You lucky slut, but you will get the best computer software ever that makes your computer lag so bad that you can't even use it. LIKE HOW AMAZING??? Yes, I promise you this is 420% legit. But if you spread this abusive software you have EARNED I will suck you off this living universe so be careful buddy. Now, Please stop reading this message as it ends now...

MCteen      92 days ago  #
Damn, I need this for one piece!! Why does this website gets error!? It wasn't like this back then! Goddamn it!

James      92 days ago  #
What the hell is this?

Stunna Boy Get 'Em      92 days ago  #
i’m over here strokin my dick i got lotion on my dick rn i’m jus strokin my shit i’m horny as f*** man i’m a freak man

your problem      92 days ago  #
its down, someone most likely hacked the gateway to the app

Jacob      92 days ago  #
Maybe they finally shut down zoro

ye      92 days ago  #
just trying to watch some one piece ????

James      92 days ago  #
When I was watching A Soho ep 3 it said error 502

anime_hunter      92 days ago  #
i mean its working fine but i cant search or watch anything

yep      92 days ago  #
ye it says bad gateway no idea what that means tho

Whelp      92 days ago  #
Yep, we all have it.

anime_hunter      92 days ago  #
its not working

ya      92 days ago  #
anyone else bad gateway?

Joe Weller      92 days ago  #
Currently down June 28, 2022.

Lit      92 days ago  #
It’s not working form me right now

go      92 days ago  #
Then watch it

Yourmom      92 days ago  #
I just wanted to watch demon slayer ????????

you know      97 days ago  #
also another problem is that there is a ton of new pop ups and its also taking me to other websites which is new

you know      97 days ago  #
zoro.to is not letting me sign into my account its just telling me 404 page not found and its also just being buggy in general i cant pull up the menu from the 3 bars on the top left and its not letting me watch anything

Me      99 days ago  #
uh so ive another problem, if u press page 2, it wont work, 404

Twin      99 days ago  #
I am getting a lot of virus add pop ups for some reason.

Someone      101 days ago  #
When I go to watch season 3 episode 12 of my hero acadamia it takes me to a weird site can anyone help

mihika      101 days ago  #
ita showing malicious site blocked when i open a new tab

syaq      101 days ago  #
its quite weird that zoro.to has an ad now

Yes      101 days ago  #
There’s a ton of virus pop ups, whenever i enter the website and try to sign it (it signs my acc out) i got scared at first bcz this had never happened before w the app, at some point i thought my acc got hacked but i saw somebody saying the same thing abt the adds so that’s makes me feel calmer

Shid      101 days ago  #
I really hope the website admin gets rid of these malware links, until then I'm just not gonna use the site...

Shid      102 days ago  #
There's a shit ton of virus ads that keep popping up now, it's annoying

penis sucker 5000      102 days ago  #
i cant login because their no robot verify what do i do

syaq      102 days ago  #
yikes i still cant access op

Alex      102 days ago  #
yeah might be that

o0Lemon_Boi0o      102 days ago  #
So anyone tryna play a game?

Brudda      102 days ago  #

Brudda      102 days ago  #
Nope, it back up and running. I use it when Zoro is down

Yikes      102 days ago  #
Pretty sure the website got taken down after a Big TikToker openly talked about it ????

Brudda      102 days ago  #
If it does not come back up, I would recommend using Simplyaweeb.to, Not as good as Zoro.to, but is still really good.

Naruto      102 days ago  #
Why this happen now I am watching goku and I do not have time to wait I am bussy

mystery      102 days ago  #
website showing error bruh

ciel      102 days ago  #
papa ciel is trying to watch when they cry stop plz

Someone who can't afford to pay and watch anime      102 days ago  #
Just when I decided to watch anime again

o0Lemon_Boi0o      102 days ago  #
Was watching the final season of AOT and the web server just went down :,)

Darth Vader      102 days ago  #
watching hunter x hunter and it had just gone down and I don't know why.

Lions      102 days ago  #
The website was mentioned on tiktok

KeifRayzen      102 days ago  #
bro I'm watching one piece:)) website down

syaq      102 days ago  #
one piece not working again

M01      102 days ago  #
Not working for me

Mrs. Little      102 days ago  #
Nope it's just buffering for me. I've tried the other links but they don't work either.. what's going on here..

vee      102 days ago  #
is it only me that its not working rn?

Game gord love it      107 days ago  #
Works for a bit and then just starts buffering, I wonder what's going on...

Zoro not work      108 days ago  #
bro what I was abt to watch one piece bro

sanjit      108 days ago  #
why is zoro not working

go outside      108 days ago  #
Touch the grass

gg      108 days ago  #
lmao people raging at a free website that provided us good anime, like check ur broke privilege at the door fam, prob a ddos attack by one of yall numbnut ragers who didnt have their anime on their so they got mad. I hope it comes back online soon or isnt taken down completely.

noah      108 days ago  #
every time i try to look up an anime it wont give me any search results

zoro.two fix your website!!!!      109 days ago  #
bruh i finaly found something good to watch and this happens............

Rehan Ahmed      109 days ago  #
Almost 80% of the anime are not coming. I tried to watch your lie in April and also your name but I was failed, ease fix it.

Natan      109 days ago  #
Is the website down again or is it just me ?

dbwqkjnkd      109 days ago  #

slay      112 days ago  #
hello every anime I try to watch the subtitles have other chats between people in them please don't do that and fix it for Ace of Diamond and Seraph of The End. :)

mars      116 days ago  #
it wont play, let me search, website barely loads :( blease god i just want to watch mp100

Xans      117 days ago  #
It wont let me create an account >:(

Ok jej      119 days ago  #

chris      119 days ago  #
i literally have 2 more eps left of naruto shippuden and its not letting me watch, its just there stuck loading

Mohammed      120 days ago  #
Legit nothings working I've left it for 2 hours now and it's still buffering

syaq      120 days ago  #
why it is only one piece thats not working

Whitelotus      120 days ago  #
I need to finish Quanzi Fashi Lol

KeifRayzen      120 days ago  #
bro host website bad gateway again:(

syaq      120 days ago  #
we need one piece

Red      120 days ago  #
I need to watch one piece

ur mom      120 days ago  #
i'm tryna watch deathnote hereeeeeee
and i cant even get it on crunchyroll only THIS HEKKING THING

CAKE      129 days ago  #

copz      129 days ago  #
cool one piece is not working again f*** this mannnn

Pain      129 days ago  #
I was gonna start Spy x Family nooooo

mama      129 days ago  #
hey who's doing these subtitles man fix that

Crossfire      130 days ago  #
One piece not loading

checked another anime, and it worked. (checked boruto)

(found bug 2 days ago)

for some reason i can watch one piece on my phone      132 days ago  #
it works on the phone?

GİVE ME BACK ONE PİECE      132 days ago  #

WHAT?      132 days ago  #
f***ing shit I've been waiting for nearly 2 days and it still no work frucken trash

CPO      132 days ago  #
Sub is not working just tryna watch spy x family

Redeyes      133 days ago  #
wow im trying to watch attack on titan because i haven't watched it before then the website is down

Nobl3ss3      133 days ago  #
The sight works on other search engines but I can’t load comments, it’s no fun watching something and not being able to read comments

Asta      133 days ago  #
Bro im trying to watch one piece and this website keeps going down!!

Jeb      133 days ago  #
I wanna watch one piece :(

000      133 days ago  #
Hay guys try 9Anime till the website fix's it's issue

portGAS d. Laced      133 days ago  #
aight nvm... just have patience i guess.

portGAS d. Laced      133 days ago  #
come on bruh im tryna watch one piece

BuzzInfinite      133 days ago  #
what the literal f*** is this im not able to watch one piece its been 4 hours

Misfit      133 days ago  #
Why is your site having so many issues lately and why don't youse have the uncut adult versions of anime youse rate them r18+ and then proceed to edit out the swearing at times I noticed this alot in vinland saga please fix these issues

Kkkkkkkkkk      133 days ago  #

Harry Potter      133 days ago  #
I'm as pissed as all of you are. I'm trying to watch Attack on Titan

Brooooo?!      133 days ago  #
I can’t sign in and I’m getting an infinite loading screen

Cj      133 days ago  #
This trash f***ing shit keeps loading infinitely plz fix this

Me sad :(      133 days ago  #
Its still not working :(

Zoro.to hurry the fck up      133 days ago  #
Bro if this keeps loading for the next TEN f***ING MINUTES I’m finding a new place to watch one piece

FUCK U      133 days ago  #
Bro infinite loading screen??????? Fix this immediate

-__-      133 days ago  #
Time to look for a new site to watch my anime

Simileu      133 days ago  #
Infinite loading???? plis fix this

Rin      133 days ago  #
Bro its still not fixed?!

Clayton      133 days ago  #
What is this fken infinite loading screen bullshit

Ace      133 days ago  #
Fken loading OMFG trash a*s sh*t

Smiles      133 days ago  #
So I ain't the only one then with the loading system

brayden      133 days ago  #
f***in infinite load screen bullshit

Kojou      133 days ago  #
I can't sign in

000      133 days ago  #
Yha I'm currently watching one piece and it is loading and loading and loading

Rin      133 days ago  #
Zoro not working again..

-__-      133 days ago  #
i can watch rock lee but not aot. this sucks

-__-      133 days ago  #
why isn't my anime loading I've been sitting here for 2 hours.

FUCK U      133 days ago  #

Rue      133 days ago  #
Not loading any episodes :(

4hr      133 days ago  #
zoro plz fix this. shitt

Ivor      133 days ago  #
Hard to understand. Long shonen anime is not watchable while other short anime can be watch

hhsh      133 days ago  #

ichigo      134 days ago  #
doesn't work

E P I C#4298      136 days ago  #

E P I C#4820      136 days ago  #

Yooseh      137 days ago  #
Subs aren’t working, full screen isn’t working, been refreshing and resetting my chrome since a week ago. What’s goin on :”D

FickOro      137 days ago  #
Againnnn matahku

YT      137 days ago  #
It is still not working because of cloudfare i think

Ace      143 days ago  #
Bruh I was in the middle of a one piece arc ep 447 then this shhhh happened