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Guest      3 days ago  # 23 September 2021

Guest      7 days ago  # 19 September 2021
General Outage

Guest      7 days ago  # 19 September 2021
for me its my ISP i can got on with my phone just fine but when i turn off data and go to my router it blocks the site using a VPN i can access the site just fine

Guest      7 days ago  # 19 September 2021
using a VPN works, its the ISP blocking access to the site

Guest      34 days ago  # 23 August 2021

Guest      43 days ago  #

Guest      46 days ago  #

anon      48 days ago  #
Keep getting a "took too long to respond" error every time i try to open the site

Guest      48 days ago  #
the download links to listen to audios

Guest      54 days ago  #

Guest      60 days ago  #
whenever i click on an image or a download link i get a bad gateway error

Guest      60 days ago  #
I get a 502 error when I try to click video links

Guest      65 days ago  #
Very slow response time

Jer      73 days ago  #
Not loading

Guest      80 days ago  #
Vpn Required for access

Guest      95 days ago  #
Hasn't updated in over a month now

Geeze      98 days ago  #
It's back guys go home

Owo      98 days ago  #
Error on my furry pron site?

In minecraft      98 days ago  #
I need my piracy, how else will I bypass paywalls and commit federal crimes in minecraft

Wuff      98 days ago  #
Oof, 502 error

Guest      102 days ago  #
If youre on mobile, apparently Verizon has blocked the ip of kemono's databases or something, so if youre on mobile and have Verizon then you need to get a vpn

Guest      116 days ago  #
I can't download anything. It isn't getting deleted, is it?

Guest      119 days ago  #
Wont show anything whatsoever for the past 5 days

Guest      124 days ago  #
The images or files will not load for hours

Guest      125 days ago  #

Guest      126 days ago  #
Umm the website was back to normal a couple of hours ago & the issues returned

Guest      126 days ago  #
cant see images

Guest      126 days ago  #
Can't download anything for the past few days. Always 502 error.

Guest      127 days ago  #
Everybody who's been reporting issues to the site not loading the attachments, the admin reported that the site will go back to normal after maintenance supposedly in a day, I think it could possibly go back to normal at anytime

Guest      127 days ago  #
Come on!, I can't download anything

Meep      128 days ago  #
Fix the damn site!, It's been like this for days now

Guest      128 days ago  #
Error 502 on the documents, can't download imported posts, images won't load & many thumbnails, specially the recent ones are broken

Guest      128 days ago  #
The images or files will not load for hours & hours & it's frustrating

Guest      128 days ago  #
Images aren't loading. Error 502

Guest      128 days ago  #
502 Bad Gateway Error can't download files

Guest      129 days ago  #
It's impossible to download any file because it constantly appear something defined as "herror 502"

guest      129 days ago  #
502 bad gateway when I try to look at images.

Guywhomad      139 days ago  #
Pics won't load or take ages to do so is any one else having this issue

guest      143 days ago  #
man this mf website can't stay up for a full week without it breaking damn

Guest      144 days ago  #
502 Bad Gateway Error

Guest      146 days ago  #
Not loading

Guest      151 days ago  #
Bad gateway 502

TheFapGod      153 days ago  #
502 Bad Gateway Error

Guest      153 days ago  #
502 Bad Gateway Error

guest      173 days ago  #
Keeps giving me a ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Guest      175 days ago  #
404 Not Found