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Guest      10 days ago  # 15 June 2021

Me      15 days ago  # 10 June 2021
Yet another outage for Bethesda. CAnt get into mods for Skyrim

Guest      23 days ago  # 3 June 2021

Pissed off gamer      36 days ago  # 20 May 2021
Can't log into the mods section on Xbox one for Skyrim SE... Again... Bethesda is ????

Guest      48 days ago  # 8 May 2021
Can't log into the mod server for skyrim se on Xbox 1

Guest      55 days ago  #

Guest      60 days ago  #
General Outage

Joshua Manders      225 days ago  #
It kick me out of the doom eternal online event

Ryan Yarnevich      237 days ago  #
R I P then i guess

Ryan Yarnevich      237 days ago  #
Its all the 76 dummies dragging the server down. Mods and account creation has been rocky since wastelanders.

Ryan Yarnevich      240 days ago  #
Slow mod downloads on bethnet

Logan Dressler      244 days ago  #
I can't make a account for skyrim keeps saying there's something went wrong please try again, but I've gone on the site 3 different times and tried to do my gmail password still didn't work

GalaxyMan      247 days ago  #
For Skyrim V Quest: Serena vampire lady to take her home. Both doors won't open. Not using mods, i'm Nintendo Switch. I know this old, couldn't believe how lazy bethesda really is. Hopefully, Microsoft will able to fix it, since they bought bethesda i guess.

Jake Cooling      251 days ago  #
Can't play any Bethesda game for the last 3 hrs

Warren Dilligaf Wise      266 days ago  #
can't login in

Joseph St Germaine      267 days ago  #
Just turned on xbox1 and got message I signed out of account on Xbox1 special edition and Im logged in but the game will only let me start new account.

Chris Fis      271 days ago  #
Can't login. Error 3:0:5

MagesWrath      272 days ago  #
Status portal is still claiming "All Systems Operational" ... yet 63% of users can't log in. What part f can't log in do they not understand?

Kevin Flemming      272 days ago  #
Fallout 4 is abandoned, mate. They haven't fixed anything for years now and only care about Failout 76.

Ryan Yarnevich      282 days ago  #
Anybody have news about the crash fixes for fallout 4 downtown? They said they would look into it back in December but no word since. Wonder if covid killed those plans. Also im getting errors when going to mods.

Brendan Chwascinski      283 days ago  #
Is it gonna be down all day long

Brendan Chwascinski      283 days ago  #
Is schkaen mods and nexus mods down too

Brendan Chwascinski      283 days ago  #
Im from Illinois what is going u cant get into the mods or anything

MagesWrath      283 days ago  #
Happymasked's not on your end... nothing you can do but wait. It's's always Bethesda.

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
i shall take my leave and go play some Far Cry New Dawn

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
2 hours of bethesda being down >_> im tired of waiting and i really hope they get a thumbtack in there shoes tomorrow

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
Bethesda is broken rn joing the conversation in the odlest but recent chat

Happymasked      283 days ago  #
I can't access mods either. The auto fill doesn't work. Creating a new account with my existing info doesn't work. Ugh.

CJ Baker      283 days ago  #
Nice! My favourite mods are all of EnaiSiaion's, it's like playing a whole new game and gives you soooo many options for builds and classes! I was playing as a moon mage dunmer until the mods went down, using an awesome mod by Enai called Cosmic. I just love this game and the mod community so much xD do you have a favourite player home mod?

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
i do Divine villages, city, lamps, atmosphere, furniture, embers hd, skyland aio great forest of whiterun, Delba forest which was deleted im92 final consle graphics mod

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
i do two handed archery and magic the mods i use really make lore friendly players made i use &bo body ks hair skimpy armor and mix graphics Divine and Skyland xD

CJ Baker      283 days ago  #
Good idea! Usually always played a nord, one handed / archery / light armour / restoration with a tank follower. I've recently been getting into the lore again and really enjoying playing as a pure mage dunmer. Love your half elf idea! I think a breton makes a good dragonborn too and they're (sorta) half elf!

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
Since were here and bethesda does care about there customers. Whats your perfered charater choicespersonally i play nord and turn it in to a half elf non lore friendly

CJ Baker      283 days ago  #
I'm having exactly the same issue as you, mods on skyrim for xbox. Their twitter is no help, and according to them everything is fine! So frustrating >_<

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
I been trying to access mods for skyrim and kept saying server error....

CJ Baker      283 days ago  #
Yup! Can't access mods or creation club, just keeps saying server error.

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
<-< Lets see how far this rabbit hole goes.....

RoboRabbit      283 days ago  #
Anyone else having trouble? Issues Reports

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@avaron1307   bethesdaoutage read the source
200 days ago   7 December 2020