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Marie      4 hours ago  # 26 June 2022
Website down at least 4 days now for "scheduled maintenance". Rep says should be back up by Monday 27th. Called them because my card got denied several times, though shouldn't have. Rep says charges were flagged. Whole situation seems off.

Robin      11 hours ago  # 25 June 2022
Been trying for over a week now even the representative on the phone can’t access my account wtf. Guess I don’t owe them a payment then

aLittleSteamed      14 hours ago  # 25 June 2022
Website still down with "scheduled outage" message. I wish they would be honest and admit what the issue is. We all know a schedule outage doesn't take this long, right?

sam      1 day ago  # 24 June 2022
2 days in a row that your "scheduled outage" have left us unable to use your site??!! I suspect you have been hacked but won't admit it. NO IT engineers schedule an outage for 2+ days during the week. WTF?

Justme      1 day ago  # 24 June 2022
This is so typical of their rinky dink operation! I wish BJ’s would switch to a “REAL” credit card firm and drop these clowns.

Renee      2 days ago  #
Also unable to log in & pay either of my bills. 2 different comenity pages. I have been trying since 9pm last night. Can not pay using easy method either. Thankfully my payment isn’t due for another 2 weeks but I can not find anything letting me know when it will be back working.

Debbie      3 days ago  #
Unable to login to pay bill. Error message “page cannot be displayed.” Probably updating their website but I hope they are willing to waive any late fees that might be incurred because of lack of access.

Denise      3 days ago  #
Unable to login or change my password. Keep getting an error "page cannot be displayed" but I could login fine last night.

Nita      3 days ago  #
What’s going on with the website? I need to pay my bills also!! When will it be back up?

Hazel A.      5 days ago  #
Trying to pay my bills with Comenity’s EasyPay but it keeps redirecting to a 404 page???? Need help asap.

MARGARET MCKENNA      193 days ago  #
a whole year went by with no alerts and NO ONE WOULD ADMIT THE PROBLEM WAS ON THE BANKS END. Finally the last lady i spoke with said it was entirely their fault. Why the hell couldn't someone admit it.. Now it's happening again. NO ALERTS !!!!!!!! never can confirm info because I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO GET A LINK IN EMAIL......WHAT'S GOING ON THERE ????????????

April      260 days ago  #
Since asthma nite I keep getting different error codes and it tells me:
Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact your administrator for assistance and provide the reference number below to help locate and correct the problem.
I'm using my cellphone. There is no "administrator ". I just want to pay my bill.

jen      277 days ago  #
The web site will not open

Guest      290 days ago  #
I had an issue logging in on the 4th and 7th. I always use my cellphone, but now it doesn't allow me to type in my password.

John 3:16      298 days ago  #
same as Tom above, temp down ATM

Frankie      299 days ago  #
Cannot access any Comenity websites. Error 404.

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@askcomenity   @MassRMV_Issues Hello,We do not have an app, however, your account can be accessed by creating an account on out account center. The direct site is ^JM read the source
8 hours ago   25 June 2022