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Guest      3 days ago  # 16 Jan 2021
General Outage

Guest      3 days ago  # 16 Jan 2021

Guest      3 days ago  # 16 Jan 2021

Guest      4 days ago  # 16 Jan 2021

Trish Saunders      93 days ago  # 19 October 2020
I have been trying to register my account today (I thought I already had one) and the site keeps crashing. I is agonizingly slow ...I've gotten through 2 pages in 30 minutes ... and then times me out.

Joan Riggs      93 days ago  #
They actually haven't been even printing any checks since the middle of June. So since they initiated a trace on June 3 the "glitch" came in the middle of the 6 week waiting period when the trace for my firstwfirst checkicheck which was sent to an old address and that stopped my check from being sent out. A. Rep yesterday told me they had resumed printing checks but we're still working on the problem which I thought should have been the other way around so I had her repeat what she said which she did confirm. Today the agent I spoke with said my $1200 was still in my IRS account. When I told her what I was told yesterday she looked at the notes from my call yesterday she said the rep had told me the same thing she had told me. So the first rep lied about the lie. All this started May 3 when my paper check was mailed which should never have been mailed in the first should have been direct deposited. And that part where it says you don't need to do anything if you get monthly benefits is a lie also. At least that's what they've been telling me since this mess started. That I should have done the nonfilers tool since I didn't file my 2019 taxes but only filed my 2018 taxes. Nobody knows anything plus their scripts are full of bunk as to what to tell callers. They are rude, disrespectful and make you feel so guilty by saying it was all your fault that you haven't got your check. Plus I have never been able to get any information from that stupid portal. Since I started using it in May it always say my information doesn't match the IRS information. Then I was told you're not going to get the status until your check is actually sent out. I'll believe it when I see it in my mailbox. All they can ever say is were sorry for the inconvenience.

Kimberly      93 days ago  #
I have been waiting on my stimulus payment sense early may and I was told its something wrong with the system and that the money was credited to my account however on the website It states they are still waiting on a date and I have yet to get a date let alone my stimulus payment

Paul      93 days ago  #
So sick of all the lies! Since the beginning of Covid this country was told there would be no delays on Tax returns. That's the first lie. I've been calling since May to get a status of our tax return. In June I was told documents were missing. Took care of, sent them in. July 1st, still nothing. July 25th, our tax return is not being processed and is not in the system. Tax returns will not got o normal processing until August 1st, when offices are all open. August 25th our tax return is finally in the system, however the documents sent in June are still not in the system and that takes 8 weeks to process starting August 1, 2020. So basically from March to August the IRS offices were on an extended vacation and no tax returns were processed. Maybe by November 1 some of us will begin getting our tax returns!
This is so ridiculous, but owe them money and you better not stop paying it if you are on a payment plan, but they can owe you money and it makes no difference. I'm curious if these workers were paid furlough the 5 months they were not working....

Bilbo      322 days ago  #
IRS website is not working for me but Google search shows up and gives me the result. Was it the emulator? When I started the game it froze and went to a login screen that gives me a 48hr limit. I get a "Operation Error" on the game launcher screen that does not help me. It just seems to not want to work for me. I also have some other odd problems with the emulator (I only have one for now), and am just running into more problems every day. I can get the developers forum for the emulator, but I can't login. I have a new pc, but not a new windows box. I also have the game and the fan. It runs well. I just don't have much interest for this.

Maryn      330 days ago  #
IRS website is not working for me? (If it does, then you should probably cancel your account.) I do not have any money set up with Wells Fargo on my account. (If you have any unused balances, get them cleared with Wells Fargo to avoid further fees.) I am a Wells Fargo customer and want to keep using my Wells Fargo checking or savings account. I want to change my Wells Fargo account number. I want to consolidate my account. I want to get a refund from Wells Fargo. I do not want to open or continue a Wells Fargo account. I have been an active Wells Fargo customer for at least a year. I have not been informed by Wells Fargo that I am a Wells Fargo customer, unless it was prompted.

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@College_Aid   The IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) will be unavailable this Sunday, December 13, from 36 p.m. ET as the IRS completes critical system upgrades. read the source
40 days ago   10 December 2020

@USCFAID   Data Retrieval Tool Outage The IRS Data Retrieval Tool will be unavailable on Sunday, Dec. 13 from 3-6 pm EST. The IRS DRT puts your tax data on your FAFSA for you. You can still do your FAFSA during the outage, you will just have to manually input your information. read the source
43 days ago   8 December 2020