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itsmeearnestT      6 days ago  # 18 November 2020
Internet down, again, in Charlestown, Indiana. If there were another reasonable ISP option in our area(no, dsl is not reasonable) I would drop these bums in a second!

Doug Kimzey      6 days ago  # 18 November 2020
Unstable in Farragut, TN

Guest      6 days ago  # 18 November 2020
General Outage

Oscar Valladares      6 days ago  # 18 November 2020
Down in East Pasco, WA

kavok      6 days ago  # 18 November 2020
Pasco, WA. AGAIN. This is really getting old. Ziply Fiber can’t work fast enough to get fiber going in the Tri-Cities. I’ll be switching as soon as it’s available. Tired of Spectrum’s constant outages.

Only 1 Jasy Re      6 days ago  #
Cleveland, Ohio been out for 2 hours. I'm going to AT&T fiber soon as they open. I'm a new Spectrum customer and have had nothing but negative energy from customer service, horrible service, terrible experiences and bad vibes. I'm over it. Spectrum is pure trash!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Kwyzla      6 days ago  #
Down going on 2 hours in Minnesota. South of twin cities

Josh      6 days ago  #
Hello again frequent friends. Looks like we're down again. Minnesota offline for whatever reason.

Guest      6 days ago  #

Deborah Bradbury      6 days ago  #
What’s going on with Spectrum in Riverside? Was out all last night and part of today!! Lost work!!

Matt      6 days ago  #
Dayton, ohio is back up with cable and internet, that happened in the last 10 minutes

Linda Yeh      6 days ago  #
90277 Internet still down

Maika      6 days ago  #
@Ask_Spectrum Internet has been out since 11 pm last night in 11215. Can't find any updates. What in the balls are y'all doing over there? It's a good thing tons of people aren't working from home or learning online because of a global pandemic...

Jordan Papp      6 days ago  #
After talking to 7 different tech support at spectrum I got one to blame AEP electric for the outage in akron ohio. AEP in no way shape or form provides electric to akron ohio. I called aep they have no idea what spectrum is talking about. Spectrum claims they have agents out working with aep to restore commercial power to their server and restore internet. Problem is not one single employee at spectrum or aep has the slightest clue where the server is down. No idea what soever. So their techs are supposedly fixing a server but they don't know where. Spectrum is going to extreme lengths to provide their customers with as little information as possible. Talked to 8 techs today and got the same scripted lines over and over again. They have no idea where the problem is or when it will be fixed. But I should call aep electric because it is 100% their fault. Spectrum has zero blame for internet being down for 30 hours. Definitely 100% aeps fault their missing server isn't fixed. Yet. Id change providers but spectrum is the only option where I live. Monopolize a servlvice industry, don't provide the service, or any kind of eta on with it will be fixed. Blame others. And lie constantly. Gotta love how spectrum trains their employees to treat customers.

Jamie Wells      6 days ago  #
My internet and cable has been fully out since Saturday. It started cutting in and out Friday night. I have assignments and colleges I have to apply to and I don’t have unlimited time. 3 days without internet in today’s world is undoable.

Kevin Kramer      6 days ago  #
With everyone working and attending classes from home this is unacceptable!

Michael Simpkin      6 days ago  #
My internet has been sucking butt lately sick of paying over $70 a month for crap internet with horrible customer service

Ezekiel Patlan      6 days ago  #
Now it's just being slow as hell. I like spectrum, but these sudden spark of outages isnt gonna be good for me when I start working from home. Get it together guys, cmon.

Jolly sarcasm      6 days ago  #
Same. Since 1:13 am, according to the representative. So theyre sending a technician tomorrow beccause, apparently, there is no outages a.t.m. in Winter Haven... Although there was an outage in the middle of the night which prompted a technician to "So called" resolve an issue in the area.

Ju5tscream      6 days ago  #
Been down since late last night. No reported outages...what’s going on Spectrum?
Winter Haven, Florida

David Kleinhenz      6 days ago  #
This is a joke. 17 hours without internet and no update from the company. I’m switching providers you guys couldn’t provide good service if you were the only provider on earth.

Ezekiel Patlan      6 days ago  #
This happened last month man wtf is going on with yalls shit. I'm gonna start working from home and cant have this shit happening every month. Time to switch

Mike DalBon      6 days ago  #
Good news! Spectrum says there's no outage in my area. I guess we're all just imagining it. Central Florida.

Jonathan Laws      6 days ago  #
it Seems That Northern And Central United States are where the Majority of the problems seem to be occuring . Looks Like @ASKSpectrum needs to get the trucks out there and stop with Coax and start Using Fiber Optic. You would solve most of your problems if you just upgraded and stopped charging us more for providing inconsistent Service. Get with The Times and move to the new Technology you Dinosaur.

Matt      6 days ago  #
Dear spectrum, my 2 year old and 4 year are now up and unable to watch puppy dog pals and both are now crying. Once your store opens I will bring them up and share the wealth.

Matt Chris Nekvinda      6 days ago  #
Last thing I heard was a "major piece of equipment is down" with no eta on it being restored. All 25 states they service are being affected.

SupermanFan      6 days ago  #
What the heck is wrong with Spectrum, now? Out in North Carolina.

Chris's SupermanFan      6 days ago  #
Mine just went down. Fml it's my day off.

Shawn Monn      6 days ago  #
Has anyone in Cleveland, Ohio ish area gotten any estimate on when Spectrum plans to have the internet back up?

Matt      6 days ago  #
Spectrum, have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

Corosb      6 days ago  #
Yall really have the crapiest customer service... while monoplizing in most areas. Have had this service for years and atleast 80% of the time I either have no internef or the internet is so slow I cant even stream any shows or game. When ever i call you have some idiot who doesnt know the first thing of an ip of isd they just tell you to unllug the router and plug it in morons who dont even know which plug goes where.

Jonathan Laws Corosb      6 days ago  #
ask for a level 2 or 3 tech when you call do not speak to the screen readers that you get first . All they do is read the same stuff you can google and find out yourself.

Danny Berry      6 days ago  #
Still down in Manhattan - 61 hours.

Catherine Bennett      6 days ago  #
My internet has been out for at least 6hours albion new York

Aaron      6 days ago  #
Spectrum, you're letting down your customers. As I only got the phone for bundle savings (that don't exist due to your skyrocketing rates) and I don't really watch TV, the only reason to have your service at all is internet...and your internet sucks. Time to shop elsewhere. Princeton, IN, repeat problems with upload (currently 4.10mbps) and download (currently 33.30mbps) speeds (sucks for gaming, which is my primary means of entertainment), tech visit last time claimed he got crap signal from the trunk room in the building but somehow still blamed my router (which also is Spectrum, so it's kinda all a Spectrum problem).

Jonathan Laws Aaron      6 days ago  #
call three times in one month and they will send out Supervisor Tech to assess the problem. Everytime you have an issue dont hesitate to call and when they answer ask for a level 2 or 3 Tech. The First people you talk to are %99.99999 just a screen reader who has zero knowledge of Networking.

Tony Blas      6 days ago  #
Middletown ny smh this is becoming insane . Time to switch

Saberzhero      6 days ago  #
Jamestown NY been out since the power was out. Its now 2 am and no internet even after the power is back on.

Rayven      6 days ago  #
Down in ohio hopefully they get their shit straight cause I have my cousins coming over tomorrow to do school

Zach      6 days ago  #
Bro I’m fr tryna play Cod Cold War. Y’all ruin my plans all the time

Jay Sharp      6 days ago  #
Down in Ky

Samantha Cooley      6 days ago  #
Out in San Antonio as of 5 minutes ago

TS      6 days ago  #
The automated system says that are performing scheduled maintenance. It would have been helpful if they would have notified their customers.

Jza Jza      6 days ago  #
Internet down as of 5 minutes ago and I am up working bc I'm behind and thanks to Charter, I'm not catching up no time soon!

BigACNHaddict      6 days ago  #
Upstate NY is down!

Ben      6 days ago  #
Poughkeepsie Ny is down

Jshort      6 days ago  #
I'm sick of spectrum I'm about to change services. My internet is always going in and out, its ridiculous! Shelby, NC

gusp      6 days ago  #
Down last night and tonight in Bradenton Florida

Aaron Christopher Bryant      6 days ago  #
Manhattan nyc is down it seems.

brittany lm totten      6 days ago  #
Down in and out all night clermont Florida

AJ      6 days ago  #
was down for 3 hours, came back for about an hour then cut out again. really annoying

Lisa Buesser      6 days ago  #
No wifi Tuftonboro NH

Cynthia      6 days ago  #
nternet going in and out in Buffalo,ny

Ahlixemus -45      6 days ago  #
No internet in Queens, NY

Dylan Quinones      6 days ago  #
Anyone's internet fixed by CT ohio?

Marie      6 days ago  #
44102: Spectrum Wi-Fi has been out since 2pm. However, my Spectrum mobile is working.

Joseph Hash      6 days ago  #
This is rediculus...spectrum needs to fix their Internet or they are about to lose thousands of customers and all because they cant fix a simple problem.

Princess Alyssa Bentley      6 days ago  #
Did anyone's internet come back on in Akron ohio

Danielle sleeper      6 days ago  #
Been without tv and internet since yesterday this is ridiculous in ohio I called and they said they are working on it ummm lost electric yesterday also and it came on within a couple hours but tv and internet service isn't something isn't right about that

Guest      25 days ago  #

Guest      25 days ago  #