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Letter "u" 10 days ago:   I hope they fix this insta cash out issue soon it’s been several days for me 17 days ago:   Try another payment method the whole day 13 days ago:   Are the server's down all night ? May 14 /22 23 days ago:   I just checked it again. It lets me get on the website but when I click into the course it opens a blank page with no video 28 days ago:   Garbage site 24 days ago:   Got the notice that my automatic premium payment didn't go through. Logged in, tried to pay, it said "Due to a system error, your request cannot be processed at this time." Been that way for DAYS. ... 61 days ago:   Cannot access any of my class content and the wifi is not connecting to my devices. Anyone else have this problem? 15 days ago:   wont let me check out on paypal or card . when ever i try to pay it just comes up with an error code 51 days ago:   Not working 33 days ago:   Cannot reach the website 10 days ago:   Nikole, I had the same thing happen. I cleared cookies and cache, rebooted. They said try another browser. All I know is, if I want to place an order on the Amazon website, I dont have any of this homework to do. ... 43 days ago:   Simple url shortener service 45 days ago:   bad customer service 78 days ago:   Place order won't work 5 days ago:   The website for unemployment in Ohio has been down for at least 16 hours. 36 days ago:   Same . New Brunswick Canada 50 days ago:   Mobile server unreachable??? 63 days ago:   can't login to website or to my account 94 days ago:   Uniswap isn't working. Keep getting messages "fetching best price' but nothing is happening? 33 days ago:   Crashes after 5 minutes of loading when hitting the "Book" button for any room 37 days ago:   Tickets and vacations won't load 25 days ago:   I've had 3 GPU's on unmineable for the last couple of days. Sometime today all of them started having serious issues. It shows me that I am hashing at full speed, but, unmineable is only showing a 5th of the hashrate if any at all. ... 27 days ago:   site forms are completely broken - unable to log in and send support request 37 days ago:   Today April 21st l cant download pics from unsplash on my tablet 48 days ago:   No updates on why the website is not available for login. 31 days ago: is a site where you can acquire the necessary information to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and much more. 37 days ago:   man 104 days ago:   lousy servers 11 days ago:   Shit doesn’t work can’t buy anything 54 days ago:   I can't log into my home page to file my unemployment 7 days ago: <- here 27 days ago:   "We are sorry, the application encountered an error during processing." No way to contact anyone, just a phone number in Malawi. 9 days ago:   I am having the same issue and when i call customer service seems confused but clearly this is a problem 67 days ago:   They used to be the best. That time has long past. Calling yesterday, the wait times were 6 hours. Today it's now 9 hours. Absolutely ridiculous! 5 days ago:   There is an issue with the database. I tried searching specific key words and get random jobs so the search function is not working properly. 105 days ago:   video not playing in iPad app 34 days ago:   This is bull shit. Can't log in. Wesbite keeps giving me an error 16 days ago:   WHENEVER I REQUEST PICK UP, THE MAILMAN DOES NOT PICK UP. Matter fact, doesn’t show up at all !!! 48 days ago:   fu 66 days ago:   Sorry, something happened. Please try again at a later time. ID: e6a83b85-9150-4c2f-9123-ad1c936b5f6c ErrorCode: SDW-FLOGIN-400 Wed Mar 23 2022 11:32:16 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) 30 days ago:   it's back up folks!