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Letter "u" 11 days ago:   Uber is not showing the prices. How can I choose a ride if I do not know the price? 30 days ago:   I've had the app for about 7 maybe 8 months and I've only ever been able to use it once when I was in Pittsburgh for work, 7 months ago. I've tried to use the app several times (due to promotions mainly). I've been getting ... 68 days ago:   Website and Canvas are down for UCSC. Hell of a way to start the fall semester back lol. Don’t bother calling the school, they just send you through a loop of voice recordings and at the end, you still don’t get to speak with anyone. ... 32 days ago:   Website; I couldn't play any videos in Udemy 39 days ago:   Website 4 hours ago:   can't login. goes to white screen then stuck. 85 days ago:   Match not working at all for past 2 weeks. I too have paid a 6 months sub.!! ???? 2 days ago:   Website doesn't respond when I click on an item to view details and add to cart. The page remains static. 47 days ago:   Website not working 25 days ago:   I can’t place an order on the app or the website. 7 days ago:   I HATE OHIO OUR FUCKING CORRUPT LIB GOVERNMENT WONT STOP FUCKING UP THE WEBSITES 7 days ago:   I can't transfer or withdraw what type of incompetent bank is this 32 days ago:   website now up. app still down. payment deducted, not received at other end. 17 days ago:   No response!!!!!!! 98 days ago:   "An error has occurred" when trying to access the cart on the website. 56 days ago:   Taking extremely long to load, pages "not found" 11 days ago:   Ticket sales on app and website broke 33 days ago:   Not mining, Miners cannot connect to pool 32 days ago: on looping 67 days ago:   All images blurred. I can't use Unsplash and I HAVE TO USE for projects 99 days ago:   Yup it is down. Same username/password error. 106 days ago:   General Outage - Doesnt work to open Outlook on PC 48 days ago:   app and website not working, London, is there a general outage? 71 days ago:   Cannot get into site... 33 days ago:   today when i was going to download one game. its download speed relatively around 167kbps whereas iam having 20mbps internet it is creating problems in some the server down or any problem is there? pls fix it ... 25 days ago:   Trying to go through the basic loan application (soft pull) and it gives me a "There has been an error, please refresh the page." All ad-blockers, addons, etc., are off, tried with different browsers, tried with phone via data connection instead of wifi, same results ... 38 days ago:   Urban Dictionary is having trouble 72 days ago:   The site is currently down right now 102 days ago:   Crossword puzzle blacking out and closing USA Today app 53 days ago:   Works if I use a US IP address (via VPN), doesn't work if I use a non-US IP address. 12 days ago:   If you are currently facing ship and click error, I suggest you check this article for solution, 77 days ago:   can't commect to utorrent today via desktop pc 20 days ago:   will not send me SMS code 77 days ago:   Slow load times for pictures and question sets. Hope this gets fixed soon!