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Guest      7 days ago  # 21 September 2022

It’s great when it actually functions

Guest      36 days ago  # 24 August 2022

it's pretty good not gonna lie.

Guest      52 days ago  # 7 August 2022

It's closing and can't play it

Guest      77 days ago  # 13 July 2022

Can lag sometimes. Currently trying to fix problems with ads. It says "error" without letting me watch them.

Guest      90 days ago  # 30 June 2022

screw latitude

Guest      100 days ago  #

First experience has not worked.

Guest      103 days ago  #

Not having the option to turn off ads.

Guest      145 days ago  #

AI Dungeon is a lot of fun. I think it's interesting how you can literally do any kind of story with it. I hardly ever use the actual fantasy dungeon aspect and just make custom stories to bounce off of it. However, it definitely does have its problems. From an AI system that doesn't always work the greatest and gets caught in repeating loops, to a site that contsantly black screens on me when I try to use my laptop instead of my phone. Not to mention how often the site itself just crashes, but that is possibly a server issue (not sure, not a tech guy). But once I get past that and have a spree of typing away and having fun for hours, it's a blast of a good time.

Guest      159 days ago  #

AI Dungeon keeps sending more than one response at the same time.

Guest      168 days ago  #

Doesn’t wort

Guest      179 days ago  #

It's entertaining, and an excuse for not doing stuff I probably should.

Guest      195 days ago  #

Constantly servers outage

Guest      212 days ago  #

It's a good game but won't load. Why did it happen?

Guest      246 days ago  #

This shit game is always breaking. If you're going to play, it I wouldn't recommend spending any money on it.

Guest      246 days ago  #

Consistently getting a black screen

Guest      256 days ago  #

Duck yeah

Guest      261 days ago  #

good game

Guest      261 days ago  #

It stopped working.

Guest      284 days ago  #

The new game screen is glitching; the AI keeps deleting text it has done or I have done, making it super annoying to have to try to fix each and every time it does it.

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