AI Dungeon, an infinitely generated text adventure powered by deep learning

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Guest      17 hours ago  # 15 April 2021

Guest      3 days ago  # 13 April 2021
General Outage

Guest      3 days ago  # 13 April 2021

Guest      6 days ago  # 10 April 2021
Scenario not found when using any type of prompt

Guest      6 days ago  # 10 April 2021
scenario not found when generating story

Guest      6 days ago  #
not allowing me to start a game

Guest      8 days ago  #

Guest      10 days ago  #

Guest      14 days ago  #

me      14 days ago  #
it is being ridiculous i love the game but I just need to make sure I know when it will be fixed

Jekyll      14 days ago  #
I can't get any type of story going. The ai has been lobotomised!

John doe      14 days ago  #
Same but on the app

Guest      14 days ago  #
Everytime I go into a scenario it says the ai doesn't know how to respond

Guest      14 days ago  #
Ai not able to respond or generate text

Kerr      14 days ago  #

Kerr      14 days ago  #
Their support page says that it’s up and stuff but I’m having problems

Guest      14 days ago  #
AI dungeon isnt generating any imputs and their support page doesn't work

guest      14 days ago  #
can't even start new prompt

Kerr      14 days ago  #
Whatever I type, it will say Ai doesn’t know what to say. I’ve tried changing it multiple times but it still says the same thing

Guest      14 days ago  #
Keeps saying that the AI doesn’t know what to say, won’t generate anything after the story.

Guest      14 days ago  #
AI isn't generating text

Kikrotin      14 days ago  #
The app is down.

Guest      19 days ago  #
Keeps saying that the AI doesn't know what to say after "Generating story..."

Guest      20 days ago  #
undefined is not iterable (cannot read property Symbol(Symbol.iterator))

OoGA BOOGA      22 days ago  #

Guest      22 days ago  #
Whenever i try to enter somthing it says map of null or somthing like that

Guest      34 days ago  #
Cannot destructure property 'eventName' of 'experiments{feature}' as it is undefined

Guest      34 days ago  #
Not starting stories

Guest      34 days ago  #
Getting a error: Cannot destructure property 'eventName' of 'experiments[feature]' as it is undefined. when i continue my story. And playing a new Scenario is loading infinitely.

Guest      35 days ago  #

.      52 days ago  #
cant really connect to server and generally slow (website)

Anonymous      53 days ago  #
Just a white screen on browser every time

Guest      54 days ago  #
it seems that website is not loading

AAA      56 days ago  #
Cannot convert undefined or null to object

Mew      66 days ago  #

Guest      67 days ago  #

Guest      68 days ago  #

Guest      68 days ago  #

Guest      76 days ago  #
"AI Dungeon connecting to servers"

Guest      76 days ago  #
General Outage

123122131254      76 days ago  #
Cant connect to servers.

Guest      78 days ago  #
website: It just says connecting to servers.

Jaydien      98 days ago  #
Also very slow loading like others have said when trying to start a story

Rainbow (again again again) (note: I'm putting jus      98 days ago  #
note: I have an account currently. (Yes, I'm aware I said I couldn't do anything because it told me to log in. I didn't have an account then.)

Jaydien      98 days ago  #
app isn't loading, takes forever just to get into classic mode only for the screen to stay completely black

Rainbow (again again)      98 days ago  #
Tried to just generate more story again, got a slightly different and shorter error. 'Operation timeout'

Rainbow (again)      98 days ago  #
Also, slow loading and Screen staying dark grey like what Noriaki Kakyoin & Guest said.

Rainbow      98 days ago  #
Random log-out, and also, with the adventure I already had up, I tried to make it continue the story, but instead it spitted out "SequelizeConnectionAcquireTimeoutError: Operation timeout".

Guest      98 days ago  #
slow loading times

Noriaki Kakyoin      98 days ago  #
Screen either goes completely black or completely white, On the website.

Yeet      98 days ago  #
App has long wait times on startup and in story generation

K      98 days ago  #
Wont log me in or connect to servers for me????

Guest      98 days ago  #
website loads, but refuses to connect to game game servers unless you wait for long periods of time.

Guest      98 days ago  #
App- Connecting to Servers

Rainbow      100 days ago  #
Trying to continue a story logged out (that I didn't make logged in), but it keeps saying "log in to continue".

Guest      110 days ago  #
Log in

Guest      116 days ago  #
Context not defined

Guest      116 days ago  #
context not defined

Guest      119 days ago  #
It's back online l!!

Guest      119 days ago  #
Cant connect to servers

guest      119 days ago  #
app, just says “connecting to servers”

nobody      119 days ago  #
why does it have to be down? :(

you      119 days ago  #
On my screen it just says "connecting to server"

Guest      119 days ago  #
its the website on mine

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm      119 days ago  #
why no work

german man      119 days ago  #
website down for me :(

Guest      119 days ago  #
Both my app and website aren’t working.

KinetiCat      119 days ago  #
Both website and app :(

Guest      132 days ago  #
Everything works expect the game display. All my games texts are black screens. There is no typing o