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Owen      7 days ago  # 21 September 2022
AI Dungeon
Having trouble reaching AI Dungeon
If you continue seeing this message, please contact with a screenshot of this page.
User Error: Failed to fetch

I love touching grass ????      8 days ago  # 21 September 2022
Cant connect to my account

BobtheKiller      15 days ago  # 13 September 2022
Failed to fetch...

Fartsmacker      15 days ago  # 13 September 2022
Stuck tapping ai

Khgnvft      15 days ago  # 13 September 2022

Episode      16 days ago  #
Can't load in at all, I'm stuck on the Ai is preparing now area.

Andy      28 days ago  #
My app, the website on my phone and computer. I try to change to action but it’s stuck on “see”.

Episode      36 days ago  #
Aight thanks Vierathe.

VieratheAllicorn      36 days ago  #
For everyone concerned about the shortage, Latitude Devs are working on it currently but that is all the info we have. I've been keeping updated on the Latitude discord server.

Episode      36 days ago  #
I keep getting an error that just says "Error", I don't know why.

ur mom      37 days ago  #
Okay it kinda fixed itself for me but when I looked up the error nothing came up like wtf is ai dungeon doing where you can't find the error

Boar      37 days ago  #
User Error: SequelizeDatabaseError: column "img_step" does not exist, bruh

link      37 days ago  #
it just says that its having trouble reaching AI Dungeon, and at the bottom it says, "User Error: SequelizeDatabaseError: column "img_step" does not exist" i didnt do anything out of the ordinary

Lmj      37 days ago  #
I keep getting "User Error: SequelizeDatabaseError: column "img_step" does not exist" and it won't work if I retry or anything

poop      37 days ago  #
yeah, I’m getting the same error.

ur mom      37 days ago  #
sooo anyone else getting User Error: SequelizeDatabaseError: column "img_step" does not exist or just me

Fart tornado      44 days ago  #
Now the AI is trapped in a loop about gritting teeth lol

Ayorik      44 days ago  #
Fast Tornado's story was so awesome, it broke. Official status page acknowledges the outage.

Fart tornado      44 days ago  #
I was in the middle of a story when it broke

SHREK      44 days ago  #
lol yhah its down not working for me, cant even enter site anymore rip

Fart tornado      44 days ago  #
App gets stuck at loading screen

MRPIGWIG      44 days ago  #

Skrall      46 days ago  #
I get the retry or login screen With a Yellow text that says " User Error: Not authorized. User query. Failed to fetch ad counts for user" the game dosen't let me login With my account or new accounts.

Yes      49 days ago  #
When I download the app there is no icon and when I tried to open the app from play store I only have uninstall option

Styx      50 days ago  #
The app is inaccessible, Tried to uninstall then reinstall but clicking the app icon does nothing. Idk if its down or they are removing mobile access but if they are wouldn't they put some sort of notification out????

Sierra      50 days ago  #
I can't download the app at all. I keep getting an error from the playstore that it can't download.

diana      51 days ago  #
I can't update or download. Doesn't work.

Heather      51 days ago  #
App doesn't work. Won't update or download from app store. Mobile website works somewhat better but not much.

Tim      62 days ago  #
When I try to continue a story, it either doesn’t work or the most recent text disappears. When I start a new story the text appears at the top rather then the bottom.

Mia      62 days ago  #
When I click on a text to edit it, it just disappears

Anonymous1337      64 days ago  #
I had to log out of my ai dungeon account for a few hours, now I can't get back in. Anyone else having the same issue?

Miranda Cullens      66 days ago  #
If youre using safari or some other browser similar, you can change it “request mobile website” if youre on ios or a mobile player and dont have the app. It worked for me ????‍♀️

Balls      67 days ago  #
Most of my adventures not showing

TurkeyYekrut      68 days ago  #
Bruh I’ve been getting the same issue! I try to add something by typing it, but literally nothing changes. ????‍♀️

MegaCream      68 days ago  #
Same as the person underneath me.. Makes absolutely no sense.

Gumbo      68 days ago  #
I input an action but to actually see it I have to back out of the scenario and go back to it

NoseKnows      70 days ago  #
Same as the person before me I cannot input any actions, retry, undo, redo or edit. I believe it is a visual bug, as the text doesn't change but the actions still act as though they worked yet nothing changes visually.

Lean bean      70 days ago  #
Won't input any actions can't even retry

Bean      85 days ago  #
Every night for the past months I have not been able to access the servers

Lee      90 days ago  #
My adventures will not load

Anon      90 days ago  #
All of my previous adventures won't load. App version btw.

Ppppp      90 days ago  #
Won’t input my action

Manteroid      96 days ago  #
lol why is it that when i try to send something to proceed with the story, it just pauses for a long time, i waited 5 minutes for nothing

Terraprism      98 days ago  #
Due to the "ad bug" i can't play normally ai.dungeon, maybe just because of situation on Europe, or idk, my adblock is always disabled at the main site. lucky that i still didn't update the game on phone, so i can play without watching ads or spending energy (previous version still had energy instead ads) and such stuff.

perkele      98 days ago  #
ad fails to load even through i disabled my adblock, i refresh the page and still it says "ad next"... yesterday it worked pretty nice, but since the 21th of june it started working crappy and doesn't display any ads.

Vacost.      99 days ago  #
Ad failed to load. Welp, looks like I won't be able to play today.

Dave      101 days ago  #
The AI won't process my actions

Szabo      103 days ago  #
When is ai dungeon is coming back up I wanna do monster high school and blue dragon creepypasta

lucas897      103 days ago  #
when is this going to be fixed? no rush

Jinx      103 days ago  #
This is genuinely getting annoying

justadude      103 days ago  #
keeps crashing after a few seconds of typing a prompt

aly      103 days ago  #
a few seconds after loading a new game, both on mobile browser and the app, i get a crash. this does not happen when i continue an old game, both the site and the app let me continue. the app gives me this error:

TypeError: b is not a function. (In 'b(!1)', b is undefined)

Riv      103 days ago  #
i can only write for a few seconds before the screen goes black. i can reload but then it happens again. i've tried clearing my cache, switching to another Google account, even turning off my computer. still nothing has worked.

aguy      103 days ago  #
Yeah I’m also getting a black screen on ai dungeon right now a small while after loading a game

Raven      120 days ago  #
App is very slow and glitchy and won’t let me “undo to here”

Dust      130 days ago  #
Website won't load onto Latitude login screen, just keeps corsugating the flibbitygibbets

Your Mother      142 days ago  #
I’m gonna f***ign kms ????????????????????
Lowkey pissed now

b      145 days ago  #
keep on getting stuck on the "generating story" screen and then a bit later it says "The network connection was lost"

daz      145 days ago  #
stg ai dungeon goes down every 5 minutes, fix your shit

bert      145 days ago  #

Amethyst      148 days ago  #
It wants me to "verify" my email, when I already have done so, and it won't let me continue until I do. There is no verification for it in my gmail-please fix this issue

Your Mother      148 days ago  #
Okay this is bullshit now.
I’m looking for a new website ????????????

Arthuria Pendragon      152 days ago  #
Tried all the other links everyone uses but the website just crashes.

Arthuria Pendragon      152 days ago  #
The website has been down. I click the retry button and it says, “Having trouble reaching AI Dungeon.” It’s been like that for a week now. Please help.

Your Mother      152 days ago  #

Name      155 days ago  #
The app says the server provided an invalid client ID before I've even logged in

Ruby      155 days ago  #
Messages/texts still repeat themselves (sometimes up to 3 times). I don't know what the cause of this is, but hopefully it gets resolved soon.

Amy      157 days ago  #
I try to get it to send me a verification link, but it doesn't send it to me even after 30 tries.

Max      158 days ago  #
Cannot read property '0' of null

Ruby      159 days ago  #
Whenever I try to have the AI respond, it duplicates its text. It's been like this since yesterday

Dr. Wilson      159 days ago  #
Late comment, but it appears to be fine again, hopefully, it will stay like that.

Joe      159 days ago  #
My save game keeps saying that there is an error I have tried restarting the app and my Kindle.

lol      159 days ago  #
idk but it also happened earlier yet ive yet to see them address it on twitter or anywhere

????      159 days ago  #
it's still down for everyone else, right?

Dr. Wilson      159 days ago  #
I wonder what's wrong with the model at the moment,

????      159 days ago  #
technical issue w the model or smth?

Zero      159 days ago  #
So it appears I’m not the only one having technical model issues lmao

Dr. Wilson      159 days ago  #
Continuous error message of "There was a technical issue calling the model. Please try again in a few minutes or if the problem persists, reach out to", this is a bit upsetting, :{

lol      159 days ago  #
model issue or smth dumb

Mara      159 days ago  #
Won't load anything vary frustrating

Your mother      159 days ago  #
I didn’t piss myself

Your mother      159 days ago  #
I’m going to piss myself if this shii don’t work

Someone      159 days ago  #
Is the site down for anyone else?

AI      160 days ago  #
It working again :)

AI      160 days ago  #

Chepite      160 days ago  #
anyone else suffering from actions not sending and the send button itself being missing?

Eem      162 days ago  #
AI dungeon won’t let me log in

Dr. Wilson      164 days ago  #
Cannot sign in,

b      166 days ago  #
it isnt working! does anyone know whats going on

test      166 days ago  #
help not working

Jordan      167 days ago  #
I get a error screen ????

WOW      174 days ago  #
Ai dungeon isn't currently working. It's stuck on the loading screen

cherry      174 days ago  #
not working

b      179 days ago  #
cant sign in

ve      179 days ago  #
it refuses to let me sign in, it wont even give me the option

Themasterit      181 days ago  #
I don't understand what is happening to the app. I have returned after 2 months and decided to get gold + . When trying to play anything it just spits out random words and expects me to understand something. I checked the settings and the randomness seems all fine so I don'k know what to do...

Vincent      186 days ago  #
Gives me the message "Unauthorized returnTo host" when I try to login.

Z      187 days ago  #
Keeps giving me [object Response] ?

Rex      188 days ago  #
Website and the app isn't letting me have a response to any of the stories

ziixyre      195 days ago  #
everytime i try to log in it says my gmail or password is incorrect


Coldy      202 days ago  #
whenever i try to login it says "Having trouble reaching AI Dungeon" i keep pressing the retry button but it keeps showing the same thing

Please help!      204 days ago  #
It's stuck on the loading screen. Anyone know a way to fix this?

EA Sports's Grandpa      212 days ago  #
I cannot log into my account, every time I log in it automatically logs me out

Samurai      216 days ago  #
For anyone who wants it fixed. Use the different versions in meantime. Such as the one bellow the admin's pinned comment

a      216 days ago  #
does anyone know how to fix

Dirtball      216 days ago  #
here we go again

ThatOneStupidIdiot      216 days ago  #

Samurai      216 days ago  #
Down for anyone else currently?

Person      216 days ago  #
This happens so often that it isnt even surpising anymore

BeepBoop      232 days ago  #
How did you fix it?

Person      244 days ago  #
Never mind, I found a way to fix it.

Person      244 days ago  #
There isn't anything loading for the 'creating your start character menu' and I can't edit the text. This is the second time it happened, I don't know what's going on.

Player      246 days ago  #
It keeps saying that there is technical issue calling the model and that I should try again in a few minutes or if the problem persists, reach out to (???) I don't know what's going on.

Guest      246 days ago  #
There was a technical issue calling the model. Please try again in a few minutes or if the problem persists, reach out to

Rati      246 days ago  #
It's not loading its stuck on one screen

Richard      246 days ago  #
Can't get it to load in browser or app

Trashlord      246 days ago  #
Sometimes working sometimes not. Seems to work in bursts then stop working for a while... I could only get in on the app

E      246 days ago  #

I BAPTIZED GOD      246 days ago  #
UPDATE: Seems to be back up.

I BAPTIZED GOD      246 days ago  #
Site is down. tried refreshing, clearing chrome cache, no luck.
"AI Dungeon
Preparing the AI for your arrival..."

Guest      247 days ago  #
Very Common

Lloyde      253 days ago  #
How common are these outages to anyone who has been using ai dungeon for a while now?

Guest      253 days ago  #
This keeps happening. Starting to get real annoying.

Zen NoKage      288 days ago  #
I keep getting stuck on the loading screen and when I inspect the page it says two issues found.

Guest      288 days ago  #
If you are getting a black screen, switch to the new Game Screen in settings, display, Seems to be working for now and i can continue my story.

Soul      293 days ago  #
My story won't load anymore, only getting a black screen as well

Guest      293 days ago  #
My story is gone, just a black screen now. Still a black screen after i refresh the page as well. Other storys are fine.

Starlight Rose      306 days ago  #
The new screen on AI Dungeon will load, but the old screen (the one I personally like to use) will not load.

Insertname      307 days ago  #
Only one of my stories loads and if i try to play it, it just gives me ilogic responses. The rest of my stories doesn't even load

MertaL      308 days ago  #
Not loading here.

John Doh      308 days ago  #
Story not loading for anyone else?

Starlight Rose      309 days ago  #
AI Dungeon won't load fully, and when I try to let the AI finish responses, it goes on a different topic.

DeoROID      309 days ago  #
AI can't recharge

Joy      318 days ago  #
everytime i try to continue trying to chat the loading thing pops up and it just stays like that.

TooCryptic87      321 days ago  #
I can't access my World says something went wrong

Aifail      321 days ago  #
Something went wrong. Please try again later

guest      321 days ago  #
Just getting Something went wrong. Please try again later. Shits broken right now.

Anon      321 days ago  #
Something went wrong. Please try again later

guest      321 days ago  #
Something went wrong. Please try again later

Ahhhh      322 days ago  #
NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

Aldlalgjalgn      325 days ago  #
“There was a technical Issue generating a response.”

Guest      328 days ago  #
NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

Bruh      329 days ago  #
SequelizeDatabaseError: record "new" has no field "content_id"

Archivist      349 days ago  #
App. Ai ran into a technical issue.

Nykara      349 days ago  #
Getting an error generating a response on both of my stories, think the AI is down

Guest      351 days ago  #
"There was a technical issue generating a story/response. Please try again in a few minutes..."

HuslHusk      356 days ago  #
The ai oofed

N      356 days ago  #
ai is quet

guest      369 days ago  #
i just freezes after 2 seconds after an attempt to load and this only happens at 3:15 and then i cant play for the rest of the day please someone help!!!!

Guest      371 days ago  #
app and website

Jere      372 days ago  #
It's stopped responding to what I say in any sort of reasonable way. Its spouting numbers at me and saying random lines that don't make any sense, like it's suddenly forgotten the story and jumped to another. I can get into the site and open up a story but the ai seems to have completely broken down. It's like watching a computer have a mental break, its kind of scary to be honest

el      377 days ago  #
won't load worlds

Guest      378 days ago  #
NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource. over and over again. unplayable

Guest      378 days ago  #
Ai errors for hours now, unplayable

Guest      421 days ago  #
App down

Guest      422 days ago  #

Guest      434 days ago  #
No output detected

Luna      473 days ago  #
I make simple sentences and the AI can't generate a response at all. Happens with new prompts too.

jgg      475 days ago  #
It doesn't accept my email why does this keep on happening iam frustrated pls

Guest      488 days ago  #
Not loading on safari, chrome and ios app.
Cookies and cached data are cleaned

dio      511 days ago  #
for one of my stories (of course the one i actually want to work on at the moment) the ai refuses to do anything, both on the website and on the app, but for every other story it's working fine >:(

Your      513 days ago  #
AI doesn't know what to say

Anonymous      523 days ago  #
Yep, getting the "No access is associated with the user *blahblahblah* subscription plan"

Guest      536 days ago  #
Scenario not found when using any type of prompt

Guest      541 days ago  #

me      545 days ago  #
it is being ridiculous i love the game but I just need to make sure I know when it will be fixed

Jekyll      545 days ago  #
I can't get any type of story going. The ai has been lobotomised!

John doe      545 days ago  #
Same but on the app

Kerr      545 days ago  #

Kerr      545 days ago  #
Their support page says that it’s up and stuff but I’m having problems

guest      545 days ago  #
can't even start new prompt

Kerr      545 days ago  #
Whatever I type, it will say Ai doesn’t know what to say. I’ve tried changing it multiple times but it still says the same thing

Guest      545 days ago  #
Keeps saying that the AI doesn’t know what to say, won’t generate anything after the story.

Kikrotin      545 days ago  #
The app is down.

Guest      549 days ago  #
Keeps saying that the AI doesn't know what to say after "Generating story..."

Guest      551 days ago  #
undefined is not iterable (cannot read property Symbol(Symbol.iterator))

OoGA BOOGA      553 days ago  #

Guest      564 days ago  #
Cannot destructure property 'eventName' of 'experiments{feature}' as it is undefined

Guest      564 days ago  #
Getting a error: Cannot destructure property 'eventName' of 'experiments[feature]' as it is undefined. when i continue my story. And playing a new Scenario is loading infinitely.

.      582 days ago  #
cant really connect to server and generally slow (website)

Anonymous      583 days ago  #
Just a white screen on browser every time

Guest      584 days ago  #
it seems that website is not loading

AAA      586 days ago  #
Cannot convert undefined or null to object

Mew      596 days ago  #

Guest      598 days ago  #

Guest      598 days ago  #

Guest      598 days ago  #

Guest      606 days ago  #
"AI Dungeon connecting to servers"

Guest      606 days ago  #
General Outage

123122131254      606 days ago  #
Cant connect to servers.

Guest      608 days ago  #
website: It just says connecting to servers.

Jaydien      628 days ago  #
Also very slow loading like others have said when trying to start a story

Rainbow (again again again) (note: I'm putting jus      628 days ago  #
note: I have an account currently. (Yes, I'm aware I said I couldn't do anything because it told me to log in. I didn't have an account then.)

Jaydien      628 days ago  #
app isn't loading, takes forever just to get into classic mode only for the screen to stay completely black

Rainbow (again again)      628 days ago  #
Tried to just generate more story again, got a slightly different and shorter error. 'Operation timeout'

Rainbow (again)      628 days ago  #
Also, slow loading and Screen staying dark grey like what Noriaki Kakyoin & Guest said.

Rainbow      628 days ago  #
Random log-out, and also, with the adventure I already had up, I tried to make it continue the story, but instead it spitted out "SequelizeConnectionAcquireTimeoutError: Operation timeout".

Noriaki Kakyoin      628 days ago  #
Screen either goes completely black or completely white, On the website.

Yeet      628 days ago  #
App has long wait times on startup and in story generation

K      628 days ago  #
Wont log me in or connect to servers for me????