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almight      12 days ago  # 16 September 2022
Same here. I can't find any updated stories past 9/12 even though i can see some stories have been updated. Is there some issue with the server. If anyone has a solution please let me know

Phoenix slayer5      12 days ago  # 16 September 2022
I can't find any stories updated past 9/12 even though the stories have been updated

Chaos      13 days ago  # 16 September 2022
Recently updated stories aren't showing up unless you specifically search for them

Rita      27 days ago  # 2 September 2022
Try Using ADRIAN ,although they are slightly expensive but they know exactly what they are doing. Always make research before hiring a hacker and never hire a hacker without been sure of their services. Cause i had been scammed by fake hackers before getting to know Adrian. You can use " Hackwithadrianlamo @ gmail com " and you may be able to get some answers to numerous questions from them.

DARGONDAVE45      35 days ago  # 24 August 2022
I can't reply to pm's! WTF??

ElijahMorris      41 days ago  #
Anyone else having trouble seeing the amount of readers they have?

E      69 days ago  #
The history is there but I can't access to it ...

E      69 days ago  #
WTH is going on? we are having the same issues since 2010?

lokifirefox      79 days ago  #
the Captcha screen is just loading and not opening to anything!

Kaito K.      114 days ago  #
App should be working now.

I tried this morning and no problem read stories.

tilezz      115 days ago  #
Any news about the load up screen?

Hazel      115 days ago  #
Still the same. Please fix this! Its been what 3 days... Please fix this app!!

Anna-lena      116 days ago  #
It wont load up my downloaded stories it just keeps buffering

LazyPerson      116 days ago  #
Downloaded story's won't load at all till I delete em then I can read em.with internet useless I downloaded again. I even tried deleting the app and installing it again which did not help. It is quite bothersome, at least out up a notice.

Guardian-Wolf-227      116 days ago  #
Well my app opens but now the only way for me to read fanfics are with the text-to-speech function.
Please fix this because some of them I read are long an I don't want to have to restart a chapter everytime it stops reading.

redstonepowder      116 days ago  #
How the hell do you mess up so badly that people can't view stories that they've DOWNLOADED? Atleast put up a notification that there's something wrong.

Raine      116 days ago  #
It's been 4 days and I still can't read the stories I saved ಠ︵ಠ the page-flipping thingy is still flipping and if it's still like this tomorrow I'm gonna flip!

Kaito K.      117 days ago  #
Issues with those stories downloaded in library and recent read stories.

Xaverian      117 days ago  #
Same problem. Even tried deleting the app and redownloading it and my Library. Nothing opens

Kaito K.      117 days ago  #
Same problem on App.
Image of book pages being turned.

App fix please.

Hazel      117 days ago  #
Same here. Does not loading any pages. Just the book thing images flipping its pages reapeatedly

Odin      117 days ago  #
Any fixes for the app?

Pam      118 days ago  #
I can open the app but the stories won't load. Just get a book with the pages turning. No text.

sam      118 days ago  #
I'm also having loading issues with my fanfiction on the app. The pages arent loading or are taking a long time to load. why is that?

Bren      118 days ago  #
I'm having the same problem. Story will act like it is trying to open but never does. 6-1-22

Piedad      133 days ago  #
the Cloundflare just a moment is already in loop T_T

Calrais      149 days ago  #
Stuck in a Cloudflare and browser crash loop. Sadface.

Krystal P.      161 days ago  #
The issue I have been having I noticed since the first of the month. I can't log in but at the same time if I hit the log in button it takes me to my account where I can see all the stories I have saved but I am unable to save new ones as it says Im not logged in. Is anyone else having this issue as well?

Jojo Fan 10      174 days ago  #
I saw an favourite fanfic of mine got updated and I was about to read it until a page came up saying this challenge page was accidentally cached and is no longer available.

Kyoko Ryuuzaki      184 days ago  #
Yup, I'm missing at least 3 reviews that neither were sent to my email or show up on the reviews page. Most unfortunate.

Carys      184 days ago  #
New reviews not showing up :(

Albert      184 days ago  #
Reviwes aren't showing up. The counter is increased but the section of reviews is empty.

oyo      190 days ago  #
it hasnt been working, it just said website took too long to respond

Alex      192 days ago  #
For the past few days, I've been trying to read stories on the site; only to receive the stupid "just a moment" loading screen from Cloudflare (which doesn't seem to go away)

Imran Cassim      202 days ago  #
login is back online

Imran Cassim      202 days ago  #
When i try to login it says 503 service unavailable

Anomynos      202 days ago  #
No longer available?! So it's gone forever this time!?

anne      202 days ago  #
its saying that page is accidendatally catched and no longer available .

Guest      204 days ago  #
I can't manage to complete login because the box to check not robot appears when processing the login, so I can't get pass that point and access my account

Guest      224 days ago  #
Pm’s down since this morning, what the hell is going on?

Guest      224 days ago  #
Same section is refusing to load

Guest      224 days ago  #
The Pm's section is refusing to load properly as of 2/16/2022 at 6:48am est

shypunk      233 days ago  #
it has happened to me today it logged me out and will not let me lo back in it just keeps sending me back to my account settings page with out letting me login

G Royter      247 days ago  #
Me to is cloudflare gives 522 error ????????????????????

guest ocho      247 days ago  #
Cloudfare keeps going in a permanent loading cycle with no progress

Alice      247 days ago  #
The cloud cloudflare is stuck in a permanent loading cycle, it keeps reloading for no reason.

Alex      305 days ago  #
I keep getting this dumb "checking browser, please wait" screen anytime I try to look at a story

Guest      334 days ago  #
Cloudeflare's been popping. It's irritating... ????????????

BT      334 days ago  #
Cloudefare I can't read stories on my phone. I'm getting a 522 error from Cloudfare.

guest      337 days ago  #
I can only get as far as choosing the language I want to read in. When I click on the link for a story I'm pulled off to a page with a message that they are checking my browser. A smaller message notes it should only take five seconds.

What gives? And this has been going on for me since about 5:30aCST

guest      340 days ago  #
I've received no emails over the last 24 hours from FF. Nothing! No reviews, PMs, or any other type of notification. What gives?

Jack Dauphinais      369 days ago  #
Can’t even get on the site

W8W      371 days ago  #
Can't access the account settings. After logging in, I'm brought to a blank page

Mike      371 days ago  #
can't access acount. blank page

Mangoose      371 days ago  #
Can't access the account settings. After logging in, I'm brought to a blank page. FFN as always is afflicted with wonderful bugs.

C. Bazzano      371 days ago  #
if anyone is trying to get into their accounts on this website, its only allowing reading right now.

Guest      374 days ago  #
Profile not working

Guest      374 days ago  #
cant use the website at all

Guest      374 days ago  #
Cannot log in.

angry      387 days ago  #

I have been trying to go onto the website to read the things i love but it always says

Checking your browser[

it has been doing that for the past 3 days and it is getting really damn annoying

Fucking Annoyed      518 days ago  #
It doesn't work on Mobile. I have an older phone, and frankly, I shouldn't have to get a new one just for one damn site to load. It's literally always worked for me until this year, now I keep getting asked to complete some kind of Captcha. Whenever I do and press next, nothing happens. The screen just stays blank, or I can't even get to another screen to complete it. Then at the bottom, there's my IP address and under it there's a blue highlighted word called Cloudflare. Whenever I click on it, I keep coming to a page claiming that there's some kind of 500 error, and that it's a Host Error. So apparently it's something on their end that's not working, but that's obviously not the case. I've checked other "is it down" sites, and most of them say that it's working, there's one that says it's completely down and that they can't connect to the servers. I would really like it if someone figured this shit out. Like I said, the site quit working for me the beginning of this year. It's only mobile where it's not working, and while I can read shit on my computer, I'd rather read on mobile since it looks better and is easier to see the words.

Guest      539 days ago  #

MILESPROWER22      572 days ago  #
Hey its me again the fanfiction website only works in the day and dosn't really work at night.

Is there something wrong with my browser? and when i want to load pictures it acts like an old 90s computer.

Again my browser is my nintendo 2ds browser so it might just be that its old but i do want it to stop.

its very annoying

MILESPROWER22      621 days ago  #
im reading stuff on my nintendo 2ds on the internet browser so idk how to refresh everything and stuff so can people plz tell me i deleted the cookies and i can't delete the IP number soo idk what too do

MILESPROWER22      621 days ago  #
It hasn't been working for me since like a few days i think and its very annoying

it says wait like 5 seconds for it too load my content and when it
does it just says the same thing over and over again
so if you can fix it plz do


Upset      654 days ago  #
Just went down

cel      691 days ago  #
Haven't been able to open updated chapters since october the 31st

Tru      692 days ago  #
Chapters aren’t showing up - very annoying

Noro      692 days ago  #
Haven't been able to to open updated chapters for the last few days really starting to get annoyed.

Guest      693 days ago  #
Website has been severely buggy since October 31. New chapters of updated stories cannot be accessed through site unless you use the app. Also, when I update my profile bio, the site soon changes it back to what it looked like as of October 30.

Callidora      694 days ago  #
Having troubles updating stories and reading updated stories

Marijn      946 days ago  # website is not working for me. I checked it out, and it seems that no one is more of a mark than me for getting banned from any site. Hey, as long as I have my website, I'll be fine. Until I get rid of it, though, I can't post any of my stories. Again, thanks so much for making me, and countless others, spend our money to get these works (which to an extent are very good, too, and I mean that in every way!). It has gone down every time I try to upload. Did I get hacked? Should I reboot the site? I don't want to be responsible for leaving posts empty or not receiving a reply. Thanks in advance. Any help would be great.