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MILESPROWER22      1 hour ago  # 5 March 2021
Hey its me again the fanfiction website only works in the day and dosn't really work at night.

Is there something wrong with my browser? and when i want to load pictures it acts like an old 90s computer.

Again my browser is my nintendo 2ds browser so it might just be that its old but i do want it to stop.

its very annoying

Guest      6 days ago  # 27 Feb 2021

Guest      29 days ago  # 4 Feb 2021
General Outage

Guest      30 days ago  # 3 Feb 2021

Guest      30 days ago  # 3 Feb 2021

Guest      40 days ago  #
Can't access my account on desktop and somethings wrong with server.

MILESPROWER22      49 days ago  #
im reading stuff on my nintendo 2ds on the internet browser so idk how to refresh everything and stuff so can people plz tell me i deleted the cookies and i can't delete the IP number soo idk what too do

MILESPROWER22      49 days ago  #
It hasn't been working for me since like a few days i think and its very annoying

it says wait like 5 seconds for it too load my content and when it
does it just says the same thing over and over again
so if you can fix it plz do


Upset      82 days ago  #
Just went down

cel      119 days ago  #
Haven't been able to open updated chapters since october the 31st

Tru      120 days ago  #
Chapters aren’t showing up - very annoying

Noro      120 days ago  #
Haven't been able to to open updated chapters for the last few days really starting to get annoyed.

Guest      121 days ago  #
Website has been severely buggy since October 31. New chapters of updated stories cannot be accessed through site unless you use the app. Also, when I update my profile bio, the site soon changes it back to what it looked like as of October 30.

Guest      121 days ago  #
New chapters haven't been showing up on the site when the stories get updated. Been trying to contac

Callidora      121 days ago  #
Having troubles updating stories and reading updated stories

Guest      121 days ago  #
Updating stories

Guest      122 days ago  #
Can't access a new chapter when one is uploaded

Guest      137 days ago  #

Guest      138 days ago  #

Guest      141 days ago  #

Guest      153 days ago  #

Marijn      374 days ago  # website is not working for me. I checked it out, and it seems that no one is more of a mark than me for getting banned from any site. Hey, as long as I have my website, I'll be fine. Until I get rid of it, though, I can't post any of my stories. Again, thanks so much for making me, and countless others, spend our money to get these works (which to an extent are very good, too, and I mean that in every way!). It has gone down every time I try to upload. Did I get hacked? Should I reboot the site? I don't want to be responsible for leaving posts empty or not receiving a reply. Thanks in advance. Any help would be great. Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:

@revastated   writing fanfiction of the google outage read the source
76 days ago   19 December 2020