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Letter "g" 12 days ago:   TURN ON THE GAB! 9 days ago:   I'm getting a "504 Gateway Time-out" message while trying to login. 20 days ago:   I’m getting that “access denied” message from within U.S. no matter what browser I use and no matter which device. 69 days ago:   can't add things to cart, or check out the 24 things i already have. 10 days ago:   I cant login 68 days ago:   Down in South Jersey 23 days ago:   I have continued to report this badly managed horrendous website to law enforcement. I believe we will win in the end. 83 days ago:   still down 5/12/21 9 hours ago:   Down again 7 hours ago:   The site and the app don't work, saying I'm not connected to the internet 41 days ago:   I still can’t visit friends or visit community. It’s part of the game !Bakery Town, Why can’t I visit anyone. Does anyone have an answer. My email is I would like to hear some answer ... 57 days ago:   Well, its gone. 17 days ago:   Working very fine 5 days ago:   Do you guys have alternatives? 5 days ago:   THIS SITE IS THE WORST There is ALWAYS something wrong with it get email about coupons THEN go to the Giant website sign in and LO AND BEHOLD the site says NO COUPONS AVAILABLE what a joke that site is ... 82 days ago:   Entire site is unreachable. Been like this for over a day now. 80 days ago:   the site is gone. 27 days ago:   Log in 28 days ago:   Log-in problem 69 days ago:   I have been trying to log in for 2 days. Won't let me reset password, can't log in through Facebook. Trying to accept funds. I've tried on 3 separate devices. HELP ... 36 days ago: website url blocked in India please fix it 12 days ago:   Cannot save new card 21 days ago:   Webpages refusing to load. 72 days ago:   Good RX not working keep getting " server down" since upgrade 42 days ago:   I have been removed from my gmail and google account. I can not access to my account. what can I do now? 19 hours ago:   Site is not working. 61 days ago:   website down, day two, still no login option. No return on emails and phone number says it's "busy" 31 days ago:   Can not login to website, keep receiving "We are unable to complete the login request at this time. Please try again later." 28 days ago:   Website 120 days ago:   App and Website 66 days ago:   Start gydoo option isn't opening further