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Letter "g" 8 days ago:   502 bad gateway 74 days ago:   its broken by games 5 hours ago:   I had paid for a years' premium membership on the site in advance last December, and was able to get a full refund today from Epoch. I only asked for a refund for the period starting when the site shut down, but they refunded the ... 6 days ago:   CAN YOU PLEASE SEND YOUR CUSTOMERS AN E-MAIL AS TO WHEN YOUR SYSTEM WILL BE UP AND RUNNING? CAN WE CANCEL OUR ORDERS FOR SUNDAY DELIVERY ON APRIL 11, 2021? ... 77 days ago:   Website and list of my jobs. Please fix ASAP!!!!! 18 days ago:   Unable to log in all day. 10 days ago:   Website In UK. It's like I get past two posts then screen freezes, doesn't let me type in search bar, or click onto profile pic, messages, notifications etc. Then a message saying page unresponsive. The links in the pinned post above have the same result. Nothing. ... 1 day ago:   Hey Y'all! -- I wanted to share my personal experience dealing with this supposed "Maintenance Issue." The last time I filed was Easter, and was paid a few days later. Since this past Sunday 04/11, the first time I checked it since last week, I ... 57 days ago:   The page keeps flickering. 86 days ago:   Website us completely down 10 days ago:   App and Website