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Paul      18 days ago  # 31 December 2021
Hey, I can't even call up their homepage. Even changing IP to the Philippines won't bring it up!!!

Elmond      29 days ago  # 20 December 2021
BDO online banking is not very helpful. If the online banking system is down, BDO should send a message on why the system is down and when it's expected to be up. That way customers are always informed.

Lynn      29 days ago  # 20 December 2021

Mike Otte      29 days ago  # 19 December 2021
Also tried it from multiple other IP addresses that have never accessed BDO before and all get the same Access Denied error.

Problem is clearly on the BDO end,

Mike Otte      29 days ago  # 19 December 2021
2nd day now of this issue when trying to go to the online login page:
Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.d7f00f17.1639945154.21e828ac

JOB      29 days ago  #
Cannot log-in.

"Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.c07a7b5c.1639930013.3d3b4c4e"

Mark Anthony aquino      46 days ago  #
I cant change my password and its locked already

ara ag      77 days ago  #
cannont log in and cant get otp password..

Joel      93 days ago  #
Same with me

BDO User Since 2013      93 days ago  #
In mobile app, it says that all of my accounts are inactive. In Website, I cannot log in anymore. There's a login error.

Aries      104 days ago  #
Can't get OTP since yesterday!!!! I need to do money transfer ASAP.

Guest      113 days ago  #
Once I try to do a transaction, it says “website is under maintenance”

vic      192 days ago  #
since july 4 bdo online banking(log in) is under maintenance what happen to the biggest bank in the Philippines?guys it's been 5 days

Celeste      197 days ago  #
Cant access BDO online banking since yesterday...what seems to be the problem?