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Irish      1 day ago  # 17 August 2022
What the hell is going on BDO
Kindly fix the problems
We deserve better
Why it takes forever to fix?

yat      4 days ago  # 14 August 2022
6days nko d nakapg open bdo online..down padin ba?

Tic      19 days ago  # 30 July 2022
Bdo has Daily shutdown. Other banks don’t have. I just wander why. Change your bank IT developer & hire new & experienced ones

Nancy      21 days ago  # 28 July 2022
It says my account was locked..tama naman username and password ko

winston      23 days ago  # 26 July 2022
July 26 2022 mobile saying no accounts to view?
whats going on?

Joy      23 days ago  #
Down pa rin po ba ang BDO mobile banking? Can't add device sa new phone android, 1 week of trying to add device.

Helen      25 days ago  #
3 days now, I made repeated attempts to log-in on BDO online banking but never received any OTP (SMS). Very frustrating.

Mae      25 days ago  #
Down pa rin ang BDO App (Android) TODAY!! Still can't ADD DEVICE. BDO your service is APPALLING!!! Haist!!!

Bogart the explorer      30 days ago  #
lampas 1 week nang hindi maka login sa BDO App (Android)

majaketrix      33 days ago  #
cant add device... system down. sobra na 1 week

Kabry      36 days ago  #
Hoy BDO, please FIND WAYS! Hirap iaccess ah ilang araw na ah safe ba pera namin jan?

Archz      37 days ago  #
BDO you are a pain in the ass!!!

jeh      46 days ago  #
grabe kau bdo. ilang araw na kame di makapag transfer dahil sa inio. inconvenient na to for us clients

Mj      47 days ago  #
What happened Po sa digital banking ? Hanggang Kelan Po Kaya Hnd mkk log in ? ????

Maria      48 days ago  #
We need to TR
ansfer funds however down ang app and website ni BDO

erwin      49 days ago  #
under maintenance na naman, akala ko mali ang otp o passsword.. anong dahilan po kaya?

KC      49 days ago  #
Down nanaman BDO, naman o. as of June 30, 2022. 5:00pm

DM      65 days ago  #
So slow

Anonymous      87 days ago  #
Poor service. Error 605 lagi nalabas sa mobile app. Mukhang ma's maganda mag-open na lang account sa ibang bank

haysss      97 days ago  #
down nanaman ano bayan

bagal bagal na nga ng server lagi pa down

Cristina T. Litton      121 days ago  #
April 19, 2022 how long before I can send money from my BDO online

Jmy      121 days ago  #

Mc      122 days ago  #
I can' log in . My internet is ok

gio      122 days ago  #
can't log in

anna      122 days ago  #
log in error

wie      122 days ago  #
log in error

Mary Ann      129 days ago  #
When I can log in my BDO apps???

Redg      129 days ago  #
Why bdo online still not available????? Whyyyyyy

Mar Quijada      130 days ago  #
How long will BDO online banking website undergo maintenance?

FUCK BDO      130 days ago  #
wasted my roaming balance due to OTP but still can't access the mobile app and web site.. f***!!!!

ARD      131 days ago  #
Since morning, it says that my bdo were inactive that i have to log out and log in to proceed transaction. I cannot transfer my money until now. What seems to be the problem?

JANE      133 days ago  #

Chris      145 days ago  #
Somebody help me i will transfer my money today but the bdo online is under maintenance and my accnt balance is lower what happened to my money posible can he back ?

Paul      230 days ago  #
Hey, I can't even call up their homepage. Even changing IP to the Philippines won't bring it up!!!

Elmond      241 days ago  #
BDO online banking is not very helpful. If the online banking system is down, BDO should send a message on why the system is down and when it's expected to be up. That way customers are always informed.

Lynn      241 days ago  #

Mike Otte      241 days ago  #
Also tried it from multiple other IP addresses that have never accessed BDO before and all get the same Access Denied error.

Problem is clearly on the BDO end,

Mike Otte      241 days ago  #
2nd day now of this issue when trying to go to the online login page:
Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.d7f00f17.1639945154.21e828ac

JOB      242 days ago  #
Cannot log-in.

"Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.c07a7b5c.1639930013.3d3b4c4e"

Mark Anthony aquino      258 days ago  #
I cant change my password and its locked already

ara ag      289 days ago  #
cannont log in and cant get otp password..

Joel      306 days ago  #
Same with me

BDO User Since 2013      306 days ago  #
In mobile app, it says that all of my accounts are inactive. In Website, I cannot log in anymore. There's a login error.

Aries      316 days ago  #
Can't get OTP since yesterday!!!! I need to do money transfer ASAP.

Guest      326 days ago  #
Once I try to do a transaction, it says “website is under maintenance”

vic      405 days ago  #
since july 4 bdo online banking(log in) is under maintenance what happen to the biggest bank in the Philippines?guys it's been 5 days

Celeste      410 days ago  #
Cant access BDO online banking since yesterday...what seems to be the problem?