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Letter "h" 8 days ago:   Log in failure no account found 4 hours ago:   Trying to create an account and it says it cannot be done with the information given. Whats going on? 60 days ago:   Harley ought to hire someone to run their website who knows what he is doing. 20 days ago:   Harris Teeter posting 1:32pm 7-14-21 : Harris Teeter Alerts COVID-19 Vaccine Updates We are currently experiencing issues with logging into the website and Express Lane. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have this back up as soon as possible. ... 63 days ago:   Can't log in to the app 14 days ago:   Use VPN or webarchive to access 6 days ago:   500 - Internal Server Error 2 days ago:   App and website not working. Please fix quickly 11 days ago:   please stop all advertising 45 days ago:   I can't view the web site cuz it always gives me this annoying Cloudflare error too 85 days ago:   Unable to load login page 61 days ago:   Why is it down :( 50 days ago:   Its a site I use daily so because my internet isn't the greatest, at first I thought that was the issue but it's been like this for weeks and every other site I use loads just fine when it does load it says they're offline ... 9 days ago:   Hertz confirms the outage on Twitter reply. 20 days ago:   I’m becoming very frustrated with the HGTV app on my iPad. I often cannot access the app after deleting the app and reinstalling it. This and other “not available for use” issues make me wonder how good the app would be if I paid for ... 26 days ago:   Can't checkout 2 days ago:   The desktop app has been down for about 3 days - grudgingly confirmed by "Support" - Hightail status page says all operational! Very poor effort all-round by hightail 100 days ago:   Its definitely down and I need to get in. My god I hate this company and all it stands for. 20 days ago:   Website & app appear to be down 4 hours ago:   Whole website not loading 6 days ago:   checkout page is stuck. Not loading 55 days ago:   502 bad gateway. Website and app 6 days ago:   cannot create account 66 days ago:   email servers down for 2 days! What is Homestead doing to fix the issue. Anybody have a phone number to call them? 12 days ago:   app not working for making changes website not working for 24+ hours RIDICULOUS!! 56 days ago:   500 Internal Server Error 7 days ago:   down 11 days ago:   login is still down, since weeks when will it work again? tried all mentioned solutions, nothing is working, tried it also on my mobile, same error, can´t n´be my computer, must be on house mixes side! ... 30 days ago:   Cant login & used forgot pass then cant generate new password, bring me back to login page ??? 83 days ago:   drivers download is broken 35 days ago:   Could not open page The service or information you requested is not available at this time. Please try again later. (Error: system-websrv_unavail) 79 days ago:   login issue 13 days ago:   Samsung TV - Load Failure issues with the application 84 days ago:   Website down