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Letter "k" 55 days ago:   Cant log in 75 days ago:   Kahoot not loading for days. 96 days ago:   White screen when I go to no matter which browser I use. White screen at if I use my phone connected to wifi or 4g, And white screen when I click enter pin on app on my phone. ... 33 days ago:   phones have been down ALL DAY for Denver 9 days ago:   I can't see or send messages 91 days ago:   Website is down for me. 35 days ago:   why is the beach camera at Lincoln city not working? 4 days ago:   The website is not working for me. It doesn’t work when I put in my card numbers and it keeps taking me back to the billing part and it sucks. I just want to get my mom a ring for Christmas. ... 20 days ago:   Having issues with manuscript size keeps giving me an error when I have been using the same process and have been approved every time, but for some reason, it keeps saying my manuscript is outside the margins when I have been using the same size ... 72 days ago:   for me its my ISP i can got on with my phone just fine but when i turn off data and go to my router it blocks the site using a VPN i can access the site just fine ... 66 days ago:   app 18 days ago:   Not receiving messages from friends and girlfriend 16 days ago:   dear Kim cartoon every time I watch a cartoon it keeps freezing please fix this issue immediately because it's starting to happen a lot thank you and have a nice day ps don't disappoint me ... 26 days ago:   none of the links work on any of the three browsers I have 1 day ago:   Trying to take advantage of CYBER sale. Can't check out. Says "system error". 52 days ago:   Website Down 13 days ago:   Klarna one time card not working for the last 3 days. Customer service ... no help at all 21 days ago:   I'm unable to pay for a ticket, in the site as well as in the Android app, and no matter what payment method I choose. 2 days ago:   Trying to order online but can't used layaway 4 days ago:   I have the same problem as guest 20 October . For the las 2 weeks I have tried to process my order but every time I click ‘proceed to payment’ nothing happens. If I click for it to show the link it says blocked blank. ... 45 days ago:   Can not buy a book for the last three days, one of my favourite authors and no shopping on site, purchased books not being added, very frustrated 49 days ago:   Can’t login; been rebooting app but it won’t let me login 32 days ago:   i'll wait changes in kogama thank you for listen 14 days ago:   What's up??? How do they expect to sell stuff??? Idiots 97 days ago:   Website won't load 1 day ago:   When I try to log into my Kroger account, it says to disable pop up blockers and ad blockers...I've been using this app for years with no problem.... 70 days ago:   its not loding 62 days ago:   It will not let me update any ad, so 0 clue what is going in. Been using it since 2008 without any problem, but am now having a problem and I don't know why. ... 40 days ago:   Log-in down 30 minutes ago 50 days ago:   Seems KXAN OTA is down 53 days ago:   been unresponsive for days. their previous email links now direct to url8919 whatever that means.