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Letter "k" 1 day ago:   I am a new subscriber. KP website not working. What's going on? Anybody awake at the IT department? 90 days ago:   App not sending messages. 20 days ago:   login won't load 20 days ago:   Not loading 9 days ago:   Can't view the menu online at all. Been like this for a few days, wanted kfc but wish i could see what's available first before i order. Seems the website is broken. ... 43 days ago:   Only delievery is down. 11 days ago:   TV channel not coming in 33 days ago:   Cannot Access app reporting an outage, owners site via web is out too. 57 days ago:   This server couldn't prove that it's; its security certificate is from * This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. Continue to (unsafe) KING5.COM ... 74 days ago:   Website 105 days ago:   Getting a 504 Gateway error on the site, have tried two different connections, two different devices and three different browsers. 4 hours ago:   "Oops! Something went wrong. Please select a different payment method." message in checkout in ASOS web/app when selecting Klarna payment 42 days ago:   Got bumped out of book I was reading. Went back in - it had lost my place. Tried to navigate to a chapter. Froze. Closed app. App not opening, even after reboot. ... 22 hours ago:   Kohls charge not working cant view or pay bill 9 days ago:   Im not able to sign into my Kroger account. Its giving error message and I do not have a pop up blocker on. "We're having trouble with sign in right now. Please disable any pop up or ad blockers and try again." ... 26 days ago:   login problem 36 days ago:   Log-in problem 8 days ago:   KTLA+ app not working 50 days ago:   Regular annual maintenance and inspection can usually avoid power problems.