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Letter "p" 60 days ago:   Overloaded due to fog sale. 12 days ago:   Unable to retrieve online e-learning course 7 days ago:   Neither my Panasonic TV nor my Panasonic HDD will connect to the server, although home network is fine. 36 days ago:   This website no longer works. Including clicking on the links above. It will not let me log in or go any further to place an order. has been this way for weeks. ... 32 days ago:   fix your shit 6 days ago:   EH354944956GB Where is my package? 91 days ago:   Upon trying to navigate anywhere in Pardot, receive a "Log-in with Salesforce" page. Login fails at that point (even though already logged into SF before any of this) 39 days ago:   Parler website sucks 89 days ago:   Not working 76 days ago:   This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN 15 days ago:   Website 7 days ago:   Log in problems 22 days ago:   app and website. Keep getting faulty links on website and app keeps freezing 2 days ago:   Website works, but can't sign into account with pop up site doesn't exist. 3 days ago:   Login 15 days ago:   The website appears to be down. 34 days ago:   I can't even do my direct deposit 10 days ago:   Haven’t been able to get in the website for the past few days bc it’s down 18 days ago:   Pga your app will not open on my iPhone? It’s during first 2 rounds of open in England. Is it down? 97 days ago:   have not been able to check out since 4/23 65 days ago:   Seriously unprofessional 13 hours ago: not resolving from anywhere - and our main company dns is sittign there... 42 days ago:   Searching for illustrations/vector images having no results under any keyword 6 days ago:   won't let me pay 19 days ago:   app and website, both not working 21 days ago:   PS site has been missing friend's and My Playstation section tabs for over a week now. Still not a word. 14 days ago:   Crashes after login 119 days ago:   Same - CCRS site where you report/claim PDUs seems to be down. It was fine yesterday, 4/5. 51 days ago:   Can't log-in, and am upset because I kept my poems saved there. 5 days ago:   Still not working, it’s been down so long today!!! Well no date tonight as can’t get in touch with him Thanks a lot 74 days ago:   Ztrdvutgy 14 days ago:   Website can't Load 29 days ago:   Ya the app isn't working for me rn 57 days ago:   down for almost a week.... 56 days ago: addition: while I am logged in. 54 days ago:   Fix the website!!!! No customers, no sale, no Prada!!! 41 days ago:   I have experienced continuous problems access my local paper on the PressReader app. Other papers are showing up with today’s date but not my local paper, The Dallas Morning News. ... 2 days ago:   Log-in doesn't work 50 days ago:   was in the middle of a test...and then outage 61 days ago:   When I taking this page:, it is not working, always loading the content and not get finished. 19 days ago:   Issues with application submissions 13 days ago:   Data breach, data is compromised 45 days ago:   I am able to access the main page that lists all my thermostats but cannot access any of my individual thermostats. The problem is well documented. See references below. I have submitted support request to but getting no response. Contacted Yardi and they say ... 36 days ago:   can login in but doesnt show account page 90 days ago:   May 5, 2021. App is still 19 days ago:   It's down