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Letter "k" 11 days ago:   Cant log in 31 days ago:   Kahoot not loading for days. 51 days ago:   White screen when I go to no matter which browser I use. White screen at if I use my phone connected to wifi or 4g, And white screen when I click enter pin on app on my phone. ... 10 days ago:   Won't let me log into Kaiser Washington - 10/6/2021 71 days ago:   Is ktalk down? Can‘t log in on pc and sending messages on phone 93 days ago:   login won't load 46 days ago:   Website is down for me. 21 hours ago:   We live at 745 NW Birdsdale Avenue, Gresham, OR. Val Holiday 27 days ago:   for me its my ISP i can got on with my phone just fine but when i turn off data and go to my router it blocks the site using a VPN i can access the site just fine ... 22 days ago:   app 116 days ago:   Only delievery is down. 85 days ago:   TV channel not coming in 107 days ago:   Cannot Access app reporting an outage, owners site via web is out too. 7 days ago:   Messages stuck on S 52 days ago:   The play button ain’t here. 49 days ago:   Website not working 7 days ago:   Website Down 2 days ago:   When using my phone for verification, I received the following: "Something went wrong, please try again" 40 days ago:   Freezes whenever I try to select an item. Tried on laptop too, no luck. 3 days ago:   I cant imagine how much Kmart Australia is losing business at the moment - it's been down for WEEKS, even when it used to work it was absolute crap - oh well - someone else will be getting my business. Absolutely SHOCKING. ... 16 hours ago:   Can not buy a book for the last three days, one of my favourite authors and no shopping on site, purchased books not being added, very frustrated 4 days ago:   Can’t login; been rebooting app but it won’t let me login 5 days ago:   When I try to put my state in for mailing address screen goes black 52 days ago:   Website won't load 20 days ago:   Weekly Ad in app 26 days ago:   its not loding 18 days ago:   It will not let me update any ad, so 0 clue what is going in. Been using it since 2008 without any problem, but am now having a problem and I don't know why. ... 82 days ago:   KTLA+ app not working 6 days ago:   Seems KXAN OTA is down 8 days ago:   been unresponsive for days. their previous email links now direct to url8919 whatever that means.